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sábado, maio 16, 2015

Quem representa as pessoas trans e intersexo?
As pessoas trans e intersexo estão bem representadas em Portugal. E por elas próprias, como se pôde ver na audição pública que teve lugar na Assembleia da República, no passado dia 5 de maio.

European Court of Human Rights: “Gender Identity” Protected Against Discrimination
In a judgment delivered on May 12, 2015, Identoba and Others v. Georgia, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) clarified that all trans people are protected against discrimination on grounds of gender identity under art. 14 of the Convention (ECHR). This is an important and awaited step.

"Descobri peças em que me reconheço", diz Laerte sobre moda transgênero
"Às vezes, um cara tem que se montar, ué?", disse o personagem das tirinhas Hugo Baracchini, após passar batom, depilar-se e colocar uma peruca. Mais do que um simples e genial quadrinho de Laerte, foi a partir dele que o cartunista passou a perceber que era transgênero.

Vanessa Santillan 'murder': Man charged over death of transgender escort
Murder detectives have this evening charged a man with killing Vanessa Santillan, the transgender escort who was found dead in a Fulham flat.

Four Pakistani Trans Women 'Mysteriously' Murdered in One Week
Few clues are forthcoming in the possible murder of 30-year-old Pakistani trans woman Almaroof Bijli, whose body was discovered mutilated and burned near a Gungal busstop May 5. Her death was followed three days later by the possibly hate-motivated drive-by shooting of three trans women in Rawalpindi, reports Pakistani news site Dawn.

Catholic School Board chair defends discouraging transgender girl from using girls' washroom
The head of Edmonton Catholic Schools' Board of Trustees is disappointed the district is being painted as a "district who doesn't care" about where a seven-year-old transgender student wants to go to the bathroom at school.
Catholic trustees wage war over transgender seven-year-old

Transgender woman who beat man to death in B.C. cabin sentenced to 8 years
A transgender woman who went into a rage after being insulted about her sexual identity and beat a man to death with a baseball bat was Thursday sentenced to eight years in prison.

Bigots aren’t happy with Girl Scouts accepting transgender youth
“This latest thing is just one more slap in the face to Christian parents, which is now you don’t have to be a girl to be a member of Girl Scouts. You can just be questioning your gender or a boy who would like to be a girl.” — Penny Nance, of Concerned Women for America, speaking on American Family Radio’s Today’s Issues about the Girl Scouts decision to accept transgender youth.
Penny Nance: Girl Scout Transgender Policy A 'Slap In The Face To Christian Parents'
Girl Scouts of the USA again come under fire for transgender policy
Girl Scouts of America policy change: Boys dressing as girls can join

An easier path to new ID for transgender persons
With little debate, the House of Representatives voted 126 to 18 Thursday night for legislation easing the way for transgender people to legally change their sex on birth certificates, drivers’ licenses and other forms of identification in Connecticut.
House Endorses Bill To Allow Transgender People to Update Their Birth Certificates

Casa Ruby house for homeless LGBT youth set to open
The first five residents of the Casa Ruby house for homeless LGBT youth were scheduled to move into the three-story Victorian townhouse in the city’s Columbia Heights neighborhood this weekend, according to Casa Ruby founder and executive director Ruby Corado.

More Indiana cities offer transgender health benefits
An initiative by the city of Bloomington has led to municipal employees in more than 30 Indiana cities and towns gaining access to transgender-inclusive health care benefits.

Transgender woman reported missing following brain surgery
A 28-year-old Chicago transgender woman named Sherry Berry been missing now for nine days following May 6, 2015 reports filed by her family and the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

State House GOP Introduces Bill To Void Local Human Rights Ordinances
In an attempt to create uniform community benefits ordinances throughout the state, a Michigan lawmaker has waged war against the 38 municipal LGBT civil rights ordinances that have been passed in cities across Michigan.

Nevada Legislature passes LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying protections for students
The Nevada Legislature on Wednesday passed a sweeping anti-bullying measure supported by Gov. Brian Sandoval despite some Republican concerns that it was rushed.

New York Launching “First-Of-Its-Kind” Transgender Health Care Program
The state’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, is teaming up with hospitals and advocates to educate about the law and best practices for transgender health services on Friday.

LGBT Legislation stalled at the statehouse
The fight for equal treatment could be running into a roadblock in South Carolina. That issue was debated for hours at the statehouse Thursday. South Carolina is one of more than two dozen states where someone can be fired because of their sexuality. Some say the law already protects them, but there are plenty of others who say it does not.

[El Salvador]
V Marcha contra la Trans, Lesbo, Homo, Bi e Interfobia El Salvador 2015
La “V Marcha contra la Trans, Lesbo, Homo, Bi e Interfobia El Salvador 2015” se realizó con éxito este 14 de Mayo. La actividad bajo la organización liderada, este año, por Colectivo Alejandría salió del redondel Plaza México y concluyó en la Asamblea Legislativa.