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quarta-feira, julho 01, 2015

Travesti é morto com vários tiros em um bar no município de Itapebi
Segundo testemunhas, suspeitos chegaram em uma moto e atiraram contra a vítima, que estava em um bar.
Um homicídio foi registrado na noite desta segunda-feira (29), por volta das 20h30, em um bar localizado na rua Silvio Toston Junior, no município de Itapebi.

Gender change DJ returns to the airwaves with BBC Radio Manchester show
A popular local radio presenter is to return to the airwaves on BBC Radio Manchester, nine months after announcing her gender change on Stephen Nolan’s BBC Radio 5 live show.

NHS launches new effort to tackle trans issues
NHS England is launching a new initiative to improve services for trans and non-binary issues.

Welsh Lib Dems Say Transgender Action Plan Does Not Go Far Enough
The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed the Welsh Government’s trans action plan, brought about by the party’s landmark debate, but says it falls short on many key issues.

Italy rules trans woman and cis man are allowed to marry
Could this be a sign of more change to come?

Five transsexual prisoners hunger strike in protest of cell change
Four Spanish and one Azerbaijani transsexual prisoners have gone on hunger strike after they were moved to a different cell and separated from their previous Turkish transsexual cellmates, saying the Turkish inmates had been helpful in overcoming the language barrier.

The Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade has been held for thirteen years. Yet this year the Istanbul Governor’s Office blocked the parade, citing the fact that it coincided with Ramadan. The use of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, as an excuse to curtail the freedoms of assembly, demonstration, and speech is a clear violation of rule of law. In taking this illegal decision, the Governor’s Office has thus broken the law.
In applying the governor’s illegal order, law enforcement officials, too, became accomplices in a crime. They attacked tens of thousands of people with tear gas, riot-control vehicles, and plastic bullets, even though those people had come to assemble peacefully, just as they had last year. Law enforcement officials violated their legal obligations by carrying out the unconstitutional and illegal order handed down by the Istanbul governor’s office. Indeed, on the day of the attack, many police officers lacked helmets and registration numbers that would have helped identify them.

Moreover, the decision to block the parade because of Ramadan artificially inflames tensions by presenting LGBTI status and Muslim faith as if they were supposedly two opposing identities. It purposely ignores the fact that LGBTI individuals can come from all walks of life and aims to demonize them in the eyes of the wider public, preparing the ground for future attacks against LGBTI individuals. The government and the governor’s office will thus be held directly responsible for any attacks against LGBTI individuals that may be committed from this point on.
In a statement following the events, the Istanbul Governor’s Office stated that it had not received any notification about the parade and also that it had felt that certain groups were going to react violently to the parade.

First, if there was indeed credible information that an outside attack was to occur, it is the duty of the governor and of law enforcement to take measures to prevent such an attack, not to themselves attack the group exercising its right to assemble.

Second, Law No. 2911 on Assembly, Demonstrations, and Parades, as well as the relevant article of the constitution, are both entirely clear: Such assemblies are not subject to the prior permission of the governor’s office, nor is there even any obligation to notify the authorities. The 13th annual LGBTI Pride Parade planned for Sunday, 28 June in Taksim Square, was thus not in violation of any law. Moreover, after the parade itself was blocked, law enforcement continued to attack people gathered on the streets for hours. The streets and venues where the Pride Party was being held were attacked by police using gas canisters and plastic bullets long into the night. Such behavior on the part of the police goes beyond merely preventing an “unannounced” parade: It shows that this was an attack on our identities and our very existence.

Hundreds of people who came to participate in the parade were affected or harmed by the attacks, some with injuries serious enough to warrant hospital reports. We would like to take this opportunity to wish a speedy recovery to all of our friends and supporters who were victims of police violence on Sunday. For years, the state purposely ignored systematic violence being inflicted on LGBTI individuals and even reduced the punishments faced by perpetrators; now it is the state itself that has directly and physically attacked the existence of LGBTI individuals in Turkey.

Furthermore, we fail to understand how the same government that assured the United Nations on Friday (26 June) that it would protect LGBTI rights could on Sunday (28 June) go and attack the 13th annual Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade without providing a legal justification. At the UN meeting on Friday, Turkey approved Norway’s proposal that “Turkey should carry out its human-rights obligations by ensuring that LGBTI individuals and non-governmental organizations are included in the process.” It also declared that it would carry out all proposals approved within the framework of the United Nations. A mere two days later, however, the government acted in violation of these proposals.

