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terça-feira, maio 12, 2015

Intervenção de ALICE CUNHA
Intervenção de Alice Cunha na Audição Pública "Pessoas trans e intersexo: que reconhecimento e que novos direitos?"

Portugal terá um “terceiro género” no bilhete de identidade?
Comissário dos Direitos Humanos do Conselho da Europa pede proteção para as pessoas intersexuais (hermafroditas). Bloco de Esquerda prepara-se para apresentar um projeto com o mesmo objetivo.

Travesti é morto durante tentativa de assalto
Grupo de travestis tentou assaltar um policial militar que estava de folga.
Na noite de ontem, um homem foi morto durante tentativa de assalto a um policial, no bairro São Francisco, em Goiânia. De acordo com a PM, o sargento Elson Sousa Dias, do 36º Batalhão, foi abordado por assaltantes, um grupo de quatro travestis, quando conduzia seu carro pelo local.

Trans Rights Europe Map & Index 2015
The TransRights Europe Map & Index reflect the legal situation in areas of equality and non- discrimination on the grounds of gender identity and gender expression in Europe, and highlights the legal provisions in gender identity recognition. It provides an overall reflection of the legal situation in all European countries in a simple format. They do not attempt to reflect the complex social situations trans people might face.
TGEU publishes Trans Rights Map 2015 revealing a lack protection and recognition
Where is it best to be trans in Europe?

Bambi: «Je souhaite que les personnes trans qui ont réussi réfléchissent au rôle qu’elles peuvent jouer»
Marie-Pierre Pruvot, alias Bambi, est l'une des rares personnalités trans out en France. À l'occasion de la Journée mondiale contre l'homophobie et la transphobie, nous l'avons interrogée sur les combats passés et à venir.

Sydney Women's Homeless Alliance to host transgenderforum
Women who are transgender or gender diverse are over-represented in the homelessness population. Realising this, the Sydney Women’s Homeless Alliance are hosting a special event to hear from a range of support services and trans women themselves about what can be done to address the issue.

Being Transgender At Work Can Be Hard, But Made Easier With An Ally
Bruce Jenner's national TV interview with Diane Sawyer in April ended months of speculation. The former-Olympian turned reality-TV-star revealed that he now identifies as a transgender woman — though he still prefers to be called "he" for the time being.

Fox News host: Transgender bathroom policies are a ‘war on biology’ and the ‘scientific method’
Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested over the weekend that schools with transgender bathroom polices were undermining what children were learning about biology in science class.

'Transparent' Stars Talk About 'Responsibility' to Transgender Community
Light and Tambor were award presenters at the 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City on May 9th.

Watch this seven-year-old trans girl tell her inspiring story
'Being transgender is a hard thing, but you can be who you want to be. I’m proud of who I am because I’m transgender.'