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terça-feira, junho 09, 2015

Exposição sobre travestismo e identidades no Porto até Sábado
Da autoria de Paulo Aureliano da Mata e Tales Frey a exposição intitulada “(Tra)vestir um Fa(c)to de Cia. Excessos” está patente até Sábado, 13 de Junho, no Espaço Mira, Rua de Miraflor, 159, no Porto.

LGBT: Marcha do Orgulho dinamiza atividades ao longo do mês de junho
Ao longo do mês de junho alguns dos 22 colectivos e associações que organizam a Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa estão a dinamizar conjunto de eventos que pretendem preparar o debate e dinamizar o conhecimento em torno da marcha e do seu manifesto deste ano. A marcha está marcada para as 17h de 20 de junho, sábado, e arranca do Princípe Real.

'Representei a dor que sentimos', diz transexual 'crucificada' na Parada Gay
Xingada na web, Viviany Beleboni diz que ato foi protesto anti-homofobia.
Deputado Federal Marco Feliciano postou a foto com mensagem de repúdio.

Nottingham woman hopes to be crowned Miss Transgender UK
When Rhian Clarke left Nottingham to go to university she didn't feel comfortable being herself in her home city.

Kellie Maloney's biography will be released a month early
The release date of Kellie Maloney’s biography has been brought forward by over a month as its publishers say the spotlight is on “the issue of transgender” now.

In the news article titled “Sümeyye Erdoğan provoked by German descendent Transsexual,” Demishevich’s following of a press release as a journalist has been presented with the words “During the press statement following Erdoğan’s meeting, plainclothes police officers apprehended Michelle Demishevich, a transsexual of German descent, who was following her.”

Gender identity: In conservative Nepal, it's OK to be an 'other'
Bhakti Shah fulfilled a dream of joining the army at 18. Four years later, soldiering turned into a nightmare.

Woman "bashed for being trans" in Newtown
Police are investigating CCTV footage after an incident in Newtown’s Town Hall Hotel left a transgender woman blooded and bruised.

What's life like for Indigenous transgender men?
SBS has interviewed three ‘Brotherboys’ – female to male Indigenous transgender people – about coming out and gender transitioning, for a special documentary to be broadcast this afternoon.

Obama names trans attorney to presidential commission
The White House announced on Monday President Obama has appointed civil rights attorney and long-time LGBT advocate Shannon Minter to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships, making him among the senior transgender appointees in the Obama administration.

7 Truly Inspiring Transgender Latinas
People were thrilled to be introduced to Caitlyn Jenner as she worked the cover of Vanity Fair like the queen that she is. But as Janet Mock and Laverne Cox have already pointed out, there are many important issues in the transgender community that still need our attention, especially in communities of color.

One Screwed Up Jenner-ation
If I see that creepy Vanity Fair cover of Bruce Jenner come across my Facebook feed just one more time, I'm going to gouge out my eyeballs and bleach the sockets.
WATCH: Lindsey Graham Welcomes Republican Caitlyn Jenner, Wants Her Vote
La Crosse transgender man shares thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner
Julie Burchill: It would have been braver for Caitlyn Jenner to come out as gay
Julie Burchill: Caitlyn Jenner article draws criticism after journalist brands the former athlete a 'simpering vamp'

Trans endurance athlete Chris Mosier earns spot on Team USA
Chris Mosier has earned a spot in the men's 35-39 sprint duathlon world championship next year and will compete for Team USA.

Sex changes 'fixed nothing,' says regretful transgender
After having two sex changes, author and speaker Walt Heyer knows the pitfalls of being a transgender and says that the new movement with Bruce Jenner as the poster boy does not lead to happiness, but to despair and regret.

Transgender woman says she was kicked out of Tempe bar
Briana Sandy, a transgender woman and parent of a teenage son with severe autism, ignited a social-media firestorm Sunday when she reported on Facebook that she'd been kicked out of a popular Tempe bar because of her gender identity.
Explanation offered after transgender woman refused service at Tempe Tavern

Latinas transgénero unidas contra la discriminación
Mujeres hispanas transgénero relatan los desafíos a los que se enfrentan cada día
No hay glamour para transgéneros latinos
La psicología detrás de la transformación de una persona transgénero

Crossing over: Transgender woman stays in the race
Race organizer Eric Johnson: 'I have nothing but a lot of respect for her, and as much now as I ever had.'

LGBT edition: Initiative focuses on preferred names
What’s your name?
This is the question the University’s LGBTQ Resource Center is addressing with their latest goal, the preferred name initiative.

Transgender teen voted prom queen at Renton HS
It's prom season, and many western Washington schools held their big dance Saturday night, including Renton High School. Saturday night's dance featured a very "belle of the ball" who said this night was about more than just wearing the perfect dress.

Garantizarán en DF voto de personas trans en próximos comicios electorales
Exhortan a funcionarios de casilla a tomar medidas al respecto

Reconoce Universidad Veracruzana identidad de estudiantes transexuales
Es la segunda universidad pública del país que instrumenta medidas al respecto

En un nuevo avance por la igualdad de derechos, ministros de Justicia y del Interior acompañarán a comunidad trans en diligencia de cambio de sexo
Los ministros de Justicia, Yesid Reyes Alvarado, y del Interior, Juan Fernando Cristo, presentarán este martes el Decreto No. 1227 del 4 de junio del 2015, que reglamenta el trámite para corregir el componente "sexo" en el Registro del Estado Civil. Este cambio tendrá especiales y positivas consecuencias para la población trans del país, la cual hasta ahora se había visto sometida a engorrosos procesos judiciales para realizar este trámite. La presentación se realizará en el contexto de las primeras diligencias legales de este tipo en Colombia.
Colombia to allow gender change without surgery

Escándalo por transexual discriminado para entrar en la policía
Una transexual denunció que le rechazaron el ingreso al curso de oficial de la Policía en Mendoza por no presentar el examen Papanicolau. Sin embargo, autoridades del Instituto Universitario de Seguridad Pública dijeron que la joven no ingresó porque no aprobó el análisis de aptitud psicológica.