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quinta-feira, maio 14, 2015

HIV and transgender sex workers in Portugal:Findings from a participatory study
Sex workers are at greater risk of HIV infection compared toother population groups; transgender sex workers (TSW) areparticularly vulnerable due to additional stigma. Still, HIV epi-demiological and behavioural data among TSW in Portugal isnon-existent. This study aims to provide information on HIVinfection among male-to-female TSW in Portugal.

Intervenção de MI GUERREIRO
Intervenção de MI GUERREIRO na Audição Pública "Pessoas trans e intersexo: que reconhecimento e que novos direitos?"

Natwest refuses to change trans woman’s title from ‘Mr’
A trans woman has criticised NatWest after she was told she cold not change her title on her bank account without a gender recognition certificate.

Huzzah, Britain Now Has More Openly Queer Legislators Than Any Other Country
This isn’t a great moment to be a liberal in Britain. In last Thursday’s general election, our largest left-wing party was eviscerated, leaving the Conservative Party with enough of a majority to do pretty much whatever it wants over the next five years. (So far, this appears to be cutting disability benefits, scrapping the Human Rights Act, and bringing back foxhunting.)

Camp comforts children questioning gender identity
For children who may be questioning their gender identity, the world can be an confusing place. But for one long weekend, some children can freely express themselves alongside their parents and siblings at a camp designed specifically for them.

Sex-change sterilization slammed as 'degrading'
France scores well on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) rights in a new review, but a spokesman for campaign group ILGA-Europe slammed a "degrading" sterilization requirement for gender reassignment.

Sweden scores top spot for gays in Scandinavia
Sweden has scored highest in Scandinavia and fourth in Europe in the latest review of how lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people experience human rights across the continent, by campaign group ILGA-Europe.

Denmark 'lagging behind' on LGBT rights
Denmark was among the top ten in Europe in the latest review of how lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people experience human rights across the continent, but community leaders say the nation should do better.

Updated: Early hitch found in gender identity law; Opposition to move amendments
An early hitch in the new gender identity law has left transgender people who were adopted as children unable to legally change their sex.
PN proposes amendment to gender identity law’s ‘adoption’ oversight

2 Transphobic Hate Attacks in Istanbul, Turkey - Last Night
12 May 2015 Tuesday night, 2 trans women sex workers were attacked in different districts in Istanbul (Findikzade and Bagdat Boulevard).
Migel, a trans woman sex worker living in Findikzade, was attacked at her own apartment by a group of men. She was brutally injured with deep cuts on several parts of her body. She was brought to Sisli Etfal Hospital by her friends. Later the same night the attackers were caught.
Isil, another trans woman sex worker in Bagdat Boulevard, was attacked by a group of 5 men. Her jaw was broken. However, her situation is fine now and the search for finding the attackers is going on.
The attacks on trans women have increased recently.

Russia lawmakers propose banning trans people from marrying
New bill would close loophole that allowed trans woman to wed her girlfriend
Russian Lawmakers Propose Banning Marriages For Trans People

Transgender persons’ killings: Investigator says ‘extremists’ may be behind recent murders
The Rawalpindi police have linked the recent killings and attacks on members of the transgender community with ‘extremist militants’, adding that possibilities of rivalries between transgender groups and monetary disputes too cannot be ruled out.

Government proposes permission for transgender in Vietnam
On May 12, the National Assembly Standing Committee discussed the amended Civil Code, particularly the contents on transgender.

TLDEF Applauds Guidance Requiring Insurers to Provide Transgender People with Access to Sex-Specific Care Under Affordable Care Act
TLDEF commends the U.S. Departments of Labor, Treasury, and Health and Human Services for issuing guidance yesterday stating that health insurance companies must cover sex-specific preventive care, including mammograms and pap smears, for transgender people. That care must be provided without regard to sex assigned at birth, gender identity, or recorded sex. Transgender people are routinely denied coverage when insurance companies arbitrarily determine that their care does not align with the sex listed in the insurer’s records. The guidance states that insurance companies must cover the medically necessary care transgender people need:
US Gov: Health plans may not restrict preventive services for transgender people

What Do People Mean When They Say They Want The ‘Truth’ About Transgender People?
Bruce Jenner’s coming out as transgender has greatly increased the visibility of transgender people, but it has likewise increased the number of writers talking about transgender identities. Though guidance is widely available for how to respect trans people, that guidance relies on a bit of understanding about exactly what it means to be transgender. Some recent cases demonstrate that skepticism — or outright antipathy — regarding gender identity remain an obstacles in these conversations.

FDA to Maintain Discriminatory Blood Ban; Impact on Trans People Still Unclear
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today proposed to narrow, but not eliminate, its unsound and discriminatory policy of prohibiting blood donation by anyone deemed “men who have sex with men” or MSM. Instead of a lifetime ban of blood donation by “MSM” or anyone who has had sex with “MSM,” the FDA has proposed to shorten the period of the ban to one year since donors have had “sex with men.” This proposal, like the existing ban, is based on unfounded assumptions rather than medical science and has been sharply criticized by HIV and LGBT advocates and medical authorities. The new FDA proposal also states that who is “MSM” will be determined based on self-reported gender. However, the FDA’s proposal also confusingly states that blood collection agencies “may exercise discretion” when blood donors have transitioned.

Gay-bias ban wins in Eureka Springs
71% of voters say ‘yes’ to ordinance
Eureka Springs voters approve keeping anti-discrimination law in place

California Trans Teen's Inspirational Journey from Near Dropout to Prom Queen
Like many trans youth rejected in school, at one time prom queen Angie Esteban found herself skipping class and getting into fights.

New Utah law raises landlord concerns over transgender tenants
At least three men who identify as women recently applied to live in female off-campus student housing but made other arrangements after tenants in the apartment balked at having them as roommates.
Some LGBT Residents Critical of Utah Anti-Discrimination Law

Laramie Non-Discrimination Ordinance Vote Wednesday
Will Welch has been fighting for sexual orientation and gender identity equality in Wyoming since early last year.