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sábado, maio 02, 2015

Star Trek actress apologises for Bruce Jenner comments
Alice Eve has apologised for saying Bruce Jenner was “playing at being a woman”.

How to talk to a transsexual
Steven Levingston is nonfiction editor of The Washington Post and author of “Little Demon in the City of Light: A True Story of Murder in Belle Époque Paris.”

Transgender army major wins victory against discrimination in socially conservative Serbia
In macho Serbia, he came across as macho as they come: an army major in a military culture that glorifies masculine strength. He was a perfect husband and father in a society that preaches family values. But for nearly his entire life, the major felt he was living a lie: Deep down, he was a woman.

Bengal transgenders mourn death of Nepali counterparts
More than a hundred members of West Bengal's transgender community on Thursday held a prayer meet and rally to condole the death of seven of their Nepali counterparts in the devastating earthquake in the Himalayan nation.

Japan schools told to let trans students wear uniform, use bathroom of choice
Many transgender children drop out of school due to pressure to conform

Discriminatory Bill passes Tasmania Lower House
A Bill which proposed changes to Tasmania’s Anti Discrimination Act will make it easier for faith-based organisations to discriminate against LGBTI people.

Local mother accuses Edmonton Catholic School Board of discrimination
Parents want their children to be treated with respect and equality, especially in the school system.

Obama: Let transgender people adopt
Earlier this year, President Obama became the first president to acknowledge transgender people in a State of the Union address. Now he appears to be the first president to explicitly say gender identity shouldn’t prevent anyone from adopting or becoming a foster parent.

Community Mourns Death of Prominent Trans Gaming Developer
The transgender and online gaming communities are still feeling the loss of 23-year-old developer and trans woman Rachel Bryk.

With Marriage Off the Table, Is Trans Community the New Target?
Necessary But Dangerous: The recent uptick in legislation restricting transgender civil rights may be just the beginning of tough times for trans people if the Supreme Court settles the marriage question.

IWCC, UNO among area colleges to offer transgender student housing
Transgender students and others committed to gender inclusion will have a new housing options this fall at Iowa Western Community College.

Hawaii bill to ease gender switch on birth certificates advances; flurry of bills clear panels
Switching gender on birth certificates could get a lot easier for transgender people in Hawaii.

Rogers Park trans woman and landlord settle-for now
A transgender woman who has, for many months, been embroiled in litigation against her landlord—who she alleges tried to evict her because of her gender identity and because her fiance is African-American—has settled with the landlord in court on other related lawsuits. But a discrimination complaint against the landlord that the woman filed with the city is still pending, she said.

From Kaitlyn to Kaden: NWI transgender man makes challenging transition
Kaden Jakeb Alexander didn't think twice of lifting up his shirt in public to show me his hairy torso.

Cofer Randall shares story of transition, finding herself
Jody Cofer Randall, director of LGBT Programming, said every day she is asked what pronoun she prefers to be referred to by, sometimes two to three times a day.

Transgender woman arrested during Baltimore riots, jailed among men: attorney
A transgender woman collared among the multitude of rioters during Baltimore's chaotic unrest on Monday is being detained in men's quarters at the city jail, a defense attorney that oversaw the woman’s bail hearing says.

Protesters Daudtless in Capitol
Around 100 protesters gathered for Outfront Minnesota’s LGBTQ Day at the Minnesota Capitol came up empty Thursday morning in their quest to speak to House Speaker Kurt Daudt.
MN Senate blocks anti-transgender amendment

Brainerd Parks Board adopts transgender inclusive policy
The Brainerd Parks and Recreation Board unanimously adopted a transgender inclusive policy at its board meeting earlier this week to align itself with the Minnesota State High School League’s policy adopted in December.

Children’s Hospital Starts Transgender Kids Club For Children
St. Louis Children’s Hospital will start a transgender kids club.

N.Y. Assembly votes to ban conversion therapy for LGBT youth; Senate passage unlikely
Lawmakers in the New York state Assembly have voted once again to prohibit a psychological treatment designed to change or alter the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBT youth.

Students discuss trans inclusive housing ahead of Barnard Board of Trustees vote on admissions policy
The Barnard College board of trustees is expected to decide in June if the college will adopt a formal transgender admissions policy, raising questions as to how the implementation of a trans-inclusive policy would affect housing policies.

The Bruce Jenner of Chestnut Hill
Whn he was playing football at Lower Merion High School, Joe Chovanes didn't dream he would grow up to be a woman.

Houston pastors ratchet up fight over 'transgender rights'
Ordinance war grabbed headlines when lesbian mayor subpoenaed sermons
Texas lawmakers push anti‑gay religious freedom bill on heels of Supreme Court hearing
Opponents of equal rights ordinance file appeal