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domingo, maio 10, 2015

Intervenção do Grupo Transexual Portugal, representado por Eduarda Alice Santos, na Audição Pública "Pessoas trans e intersexo: que reconhecimento e que novos direitos?"

Cover de Clara Nunes, drag queen é assassinada em Salvador
Uma drag queen de Salvador foi assassinada na madrugada deste sábado (9), na capital baiana. Andrezza Lamarck, como era conhecida, era uma das grandes estrelas do transformismo na Bahia e fazia cover da cantora Clara Nunes. A notícia da morte dela, de acordo com o site Dois Terços, foi divulgada no perfil do Facebook de Marcelo Cerqueira, presidente do Grupo Gay da Bahia, que relatou o ocorrido.

Fanny and Stella, the pioneer transvestites who fought Victorian anti-gay laws
A new play by Taggart writer Glenn Chandler charts the forgotten story of two cross-dressers and a notorious 1870s court case

My Prison Diary, A French Inmate's Battle To Become A Transsexual
Sentenced to 18 years in prison, Franck fought to undergo a sex change operation with hunger strikes and endless mutilations. Chloe is now a free woman, and married to her former cellmate.

Dispatches: Albania Signals a Positive Step on LGBT Rights
Six years ago I was invited to Tirana, Albania’s capital, to meet with human rights activists who told me stories of rampant homophobia and a dire lack of legal protections for LGBT people.

Miss Tiffany Universe 2015 crowned at North Pattaya Theater
On Friday night the annual Miss Tiffany Universe competition took place, an event which was also shown on Thai National TV Channel 7.
Public health student crowned Miss Tiffany

Parents still suing Vancouver School Board for trans policy
Letting trans students choose washroom doesn’t infringe others’ rights: VSB

Charter challenge launched over sex-reassignment surgery
An Ottawa trans man who paid out of pocket for a double mastectomy has launched a Charter challenge against the Ontario government, arguing that a law that forces trans people to obtain approvals for sex-reassignment surgery from one overburdened Toronto clinic is a violation of his rights.

Victoria school district to consider transgender-support policy
The Greater Victoria School District could start using new pronouns or designate gender-neutral bathrooms if a proposal to develop new gender-identity and gender-expression policy is approved.

Behind America's seismic shifts on transgenderism, loving parents
Some of the most important changes involving transgender issues are happening at home. More and more, experts say, today’s parents are making different choices about how to handle the identity issues of their children.

Calif. school crowns transgender prom queen
Angie Esteban hadn't heard of Bruce Jenner before the gold medal Olympian's "coming out" as a transgender woman on national television.

Denied Female Identity at Barnes & Noble, California Trans Employee Files Suit
Victoria Ramirez claims her managers at Barnes & Noble refused to recognize her as female, barring her from using women's facilities, female pronouns, or even discussing her transition with coworkers.
TLC Responds to Barnes & Noble Statement
Transgender Employee Takes Action Against Barnes & Noble for Discrimination

Georgia: Transgender Inmate to Be Transferred
The Department of Corrections on Friday gave Ashley Diamond, a transgender inmate and prison rape victim, what a federal judge refused to grant her in April: a transfer to a medium-security prison.

Ware Schools responds to boy in dress criticism
On Thursday, a high school boy came in wearing a dress. Some parents complained to 22News that school administration told him to take it off. Administrators told 22News it just isn’t true.

Parents proud of young daughter tackling issue that’s controversial to some, but inspiring to others
A Kansas City girl is appearing in the Op-Ed section of the New York Times’ website for the first time, at just seven years old. What she’s talking about is controversial to many, but also inspiring to many. Her parents say they couldn’t be prouder.

A boy by any name
Matt Dawkins, 17, never felt right as a girl. Now transgender, he's opening new doors.

Student’s Family Hopes To Educate Others On Transgender Issues
Oliver Morgan's decision to publicly identify as transgender didn't come out of nowhere.

Tidioute School Will Have Transgender Prom King
When students at Tidioute Community Charter School gather for prom on Saturday night there will be two prom kings.

A cop’s cop finds support after coming out as transgender
Gregory Abbink is the first openly transgender officer in the Austin, Texas, Police Department. After suppressing the issue for years, he decided, ‘You know what, I can handle this now. I can deal with it.’

Former WT director speaks about her transgender transition
Everyone sat, took notes, and listened in the auditorium as Dr. Robyn Brammer told her story of stepping out of her role as a man, and transitioning into the woman she knew she was all her life.

Fairfax County schools pass 'gender identity' policy at odds with decision in Gloucester
Virginia's largest public school system, Fairfax County, voted Thursday to update its discrimination policy to include gender identity.
‘Hecklers’ Veto’ Fails To Block Transgender Protections In Country’s 10th Largest School District
Virginia School Board Protects Trans Students, Despite Objections from Hecklers
Some Fairfax Co. Parents Protesting Vote on Transgender Students
Fairfax County School Board adds gender identity to nondiscrimination policy

No gender identity protection in Wisconsin anti-discrimination law, Democratic chair candidate says
Wisconsin's non-discrimination law "doesn't protect members of the trans-gender community."

En 3 años, más de 4 mil trans cambiaron su DNI con la elección de sexo
El país va a la vanguardia en el reconocimiento de los derechos de la comunidad LGBT. La norma, que permite también la modificación del nombre, rige desde 2012.
Más de 4200 cambios de sexo

"La ley de Identidad de Género es de las más revolucionarias", afirmaron las asociaciones LGBT de Neuquén
La ley 26.743 estableció que “toda persona tiene derecho al reconocimiento de su identidad de género, al libre desarrollo de su persona conforme a su identidad de género y a ser tratada de acuerdo con su identidad de género y, en particular, a ser identificada de ese modo en los instrumentos que acreditan su identidad”.