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segunda-feira, maio 04, 2015

Cabeleireiro é fuzilado dentro de seu salão de beleza, em Caucaia
Um homossexual foi assassinado, no começo da noite desta quinta-feira (30), no Município de Caucaia, na Região Metropolitana de Fortaleza. A vítima foi executada, a tiros, dentro de seu salão de beleza. Dois suspeitos do homicídio foram capturados por policiais militares. Em menos de 24 horas, foram registrados oito assassinatos na Grande Fortaleza.

Transexual é assassinada a tiros em Curitiba
Uma transexual ainda não identificada foi assassinada a tiros no bairro Tingui, em Curitiba. O corpo dela foi encontrado na rua Maria Petroski durante a manhã deste domingo (3).
De acordo com a Polícia Militar (PM), o corpo foi localizado caído no meio da rua pelo funcionário de uma empresa que chegava para trabalhar. A transexual levou dois tiros, um deles na cabeça, e não portava documentos.

Transexuais enfrentam preconceito no mercado de trabalho em Manaus
Ao falar sobre as dificuldades para encontrar emprego estável, transexuais questionam estereótipos sociais

Eddie Redmayne could win second Oscar for transgender role in Danish Girl predicts co-star
Co-star Matthias Schoenaerts thinks the Oscar winner will pick up his second Academy Award

Now Mx can mark the spot: A new title for transgender people will join Mr, Mrs and Miss to be used on driving licences, bank details and government departments
Gender neutral title 'Mx' slowly introduced to official forms and databases
First titles change in decades, is considered by Oxford English Dictionary
Heralded as showing the versatility of English to adapt to changing society

25+ Charming Photos Of Parisian Transsexuals In The 1950s
Paris, glam and beautiful transsexuals in the 1950s city of light.

A trans woman in Ankara almost lost her hand following a knife attack. She told Kaos GL about her experience during the attack, the neglect from the police, and how she was tagged as “military deserter” in the process.

Last night and early this morning, 4 sex worker trans women from 3 different provinces of Turkey have become victims of severe violence.

Gulsen, a sex worker trans person (who is originally from Azerbaijan) was stabbed several times at her apartment by allegedly 2 Syrian men. According to the allegations of her close friends, these same men visited her previously as clients and therefore she accepted them. She went through a very critical operation this morning and sex worker trans women and allies visited the hospital and supported her. She is currently under intensive care and according to the doctors, her health situation is still critical.

Another Sex worker trans woman was brought to the same hospital while Gulsen's supporters were waiting. The victim was shot. She is well now.

The house of 3 sex worker trans women in Gebze (Kocaeli) was shot by a client last night. One of the sex workers was shot from one of her legs and she was taken to hospital.

Another sex worker trans woman was stabbed from her back last night in Izmir. She was taken to hospital.

Russian LGBT Activists March In “Rainbow May Day”
LGBT rights activists in St. Petersburg marched in the city’s May Day parade today. May 1 is a public holiday in Russia and is traditionally marked by mass state-sanctioned demonstrations.

[South Africa]
One man’s long journey to defy labels
Lesego Ramphele took triumphant steps forward as a transgendered person in a gendered world, writes Noni Mokati.

Woman breaks her silence after years of living as a man
Surrounded by loving family and friends, Laura Budd has never been happier in her life, though her road to bliss was rocky for years.

Coming to terms with a transgender parent: one family’s journey
When their father diligently chaperoned their school dances, bake sales and field trips, Sharon Shattuck and her sister Laura would cringe: Dad was showing up dressed like a woman, having recently come out as a transgender. Going through their own hormonal transitions and trying to fit in at school, the adolescent girls didn’t care for dad’s earrings and blush.

Joven transgénero de Guatemala logra asilo en EEUU
Nicoll Hernández pasó seis meses en un centro de detención para hombres
Una joven transgénero finalmente logró el asilo después de pasar seis meses en un centro de detención de inmigrantes en Arizona, pero el tiempo de encierro fue interminable.

Kirstie Alley Equates Transgender Journey With Insanity, Becomes Trending Topic For Guilty Plea
Kirstie Alley has found herself in the middle of controversy for both her own doing and otherwise. The 64-year-old took to Twitter after Bruce Jenner’s ABC chat with Diane Sawyer aired. Interestingly, the Cheers star seemed opposed to Jenner’s choices, deeming his gender transition “insanity” and far from the brave step that many are applauding Bruce for taking.
Keisling calls Jenner brave, bathroom bills bullying
NWA Transgender Community Hopeful After Bruce Jenner's Announcement
Bruce Jenner And What It Truly Means To Be Transgender
Jenner's transgender life now a blank canvas -- as mine is
Rick Santorum’s surprising views on Bruce Jenner
'We're real, we exist... and we're not going away'

Sense8's Transgender Star Jamie Clayton: 'We Are All Human Beings and There Is No Normal'
Now more than ever, entertainment's spotlight is on the transgender community.
Milestones are reached regularly, whether via a history-making Emmy nomination for Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox, a new reality series for trans teen Jazz Jennings or Bruce Jenner's groundbreaking April 24 20/20 interview, in which the former Olympian told the world he is transitioning from male to female.

