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quinta-feira, maio 21, 2015

Travesti é morta com sete tiros em Nova Descoberta
A vítima bebia com amigos quando foi abordada por um indivíduo que atirou contra ela
Uma travesti foi assassinada com sete tiros em Nova Descoberta, Zona Norte do Recife. Segundo testemunhas, Ticiane Abravanel, 21 anos, estava sentada, bebendo com amigos, quando foi abordada por um indivíduo que atirou contra ela.

Roberta Close no Programa do Gugu 20/05/2015

Trans woman challenging Facebook’s gender-based nipple rule
A trans woman is challenging a rule on Facebook that allows men to post photos of their nipples, but bans women from doing so.

Bristol's sex change couple overjoyed at arrival of first baby
Two former schoolgirl best friends who got married after one of them had a sex change and became a man have had their first baby.

Hijras to be recruited as traffic police
The government has decided to recruit hijras as traffic police officials from the next fiscal year, as part of an attempt to rehabilitate individuals of the gender and offer them new avenues of employment.

Tas LGBTI groups unite against watering down anti-discrimination laws
Tasmanian LGBTI groups have united against a move to allow religious schools to be exempt from the state's Anti Discrimination Act.

Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose both identify as gender fluid, but what’s it really like?
Celebrity hounds will no doubt have watched with interest as Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose spoke publicly about identifying as gender fluid. But what exactly is it and is it on the rise?

[New Zealand]
Surgeon backs sex-change funding
A retired surgeon who carried out gender reassignment operations in New Zealand has backed a Labour initiative to fund the procedure, but admits it would be highly unlikely to happen.
Sex-change funding not a priority
'This is a want operation': Free sex change surgery idea shunned by ONE News readers

[New Zealand]
Gender identity a hot census topic
Which gender people identify with is an upcoming challenge for Census New Zealand.

Catholic school board decision bittersweet for mom of transgender girl
7-year-old can now use girls' washroom, but decision does not apply to all schools
Transgender child wins use of girls washroom in Catholic school

Twitter could provide valuable details about transgender people’s health needs, UCLA-led study finds
Transgender and gender-nonconforming people have a higher-than-average risk for AIDS and are more vulnerable than others to depression. But because stigma about gender identities makes them less likely to disclose information about themselves to researchers, it also has been difficult for doctors to understand the best ways to provide care for them.

Elle Fanning Transgender Drama ‘3 Generations’ Acquired for $6 Million by Weinstein Co at Cannes
Susan Sarandon and Naomi Watts play trans teen’s grandmother and mother, respectively

Conversion Therapy Is ‘Fraud,’ Say Pelosi and Dems
Two California Democrats have introduced a bill that would outlaw the use of so-called ex-gay or reparative therapy on LGBT people of all ages nationwide.

Stop the Bathroom Police
This spring, multiple states have pushed measures that would require people to “prove” their gender before using a bathroom. Some of these measures even encourage people to report on each other by offering a cash reward for finding someone in the “wrong” bathroom. These bathroom police efforts are clearly targeted at transgender people, but ultimately open everyone up to harassment, interrogation, and criminalization in public spaces.

Greenacres Enacts LGBT-Inclusive Civil Rights Ordinance
At a meeting Monday night, the Greenacres City Council enacted an ordinance that directly opposes discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, genetic information, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, pregnancy, familial status, or age.

Gay conversion therapy ban passes Illinois House
The Illinois state House on Tuesday approved a bill to prohibit conversion therapy for LGBT youth.

Louisiana House committee kills anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill
Lawmakers in Louisiana on Tuesday killed an anti-LGBT “religious freedom” bill backed by Gov. Bobby Jindal, but which opponents said could sanction discrimination against same-sex couples.

Oregon governor signs bill banning conversion therapy for LGBT youth
Oregon is now the third state in the country to ban so-called “gay conversion therapy” after Gov. Kate Brown signed legislation outlawing the practice.

Murder of Philadelphia Transgender Women Causes Outrage Among LGBTQ Advocates
The National LGBTQ Task is outraged at the recent murder of London Chanel, a 21 year old Black transgender women. London was killed yesterday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Police arrest man in transgender woman's murder
Arrest made in killing of transgender woman
Police Charge Man With Woman's Murder Inside Philadelphia Home
Philadelphia Sees Eighth Murder of a Trans Woman in U.S. This Year
Trans woman killed in N. Philly