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terça-feira, maio 19, 2015

Intervenção de Santiago D'Almeida Ferreira, co-diretor da Ação Pela Identidade, na Audição Pública "Pessoas trans e intersexo: que reconhecimento e que novos direitos?"

Lesbian and gay group reports rise in hate crimes, incidents in 2014
The Discrimination Observatory of ILGA Portugal, the country's leading lesbian and gay rights organisation, says that it had received 426 reports of hate crimes or incidents alleged to have taken place during 2014, most of them involving verbal insults and abuse.

12 Victims of Homophobia, Transphobia
While times are changing for LGBT people, we still face the threat of violence simply because of who we are. On International Day of Homophobia and Transphobia, we remember some of the most high-profile victims of hate.

European transgender tracking organization reports 1,700+ trans murders in 7 years
Transgender Europe, a trans human rights organization established in 2005, reports 1,731 world-wide transgender murders since Jan 1, 2008 through December 31, 2014.
In 2009, the organization started the Trans Murder Monitoring project to collect and monitor transgender homicides. One of the purposes of the project was to help trans activists raise awareness of transgender violence by providing hard data.

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O mal banalizado da transfobia nas redes sociais
E se as palavras que lemos no Facebook ganhassem espaço no mundo real? Quanto sangue jorraria delas? Quantas travestis, pessoas trans, teriam sido espancadas, torturadas ou agredidas com lâmpadas? Quantas seriam medicamente violadas? Quantas de nós seríamos presas em sanatórios, rotuladas de “aberrações” ou “anormalidades”?

‘Escola não é um espaço seguro para transexuais’, critica ativista em encontro na PUCRS
A ativista e transfeminista Maria Clara Araújo, que ficou conhecida nacionalmente após aparecer na mídia como uma das transexuais que poderiam utilizar seu nome social – nome que escolheram para si – ao realizar o Exame Nacional de Ensino Médio (Enem), esteve em Porto Alegre durante esta semana para participar de atividades promovidas pelos Diretórios Centrais de Estudantes da PUCRS e da UFRGS.

Travestis correm risco de morte em Goiânia
Morte de Sabrina Lopes, 18, foi mais um caso de homicídio de transexuais na região do setor São Francisco.

Labour’s first trans candidate to undergo heart surgery
The first transgender candidate to stand for the Labour party has been admitted to hospital for heart surgery, less than a fortnight after she lost out on her seat.

Man charged over death of trans woman in London
Her parents are 'devastated' over the loss of their daughter

Transsexualité, transidentité : un tabou français?
Alors qu'a lieu, le 17 mai, la 10e Journée mondiale contre l'homophobie et la transphobie, la communauté trans reste peu visible en France et a du mal à faire entendre ses revendications. Spécialiste des transidentités et femme trans elle-même, la chercheuse Karine Espineira explique ces difficultés.

A woman in a man's body: The reality of being transgender
Going through puberty is an emotional and personal time of life in which a person discovers him or herself - a period that moulds us into the person we will eventually become.

May 17th, the day homosexuality was removed from the classification “illness”, has come to be celebrated for the last 11 years as the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Many years have passed since the Declaration of Montreal on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Human Rights, which was published following the International Conference on LGBT Human Rights, has called for all nations to recognize this date. Yet, the stigmatization of and discrimination against LGBTIs continue to this day.

This trans woman could make history in Turkey
Deva Özenen could become the country's first transgender MP in the election next month

Room for a new thought: Queering bathrooms against trans erasure
Sheila L. Cavanagh at the Kaos GL’s Anti-Homophobia Meeting: “Trauma is being thrust into a transitional space where one’s possibilities as a subject collapse. My intention was to highlight the experiences of trans people excommunicated from the public space.”

Marcha LGBT na Moldávia atacada por grupo religioso
Na capital moldava, os ativistas pelos direitos LGBT conseguiram fazer a sua manifestação sob proteção policial, tendo sido alvo dos ataques de grupos de cristãos ortodoxos, que lançaram petardos e ovos na direção dos manifestantes.

Three trans women shot dead in Pakistan
Another is found burnt and mutilated near a bus stop

Nine in 10 Indonesia gays have faced abuse
Survey finds transgender women are most at risk

Quebec makes strides toward more trans-inclusive policies
Rainbow flag flies at Quebec's National Assembly on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Increasingly Visible, Transgender Americans Defy Stereotypes
The day she got a lucky break, the kind budding New York actors dream about, Harmony Santana was living in a Harlem shelter for homeless youth and contemplating what she stood to lose by starting to live as a woman permanently.

Forever 21 Transgender Case Marks Legal Flashpoint
A lawsuit claims that supervisors called a worker undergoing a male-female transition "disgusting" and a "hot mess." The lawsuit challenging the employer's conduct is part of a growing trend of expanding legal protections for transgender individuals.

Parent files federal civil rights complaint over Boulder Valley transgender student support
School district planning more consistent training for summer, fall

Missing Chicago trans woman located
A 28-year-old Chicago transgender woman named Sherry Berry who had been missing since May 6, 2015 has been located according to her father Jerry Nicholas, Sr.
However Nicholas believes she remains in an extremely dangerous situation both medically and in terms of her surroundings.

Woman Dies After Stabbing Inside Abandoned North Philadelphia House
A woman is dead after being stabbed in the back and neck by a man during a fight inside an abandoned North Philadelphia home, officials, family and friends tell NBC10.
London Chanel, a 21-year-old transgender woman, was killed in the stabbing that police said took place around 12:40 a.m. Monday inside a rowhome along the 2200 block of Ingersoll Street.

Conservative parents 'furious' over planned lessons on gender identity
Fairfax County School Board set to expand the curriculum to teach students about gender identity and transgender issues

A Life Ended Too Soon: Transphobia Challenges Health and Happiness in Peru
Weighing only 80 pounds, Piojo sat slumped on her bed in a small, dark room thick with damp and stagnant air. There was no light, no window, and nobody.
More than ten years ago, Piojo, 30, was diagnosed with HIV, a disease she did little about as it lay silent. However, when the virus combined with a recent diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB), her health rapidly deteriorated to AIDS.