Transgender Jews: Beyond the Rainbow
More and more, transgender Jews are introducing themselves to the Jewish world

Obama Calls for End to Discriminatory Parenting Laws
President Obama makes LGBT history again by advocating foster and adoptive parents be chosen without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity.

Prominent M.D.: 'Gender confusion' a fleeting mental disorder
Throwing another monkey wrench in homosexual activists' claim that there is a "gay" gene — that homosexual behavior manifests from a biological condition rather than from a choice — a prominent psychiatrist argues that gender confusion is a temporary mental disorder that leads to suicidal tendencies, if nurtured.

House includes far-Left Democrat’s amendments promoting transgenderism, contraception in the military
The House's version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will help mainstream transgender acceptance in the military and force taxpayers to underwrite more contraception for female service members.

'Doubtfire’ arson suspect facing life term works own case
Every day, while isolated in her San Francisco County Jail cell, Tyqwon Welch pores over a large stack of court documents. The 25-year-old transgender woman is facing life in prison, accused of trying to burn down her former plastic surgeon’s home — the iconic “Mrs. Doubtfire” house in San Francisco.

Film About Transgender Teacher in Hawaii to Premiere on PBS
"Kumu Hina" is the story of Hina Wong-Kalu, who signifies the Hawaiian traditional acceptance of those who "embody both male and female spirit."

Transgender Teen Gets School To Install Gender Neutral Bathrooms
When 18-year old Jonas Valentine came out as transgender in January, he felt isolated at school at first.

Smith College To Accept Transgender Women
The Smith College Board of Trustees approved changing their policy to include self-identified transgender women at their meeting on Saturday.
Smith College Now Admits Trans Women

Trans Woman Being Held in Mississippi Men’s Prison Facility
On April 28th, 2015, The Sun Herald paper in Biloxi Mississippi reported on a crime committed by “two men,” Cameron Michael Anglin and Richard Alan Mauffray. Through sources that reached out to us, it was confirmed that Mauffray is a trans woman who was booked as a man.

A transgender woman was shot in Baltimore and no one is talking about it
Mya Hall wasn't looking for trouble when she took a wrong turn on March 30 and wound up on the wrong exit of a Fort Meade, Md. parkway, which led to the Baltimore headquarters of the NSA.

Transgender woman arrested in Baltimore out after four days of 'hell'
A transgender woman named Deairra Michelle Venable who was arrested on Monday amid chaos that erupted in Baltimore was released Friday, according to her lawyer, four days after she was locked up.

Charlotte City Manager Carlee clarifies city’s transgender restroom policy
The most contentious part of Charlotte’s recent debate over LGBT rights – transgender bathroom use – has resurfaced with an unexpected revelation.

Santa Fe Mayor's Proposal For Gender Neutral Bathrooms Gets Committee OK
A proposal to establish gender-neutral restrooms in Santa Fe has passed one hurdle.

Wilson tells parents of transgender teacher
The principal at Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School has informed parents that a teacher at the school is transgender and that a meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Monday at the school to provide education for parents and students.

Top NYC Hospital Racing to Specialize in Transgender Healthcare
Early last month New York State health officials partially lifted a 17-year-old ban on transgender health care from Medicaid, affording people seeking surgeries transitioning from one gender to another coverage for the procedures.

Ex-Miff resident finds GHP loophole to cover sex-change hormones
Last summer, Jessie Knouse looked in a mirror and asked himself, honestly, what did he see: a man or a woman?

Transgender community seeking legislative remedies
Jonathan Bow once was one of Texas’ most prominent public servants, spending 10 years as assistant attorney general and another decade as the head of a major state agency. On the eve of his retirement last summer, Bow made what then was the most important decision of his life: to tell his employees, friends and the world that he was transgender.

New transgender-specific MCV educational health program will be among first of its kind
VCU’s Medical College of Virginia campus is primed to join a select few universities in providing a course specifically covering transgender health issues.

Transgender issue in Stafford schools stirs passionate debate
Parents addressed the Stafford County School Board this week, passionate about how to best permit a transgender student's daily use of bathrooms and locker rooms at the child's elementary school.

Media sheds light on transgender community, but more is needed
The recent death of Ohio transgender teen Leelah Alcorn – who took her own life because her parents refused to support her as a female – and Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday during which he spoke openly about transitioning into a woman brought more light to those whose self-identity does not conform to conventional notions of male or female gender.

Brazilian Trans Woman Brutalized By Police Proves 'We Are All Veronica'
Images of Verônica Bolina's disfigured face have gone viral, sparking a #SomosTodosVeronica movement against Brazilian police brutality.