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quarta-feira, junho 03, 2015

Latrocínio: travesti é morto a golpes de faca
O travesti Edinaldo Teixeira da Silva, conhecido como Regina, foi assassinado a faca dentro da própria casa. Ele ainda tentou escapar, entrando em luta corporal. Porém, não obteve êxito e resultou em morte.
A vítima costumava receber pessoas desconhecidas em sua residência. O caso aconteceu no bairro João XVIII. A polícia acredita em latrocínio, já que a casa estava revirada e os objetos foram roubados.

São Paulo terá centro de acolhida exclusivo para transexual que mora na rua
Prefeitura explica que novo espaço é necessário para evitar situações de bullying e conflitos

Justiça Federal concede cirurgia de mudança de sexo para jovem em Iguatu
Pareceres médicos da jovem de 19 anos mostraram que a divergência sexual e psicológica provocaram intenso sofrimento pessoal e depressão grave

7 transphobic hate attacks in Istanbul in May!
Two trans women were attacked in Istanbul on the night of May 28, 2015. Transphobic hate attacks in Istanbul reached 7 only in May!

Stunning New Pictures from Violent Clash at LGBT Rally in Moscow

[New Zealand]
Transgender refugee set to wed
Eliana Rubashkyn’s Israeli love says he’s had to leave everything because family disapprove of his marriage.

Why TV News Ignores Transgender Murders
A journalist who's covered stories from Rock Hudson's AIDS diagnosis to the Boston Marathon bombing reveals why the media obsesses over the murders of rich Caucasians and largely ignores violence against trans women.

Drag queens protest outside Facebook HQ over ‘real name’ policy
A number of prominent drag queens have protested outside the headquarters of Facebook – as they still face bans for using their names on the social network.

Here's How Trans Folks Welcomed Caitlyn Jenner to the Twitterverse
The consensus? You look beautiful, Caitlyn. Now let's get to work fighting systemic transphobia.
'What The Hell Is Going On!?': Fox News Reports Caitlyn Jenner Story As The 'Final Days' (Video)
Why Caitlyn Jenner And Laverne Cox’s Magazine Covers Are A Perfect Way To Kick Off LGBT Pride Month
How to talk about Caitlyn Jenner: a guide to speaking and writing about transgender people
Call Her Caitlyn But Then Let’s Move on to the Issues Affecting the Trans Community
Laverne Cox Wants You to Celebrate Caitlyn Jenner, But Remember There's Work to Be Done
8 Transgender Women of Color Who Are Doing More Than Just Being Visible
Laverne Cox on Caitlyn Jenner: 'We Need Diverse Media Representations of Trans Folks'
Jessica Lange Calls Caitlyn Jenner Comparisons "So Wonderful"
Laverne Cox Urges Fans to See More Than Caitlyn Jenner’s Outer Beauty
Drake Bell Says He'll Still Call Caitlyn Jenner 'Bruce'
Introducing Caitlyn Jenner
Do you applaud Caitlyn Jenner because she's brave, or because she's pretty?
WATCH: The Right-Wing Dissing of Caitlyn Jenner Begins
Right-Wing Media Respond With Sarcasm And Disrespect To Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Cover
Associated Press Violates Its Own Transgender Guidelines In Caitlyn Jenner Story
Transgender Movement Looks to Benefit From Jenner's Change
What It Means to Come Out in the Transgender Community
Call me Caitlyn or else: the rise of authoritarian transgender politics
Jenner's transition is great for trans people. Including them in the census would be even better

Huckabee: I Should Have Pretended To Be Transgender In School To 'Shower With The Girls' (VIDEO)
Presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) has a colorful way of getting his point across.
In comments flagged by BuzzFeed on Tuesday and posted by the conspiracy website WND over the weekend, Huckabee shared his views on the growing social acceptance of transgender people.

New OSHA Guide to Restoom Access for Transgender Employees
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced new guidelines today to ensure that all employees have access to restrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

Banned From Serving Openly, Transgender Veteran To Attend Pentagon Event In Uniform
When the Pentagon holds its Pride Month event next week honoring gay and lesbian service members, Sheri Swokowski will be there to make a bold statement.

Transgender employees get OSHA backing on bathroom access
The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued guidelines Monday suggesting that employers allow transgender employees access to the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

What It's Like To Choose Transgender Sex Reassignment Surgery
It wasn't until Deborah Svoboda dated someone who is trans that she understood how little she understood about being transgender. "I realized how very misunderstood they were, including by me," she says. And that comes from someone who identifies as queer and has lived and worked in diverse communities.

Fox host repelled by kindergarten diversity training because of ‘transsexuals’ and ‘stuff that’s gross’
Fox News host Steve Doocy suggested on Monday that it was dangerous for young children to learn about sexual diversity because he said that kindergartners shouldn’t be exposed to information about “transsexuals” and “stuff that’s gross.”

Connecticut lawmakers vote to make it easier to change gender on birth certificates
The Connecticut legislature is sending a bill to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy that makes it easier for transgender people to update their names and gender on their birth certificates.

Trial begins for man accused of killing cross-dressing prostitute
Luis Rijo De Los Santos had bad intentions when he picked up three cross-dressing prostitutes in the early morning hours of March 24, 2012, according to prosecutors. Or he was defending himself when he shot the three men, killing one and wounding two others, according to his attorney.
Testimony against man accused of targeting transgender men

It’s Time: Trans Advocates & Allies Fight for GENDA
New Yorkers Look to Make 2015 the Year the State Senate Takes Action on Trans Rights

Elorza unveils gender-inclusive health plan for Providence employees
The city’s health insurance plans now cover expenses for employees and retirees who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming and are seeking transition-related healthcare, Mayor Jorge O. Elorza announced Monday.
Elorza extends transgendered-specific healthcare coverage

Midvale candidate could make history as the first transgender person elected in Utah
Sophia Hawes-Tingey acknowledges the historic nature of her campaign for city council.