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quarta-feira, junho 17, 2015

Crossdresser attacked in London as thug's friends shouted 'kill him, kill him'
Police are appealing for information
Police are on the hunt for a man who attacked a crossdresser who was doing nothing but waiting for a bus in London.
Transvestite attacked as onlookers screamed ‘kill him, kill him’

Daily Star slams ‘sex swap splurge’
The Daily Star has published an article condemning the NHS for providing gender reassignment surgery to trans women.

April Ashley: Caitlyn Jenner chose a ‘terrible’ name
Transgender pioneer April Ashley has joked that Caitlyn Jenner has chosen a “terrible” name.

Irish Senator wants to change gender law to recognise transgender children
An Irish Senator has tabled an amendment to the state’s Gender Recognition bill – that would legally recognise children who are transgender.

Transsexual decapitated flatmate 'after two days on cocaine'
Ecuadorean cut off woman's head, threw it in courtyard

Malta Launches Education Policy for Trans, Gender Variant and Intersex Children
The government of Malta has launched their new education policy for trans, gender variant and intersex children today.

Israeli-Arab drag queen finds refuge in Tel Aviv
Marching through a Tel Aviv bar in a tight purple bodice and skirt, pink lipstick glittering, eyelashes fluttering, Karam Dadu certainly turns heads. What those watching may not realize is that Dadu is a transvestite homosexual Israeli Arab.

Suicide risk for trans people can be reduced, new study shows
Ella was 14 when she attempted suicide for the first time.

Kingston Pride tells trans group ‘angry’ messages not welcome
Kingston Pride is under fire after members of its executive committee told a trans community member that they did not want them marching with “angry” messages at the parade.

Three Central American trans advocates denied U.S. visas
LGBT rights advocates have criticized the U.S. over the denial of visas to three transgender women who were invited to attend the General Assembly of the Organization of American States in Washington this week.

Limbaugh Blames Transgender Community and Marriage Equality For "Rotting" Culture
From the June 15 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

Rupert Murdoch calls Hillary Clinton ‘fascist’ on LGBT rights
Democrat presidential candidate Ms Clinton made her first major speech of her campaign on Sunday in which she said: “We should ban discrimination against LGBT Americans and their families so they can live, learn, marry, and work just like everybody else.”
Rupert Murdoch tweeted shortly afterwards: “HillaryNo Promises outlaw free speech about LGBT. What next? Sounds almost fascist.”
He is yet to explain his use of “HillaryNo”.

Miley Cyrus launches #InstaPride campaign for trans young people
Singer Miley Cyrus has launched a new campaign to highlight issues faced by transgender young people.

Fox psychiatrist blames transgender people for white woman who pretended to be black
Fox News psychiatrist Keith Ablow has blamed transgender people for a white woman who pretended she was black.

PHOTOS: Portland's Trans Pride Parade Is More Relevant Than Ever Before
The Portland Trans Pride March welcomed the trans, gender-variant, genderqueer, gender-fabulous, and allied communities to a beautiful event Saturday.

MPS conducting investigation into bullying allegations amid transgender teacher's suicide
We first told you on Friday how a transgender Milwaukee Public School teacher killed herself because of alleged bullying by her peers.

[El Salvador]
Trans activist killed in El Salvador
Francela Mendez, a transgender woman, was visiting her friend, Consuela Flores Martinez, at her home in Sonsonate, El Salvador when they were both killed May 30.

Mujeres transgénero, las más violentadas entre la comunidad LGBTI
Alrededor del 50% de los homicidios perpetrados en contra de la comunidad LGBTI tiene como víctimas a mujeres transgénero. Revista FUCSIA entrevistó a cuatro luchadoras que han logrado ser ejemplo de su comunidad.