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segunda-feira, maio 25, 2015

Travesti é encontrada morta com três tiros na BR-282, em Lages
Uma travesti de 27 anos foi encontrada morta em uma marginal da BR-282, em Lages, na manhã deste sábado. Segundo a o Instituto Geral de Perícias (IGP), a vítima foi atingida por três tiros na cabeça.

Watch: Everything you’ve secretly wanted to ask a trans person
Ever had a question about transgender people that you were too afraid to ask?
A new clip released by BBC Free Speech sees a number of people who identify as trans tackle questions they are always asked.
Transgender People Answer The Insane Questions They Always Get Asked (So Please, Watch So You're Never Tempted To Ask Someone These Things) — VIDEO

Church of England considering trans naming ceremonies
The General Synod of the Church of England is to debate naming ceremonies for transgender people.

Marriage equality Ireland #MarRef a yes, while trans people suffer without the most basic of rights
In the states, Marriage Equality came first, but it’s a far cry from equality for all. I live and work in one of the most red of states, but only because I was able to change my documents. Transgender Irish people can’t do that. What’s even worse, the proposed law, heavily influenced by the Catholic Church would make matters worse!

La France l’autre pays de la transphobie!
Communiqué de presse de l’Association Nationale Transgenre ( France ) du 15 mai 2015

'Inside Out: Portraits Of Cross-Gender Children' Beautifully Documents Transgender Kids
For the past 12 years, Dutch photographer Sarah Wong has documented the lives and experiences of a group of children who have transitioned -- or are in the process of transitioning -- to live as their authentic selves.

Transgender student hopes her coming-out story sets an example
A month after the Rajya Sabha bill to promote the rights of transgenders was passed, an IIT student hopes that her coming-out story will transcend boundaries.

Conversion therapy has no place in Manitoba health care: health minister
Manitoba becomes first Canadian province to ban conversion therapy

Barriers to health care putting Ontario's trans community at risk, experts say
Waiting lists for transsexual health services are longer than ever before, and health experts fear the vulnerable community is being put at deadly risk.

School board to discuss sexual-orientation policy
Residents have come before the Brevard School Board four times since October, asking the board to consider a change in the school district’s non-discrimination policy.
They want the district to include sexual orientation and gender identity as categories covered by that policy.

Families with a transgender child learn and change
No one can truly understand the transgender journey unless they’ve gone through it — or supported a loved one during the process. These local families share what they’ve learned.

Panamá lidera casos de Sida entre trasvestis y transexuales
Un informe del Programa Conjunto de Naciones Unidas sobre VIH/Sida destaca que Panamá registra la mas alta prevalencia en países de América latina con el VIH (virus de inmunodeficiencia humana) y que la tendencia es al alza, entre la llamada población “trans” (trasvestis y transexuales) y en los hombres que tienen relaciones con otros hombres. (HSH)

Loka, Loka, Loka
"Loka, Loka, Loka", es un documental autobiográfico realizado en la Escuela Audiovisual AL BORDE, una experiencia pionera de artivismo contrasexual en América del Sur, en la que Mujeres AL BORDE entrenamos activistas bisexuales, pansexuales, lesbianas, heterodisidentes, tortilleras, trans, travestis, intersex, queer, de ciudades sudamericanas como realizadorxs audiovisuales, financiamos y difundimos sus producciones.