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sexta-feira, junho 26, 2015

PNR considera marcha LGBT em Braga 'provocatória e de mau gosto'
"Contra violência transfóbica" é o lema da marcha que invade a cidade dos Arcebispos.

TGEU tells EU to take trans issues to heart
TGEU Co-Chair Arja Voipio spoke today at the European Parliament about the need of the European Union to adopt a comprehensive LGBTI action plan with a strong focus on trans people. Also, future EU gender equality policy should have trans issues at heart, since transphobia and misogyny share same root causes. She reminded present parliamentarians and representatives of EU institutions that the EU should encourage and support member states to improve legal gender recognition procedures. Freedom of movement remains often an illusion for trans people, as having ID documents reflecting their gender identity is either not possible or hinges on giving up other human rights.

Travesti é assassinada em Dourados
A polícia vai utilizar imagens armazenadas por circuitos de segurança instalados naquela região, para investigar o caso
Jovem de 19 anos foi morto com um tiro no peito e o suspeito, preso, nega autoria do crime. Segundo a polícia, a vítima identificada como Sidnei A.C, que residia no centro de Dourados, teria sido baleado depois de um programa sexual.

Após ser proibida de usar banheiro feminino, estudante transexual diz que vai processar escola
No dia 17 de junho, a estudante Stheffany Pereira, de 23 anos, conta que passou por uma das situações mais constrangedoras de sua vida. Enquanto usava o banheiro feminino do Liceu Maranhense, tradicional instituição de ensino público de São Luís, no Maranhão, foi surpreendida por um monitor do colégio, dizendo que não poderia usar aquele banheiro e que deveria procurar o masculino.
Transexual advertida em banheiro de escola vai processar o Estado

Cisgender added to Oxford English Dictionary
Gender term joins 'sext', 'twerk' and 'hot mess' in the OED

Bambi: «Je souhaite que les personnes trans qui ont réussi réfléchissent au rôle qu’elles peuvent jouer»
Marie-Pierre Pruvot, alias Bambi, est l'une des rares personnalités trans out en France. À l'occasion de la Journée mondiale contre l'homophobie et la transphobie, nous l'avons interrogée sur les combats passés et à venir.

Norway proposes extending transgender rights to children
Norway's government proposed on Thursday that children as young as seven should be allowed to change their legal gender with parental support, among the lowest ages in the world for transgender rights.

Gender X: YMCA gym set to get third gender option
The YMCA is considering adding a third gender option for transgender and intersex people on its gym membership forms in response to a small but impassioned social media campaign.

Services for Gold Coast trans* community in the spotlight
A Gold Coast newspaper published claims from local trans* advocates lamenting the 2011 closure of gender-specific services for the region but the local health body claims such a service never existed, although that funding is provided to health professionals involved in the trans* community.

Transgender Military Advocate Jess Shipps Dies by Suicide
The 32-year-old Air Force veteran is remembered for helping others through work with SPARTA and through YouTube videos.
The transgender military community is in mourning after learning of the suicide of Jess Shipps, a 32-year-old Air Force veteran.

Out Transgender Airman, In Male Uniform, Attends White House Pride Reception
Granted an exception to wear a man’s uniform, Senior Airman Logan Ireland and his fiancée — another trans service member — were President Obama’s guests on Tuesday. Military policy, however, continues to ban out trans service.

Heckler interrupts Obama at Pride reception to protest deportation of LGBT immigrants
President Barack Obama took on a heckler head-on at an LGBT pride month reception at the White House Wednesday, scolding the protester for being disrespectful in “my house.”
The heckler had interrupted Obama’s remarks by protesting the detention and deportation of gay, lesbian and transgender immigrants.
Obama's reply to a trans woman proves LGBT advocacy stops at gay marriage
EXCLUSIVE: I interrupted Obama because we need to be heard

Defendant says sex led to death of transgender Santa Ana woman; judge orders trial
A man accused of killing a transgender woman told police he accidentally strangled her during a sexual encounter in the backseat of his car, according to testimony Wednesday.

Transparent Policing: Law Targets Anti-Trans Harassment
Last week, Supervisor Malia Cohen introduced an ordinance that would require the San Francisco Police Department and the Sheriff's Department to gather and report demographic data about every detention or traffic stop. The measure was initially described by Cohen (and reported by the press) as targeting racial profiling, but Cohen also included a mandate that officers record each person's sex and ask them to disclose their gender identity.

Author examines early SF laws against cross-dressing
As a professor of sociology at San Francisco State University, Clare Sears is generally concerned with the present. But for her recent book, she reached back in history to help answer a modern question: Why do LGBTQ and gender non-conforming people seem to be favorite targets of law enforcement?

Creator surprised at popularity of trans pride flag
Behind every revolutionary symbol, is a creator. Nearly 16 years ago, Monica Helms, a transgender woman, conceptualized the transgender pride flag, which is now an established mainstay in today's Pride events throughout the world.

Transgender Man Sues Tower Loan
In early February 2013, Tristan Broussard, 21, applied to work at the Lake Charles, La., branch of Tower Loan, a private finance company based in Flowood, Miss., with more than 180 branches in the United States. In an interview, Broussard says he remembers Leah Sparks, the branch's manager, being particularly impressed with his qualifications and disposition.

Mississippi Trans Teen's Murderer May Face Hate Crime Charges
A grand jury in Mercedes Williamson's home state of Mississippi may be given the option to indict her suspected killer on hate-crime charges.
Was Alabama teen Mercedes Williamson murdered because she was transgender?

Cato-Meridian transgender student says school is forcing him to wear female graduation gown, starts petition
A Cato-Meridian High School student who identifies as male said his school is making him wear a female graduation gown during the school's commencement ceremony.

Report Exposes Illegal Treatment of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students in New York Public Schools
The New York Civil Liberties Union today released a report revealing the serious and pervasive discrimination and harassment faced by transgender and gender nonconforming youth in New York public schools across the state. Despite New York’s reputation as a progressive leader, the state is failing to protect the right to an education of one of its most vulnerable student populations.
Report: Transgender students face discrimination, illegal treatment in NY public schools

Poll Shows Caitlyn Jenner’s Gender Change Hasn’t Changed Minds
A new poll shows Caitlyn Jenner’s recent transition from male to female, and the impossible-to-escape publicity surrounding it, wasn’t a watershed moment.

All charges upheld against alleged murderer of trans woman
After being delayed several weeks, the preliminary hearing of the alleged killer of a local transgender woman got off to a strong start in favor of the prosecution.