We repeat: We were here before, we are here now, and we will always be here!

Turkey has held an LGBTI Pride Parade for thirteen years. It is just one of the many activities of Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week in late June, which has been held for 23 years to mark the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. It will continue to take place next year and every year thereafter. We will persist in our struggle for existence regardless of the government in power. We will continue to resist all forms of oppression, as we have for years.

We’re here to stay, so get used to it!

At 12:30 on Thursday, 2 July, we will file an official criminal complaint at the Çağlayan Courthouse in Istanbul against Interior Minister Sebahattin Öztürk, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, and Istanbul Police Chief Selami Altınok for their role in ordering the attacks on the 13th Annual Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade. We call on all political parties, labor unions, the democratically minded Turkish public, and international non-governmental organizations to come and express their solidarity with our cause.

Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week Committee

Trans in Egypt: caught between the SiSi Govt’s brutality and dualism
President of Egypt ( SISI ) gives financial reward realizing the dream of Sisa AbouDouh and honors the mother who dressed as man for 43 years to for and assist them in building a House for her and her family .
For those who don’t know this women ( Sisa ) she was rewarded with the title of Ideal Mother in Egypt for 2015!

[New Zealand]
Family First goes on anti-trans witch hunt
A leading New Zealand transgender advocate is dismissing a report purporting to offer expertise on gender identity, which anti-lgbti lobby group Family First has commissioned to “warn parents and schools”.
MPs condemn Family First's trans report

[New Zealand]
Transgender woman accuses Farmers of discrimination
Retail chain Farmers insists it never received a complaint from a transgender shopper accusing it of discrimination.
Farmers investigating in-store transphobia
Auckland transgender woman Mary Haddock-Staniland accuses Farmers of discrimination

[New Zealand]
New Zealand may include intersex option on census
Dunedin city councillors have backed adding an intersex option to the next New Zealand census.

WATCH: John Oliver Declares Trans Issues Next Fight for LGBT Equality
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver highlighted the plight faced by transgender people. "But for all the strides transgender people have made lately," Oliver said, "let's not get too complacent about how far we've come because they still face a host of problems." In a 16 minute segment of pure gold, Oliver tackles the discrimination trans people face in accessing driver's licenses; skewers the Pentagon's ban on open transgender military service; and mocks recent attempts to criminalize trans people's use of public restrooms.

Transgender troops mourn tireless advocate Jess Shipps
Friends and family gathered Monday at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Hampton, Virginia, to say goodbye to Air Force veteran Jess Shipps, who dedicated her life to helping transgender service members get through their struggles but was unable to emerge from her own dark times.

Trans Woman Who Expanded Facebook's Gender Options Banned For Not Using 'Real Name'
The former Facebook employee blasted the social network for standing by its 'real name' policy, which disproportionately targets transgender users.

ICE issues new guidance on transgender detainees
ICE and DHS Have Failed at Providing Minimum Safety and Dignity for LGBTQ Immigrants in Detention, Immigrant Detention Must End
The Half-Step Immigration Officials Just Took To Protect Transgender Detainees
ICE: Transgender Immigrants to Be Detained According to Gender Identity
Transgender immigration detainees may be housed by identity

9th Circuit Revives Transgender Inmate’s Suit for Sex Reassignment Surgery
The U.S. Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision was not the only case of consequence for LGBT rights decided on June 26, 2015. On the opposite coast, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circui, in San Francisco unanimously revived a California inmate’s lawsuit seeking sex reassignment surgery, which had been dismissed at the screening stage by Chief Judge Ralph R. Beistline of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California. Rosati v. Igbinoso, 2015 WL 3916977.

CT Governor Signs Bill Modernizing Process to Change Gender on Birth Certificates
Last week, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed into law a bill that updates the state’s birth certificate procedures, enabling transgender people to change their birth certificates to the appropriate gender without having to undergo invasive and sometimes unnecessary surgical requirements.

Girl Scouts return $100,000 donation that ‘can’t be used to support transgender girls’
The Girl Scouts of Western Washington returned a huge donation after being told it could not be used to support transgender children.