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domingo, abril 26, 2015

Em Maio irá realizar-se um debate sobre a situação das pessoas trans e intersexo em Portugal. De forma a podermos corresponder ao máximo, pedimos a todas as pessoas trans e/ou intersexo que reportem ao Grupo Transexual Portugal problemas, dificuldades, obstáculos que sintam ou tenham sentido na transição até 3 de Maio. O anonimato encontra-se obviamente garantido.

Serbia gets its first Miss Transsexual
Serbia chose its first transsexual beauty contest winner on Friday at an event hailed by gay rights groups as a step forward for minority rights in the conservative eastern European country.

A private push for transgender rights
Private member's bills are a little-known feature of India's Parliament. They serve as an opportunity for members to bring up issues that they feel strongly about. These are then debated and discussed, but, not a single private member's bill has been passed by Parliament in the past 45 years. Instead, when the debate concludes, the minister responsible for the policy domain under discussion assures the member who moved the bill that the government will itself bring out a more comprehensive bill on the topic. Then the minister requests the member to withdraw the bill, which the member promptly does. Eventually, if all the stars align appropriately, the government will bring its own bill on the topic. Otherwise the world moves on.

Rajya Sabha passes first private member's bill in 36 years, on transgenders' rights
For the first time in 45 years, the Rajya Sabha on Friday unanimously passed a private member's bill to give equal rights to transgenders.
Rajya Sabha passes historic private Bill to promote transgender rights

Edmonton’s MacEwan University introduces 16 all-gender washrooms
In hopes of creating a more inclusive and safe environment for students, MacEwan University now has 16 all-gender washrooms.

Bruce Jenner: 'I'm A Woman'
After months of rumors, anticipation and speculation, the former Olympic hero and reality TV celebrity told Diane Sawyer "I'm a woman."
Transgender Utahn can relate to Bruce Jenner
Providence's transgender community reacts to Bruce Jenner's revelation
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Top transgender surgeon has practice in Burlingame
Not every transgender person decides to undergo surgery. But for those who do, one of the leading surgeons is right here in the Bay Area. She is Dr. Marci Bowers. And in the world of transgender surgery, Bowers is a rock star. Bowers is the first openly transgender person in the world to perform transgender surgery.

Local teen breaking down gender barriers
Teen shines light on non-binary trans community

First child to be treated at a local clinic for transgender youth talks about experience
For the first time, the first child to be treated at a local clinic for transgender youth is talking about his trip back from the abyss.
Sacramento soldier talks about her transition into a woman

Transgender woman: 'Justice has not been served'
A local transgender woman said she is angry and frustrated after learning a beating she endured won't result in felony charges.

Man-to-Woman: The Transition Challenge
Bruce Jenner's interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer has shined a light on the topic of being transgender.

Local transgender woman opens up about transition
It was a series of conversations on the back patio where John told third wife Marta he felt he was meant to be a woman.

The reality of being transgender in Baltimore
"I went through my life trying to fit that box."

Local transgender woman describes her experience
"You used to say that one day when you die, that the first paragraph is going to say, 'Bruce Jenner won the decathlon,'" Diane Sawyer said while interviewing Jenner in a program aired Friday night.

Local transgenders discuss emotional, physical journeys
Mattee Jim, Adrien Lawyer open up about childhood, suicidal thoughts

Embracing a life long transition
There are about 700,000 people in America who identify as transgender and Cheryl Costa and Rob Pusch are among them.
Transgender in Western New York: One woman's story

Cleveland area transgender woman shares her journey
Transitioned from male to female in mid-20s
Finding His True Identity A Local Man's Transgender Transformation

Local mom shares the pain and challenges on road to understanding her transgender child
Her daughter is now her son

Local man brings transgender struggles to light
Chance Thomas says focus should shift to everyday issues for trans community

Transgender In Memphis
Tennessee is one of the toughest states in the country for transgender men and women to survive.
Local Transgender Woman Opens up Before Bruce Jenner's Interview

Transgender community gets real about transition process
Olympian Bruce Jenner's transition to become a woman has captivated Americans, but it is something some people are willing to do at any price.
Tran­sgender woman activist for LGBTQ community in SA

Members of local transgender community seek support, understanding
Millions across the country watched former Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner announce his transition into a woman in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer Friday night. There are also many people on their own identity journeys, right here in Richmond.

Anti-LGBT Groups Hope To Make Virginia ‘Ground Zero’ In Fight Against School Transgender Protections
As the elected school board for Virginia’s largest jurisdiction considers adding “gender identity” to its non-discrimination law, state and national anti-LGBT organizations are furiously working to oppose protections for transgender employees and students in Virginia schools, pushing transphobic claims of “shemales” in school bathrooms.
Va. delegates bash effort to protect transgender students
Northern Virginia woman shares her journey to transgender

Making the transition: A local transgender woman's story
The publicity surrounding Bruce Jenner's transition from man to woman has brought attention to issues facing the transgender community across the country.
Two Milwaukee transgender women share their stories

'En mi mente toda mi vida he sido una mujer'
Diana Sofía Restrepo Rojas inició su transición hace más de un año. Hoy está feliz con su apariencia