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sábado, abril 25, 2015

Travesti denuncia morte após implantação de silicone em prostíbulo
Polícias Civil e Militar não receberam denúncias sobre clínica no local.
Segundo IML, vítima era do Acre e sofreu parada cardiorrespiratória.
Uma travesti, que preferiu ter a identidade preservada por medo de represálias, denunciou ao G1 que uma colega morreu em Uberaba após uma aplicação de silicone. Segundo ela, a jovem de 20 anos, passou pelo procedimento na terça-feira (21), na mesma casa onde trabalhava com prostituição.

Europe urged to protect transgender rights, abolish medical procedures - TRFN
European nations have been urged to protect the rights of transgender people, abolish medical procedures needed to change legal gender and make transgender-specific healthcare accessible under a pan-European resolution adopted late on Wednesday.

Kellie Maloney returns to boxing after gender reassignment
Kellie Maloney is returning to boxing as a promoter, less than a year after announcing she was undergoing gender reassignment.

RBI asks banks to add third gender column in all forms and applications
In a move aimed at helping transgender people open bank accounts and avail related services, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Thursday directed banks to include a separate column 'third gender' in all their forms and applications.

America's transgender moment
It's only April, but 2015 may be remembered as the year the term "transgender" fully entered mainstream consciousness.

Univision Highlights Latino Transgender Community
Last week, Univison aired a special on Latino members of the transgender community.

Andreja Pejic Reportedly Lands 'Vogue' Editorial & It's A Big Deal For The Trans Community
This is shaping up to be a big year for ethereal creature and transgender supermodel Andreja Pejic. In 2014, Pejic came out as a transgender woman, and earlier on this year, she made her triumphant return to the catwalk. She’s also filming a documentary about her transition. Now, word on the street is that Andreja Pejic will star in a Vogue editorial in the upcoming issue of the magazine. If this turns out to be true, it’s definitely a groundbreaking moment.

Why did Marvel create Sera, the transgender superhero?
It’s not easy being Sera, one of the newest characters in the Marvel comic universe and companion to the star and namesake of Marvel’s new title Angela: Asgard’s Assassin. You’re constantly on the move, hopping dimensions and realms of existence like they were bus stops. You’ve got to keep your wits about you when an angry assault of Asgardians (including Thor and Loki) comes calling. There are cosmic conspiracies, battles with hordes of enemies, having to share space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the fact that you’re Marvel’s first real transgendered character in its long and storied history. You know. The little things.

Why Jewish communities welcome 7-year-old transgender kids
As society grows more accepting of trans community, doctors seek to save teens’ lives in helping them transition at increasingly early ages

NBC Airs Groundbreaking Series Spotlighting Transgender Youth
NBC aired a series of segments presenting a sensitive, thoughtful, and well-researched look into the lives of families raising transgender children, demonstrating a number of best practices for talking about the transgender community.

Feds Not Requiring Transgender-Inclusive Federal Employee Health Plans
The Office of Personnel Management “strongly encourages,” but is not requiring, transition-related coverage to be included in insurance companies’ proposals for 2016 federal employee health plans. “It’s just straight-up discrimination,” says a leading trans advocate.

How To Talk About Bruce Jenner
On Friday night, ABC News will air a two-hour interview with Olympic gold medal winner Bruce Jenner. The 65-year-old is perhaps now best known for familial connections to the Kardashians — and thus regular reality television show appearances and a constant paparazzi spotlight. Though promotions for the interview have been vague, all signs seem to indicate that Jenner will finally address rumors of a gender transition.
The dam that bursts: On becoming a woman later in life
Transgender census: Who transitions, when, and where

7 Lessons in How (And How Not) to Interview Trans People
We don't know what Diane Sawyer will discuss with Bruce Jenner, but if it's about Jenner's gender identity, she has lots of examples to follow — and avoid.

The Uphill Battle to Make Prison Safer for Trans Women
In a landmark decision earlier this month in the case of trans woman Ashley Diamond, Georgia eliminated its "freeze-frame" approach to gender transition, which mandated that trans prisoners could take the medication they were using prior to their arrest, but couldn't continue or start to transition while behind bars.

Michfest Womyn and Trans Women Ask 'Why?'
A look behind the scenes at how this summer's 40th annual Michigan Womyn's Music Festival became its last.

What transgender people want you to know
Many Americans have very little understanding of what life is like for a transgender person, and can find it confusing and difficult to talk about questions of gender identity.

Pastor, who accuses trans people of being sex offenders, is a serial rapist
It turns out a Baptist pastor, who considers trans people to be sex offenders, is a violent rapist himself.
Acra Lee Turner, 60, is part of a group calling for a repeal of Eureka Springs, Arkansas' Ordinance 2223, which protects LGBTI people from discrimination.
He claims gay, and especially trans people, are dangerous pedophiles, violent rapists and 'sex offenders'.

Being Transgender in Connecticut
It’s hard to know how big the transgender community is in Connecticut. It’s tough to know because many feel unsafe or uncomfortable to identify as transgender.

Transgender Transition: Two women on the journey to find themselves
Bruce Jenner’s highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer airs Friday night. The former Olympian turned Reality star is assumed to be transitioning from a man to a woman. If Jenner does announce he is changing genders, the news will be significant for transgender equality. It’s a battle two New Orleans women know all too well. WGNO’s Deepak Saini has their story.

Detroit-area funeral home loses bid to dismiss lawsuit over firing of transgender employee
A judge won't dismiss a lawsuit filed on behalf of a transgender embalmer who was fired by a Detroit-area funeral home after disclosing that she was transitioning from male to female and would dress as a woman.

Talking transgender issues
A panel of three local transgender people and the parent of a transgender child opened up to the people of Lincoln Thursday night.

Transgender conference brings hope, solidarity
Recognizing the need for a safe place for trans youth to meet others like themselves and find resources for help and support, the professional staff of several organizations that serve transgender youth organized a special forum last Saturday for teens and twentysomethings at Princeton University. The forum had workshops that explored topics such as spirituality, art and building relationships. HiTOPS, an education and advocacy organization, conceived of the day and did most of the heavy lifting. The Princeton University LGBT center partnered with HiTOPS and helped in many ways. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) of Central New Jersey helped with covering lunch and helped to spread the word about the event.

Juno's Story: "I had to be me."
Eighteen years ago, Katherine Palumbo gave birth to twins, a boy named Riley and girl named Shannon.
"I knew there was something a little different," said Palumbo, "I couldn't quite put my finger on it, to tell you the truth."
"It was a shocker obviously, you know, when you're growing up with your twin brother," said Shannon.

D.A.: No evidence in Morris case to file charges
The Nizah Morris case has been thoroughly investigated and there’s no evidence to charge anyone with a crime, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said last week.

50th Anniversary Of Dewey's Lunch Counter Sit In
50 years ago today an event took place in Philadelphia that was not only a protest that was focused on gender variant issues, it was one kicked off by African-American gender variant people.

Fairfax Co. schools debating proposal to protect transgender students, teachers from discrimination
There is a debate among administrators and parents at Fairfax County Public Schools on whether transgender students and teachers should be protected from discrimination and if they should be allowed to share restrooms with everyone else.

Pega duro la homofobia en Veracruz; van 34 crímenes contra la comunidad gay
En lo que va de los primeros cuatro meses del 2015, se han contabilizado seis asesinatos sangrientos, lo que suma 34 homicidios contra la comunidad LGBTTI