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sexta-feira, julho 10, 2015

Casal transexual comemora nascimento do filho e busca direito a registro em Porto Alegre
Na terça-feira (7) nasceu o pequeno Gregório, filho do casal Helena Freitas, 26, e Anderson Cunha, 21. Eles contam ter sido muito bem-recebidos no Hospital Fêmina, em Porto Alegre, onde a equipe foi orientada para tratá-los pelos nomes sociais. Helena e Anderson são um casal transexual: Anderson, que não se incomoda de ser chamado pelo seu nome de registro, Andressa, foi quem engravidou, enquanto sua esposa, Helena, é biologicamente considerada o pai do bebê.

Interview: Army Chief Andrew Gregory on why trans people might serve on the front line
PinkNews caught up with the Chief of Defence Personnel for the armed forces, who discussed issues faced by trans people serving on the front lines, and said that pockets of homophobia still exist.
Transgender soldiers could serve on front line, says British Army general

Transgender entrepreneur opens new Wrexham salon after last one was destroyed in a fire
Sarah Jane Bradley is hoping to make her latest venture a success as she prepares for gender reassignment surgery

Russian Officials Say Debtor Had Sex Change to Avoid Paying Up
A transgender Russian man accused of evading a court-imposed fine after undergoing a female-to-male sex change has been tracked down after months on the run, court marshals said in a statement.

[South Africa]
Inhumane Intolerance :Transgender-woman, raped, mugged and disrobed at Tembisa(Ekurhuleni)
At the break of dawn today around 5:00am three trans identifying women parted ways after a few drinks at a local tavern, one of them is a 23 year old trans-women who decided to walk home alone whilst her other two friends left together. Miss X (pseudonym) states “I decided to walk home alone, I was approached by two men I know. They dragged me from the pavement at the commune I live in and hit me on the head with an empty cold drink crate as a result my eye got swollen and was shut, I also sustained an injury on the leg and arm during the scuffle. At this point I was resisting to be dragged into the one of her attacker’s house, After they successfully kidnapped I was raped by one of them. Whilst the incident was taking place one of the attackers left me with the other to check that no one enters his house and come to her rescue. When he was done with me he took my red and black leather jacket, black leather boots, and hand bag, he even told me to go away”

After sustaining multiple injuries and shock she got up and went to the next house to ask for clothing to dignify herself in order to carry on to the clinic to seek help. In one of the hospitals at Ekurhuleni Miss X was treated for trauma and had an HIV test, received PEP since her assailant did not use a condom. She has opened a case of rape, assault and robbery at Tembisa police station and the medical file will back her statement. This is one of the few cases of this nature to be reported by a transgender person due to stigmatisation. After the incident one of the clinic staff members contacted Sowetan about the matter and Miss X was interviewed to have the article released for print tomorrow (9 July15).

We as Transgender and Intersex Africa condemn the incident and regard it as inhuman and barbaric. Miss X will receive our full support and assistance with regard to professional help in aiding her back to health and making sure she gets justice

Contact details :
Transgender Intersex Africa
Thekwane Mpisholo

[South Africa]
Transgender in Focus: Into the Light – Juanita’s Story
Born intersex, Juanita survived botched surgery that (mis)shaped her life growing up. It was decided shortly after her birth that she should be male. It was the wrong decision. She recently reversed it. This is her story, as told to MARELISE VAN DER MERWE.

Kolkata hospital mulling separate spaces for transgenders
In a bid to mainstream members of the transgender community, officials at the R.G. Kar Medical College and Hospital here are mulling separate health check-up spaces for them.

Transgender musician Stephanie McCarthy reportedly threatened by alleged attacker outside court
A transgender woman allegedly bashed at a pub in Sydney’s inner west last month says she has been threatened by one of her alleged attackers outside court.
Transgender woman confronts alleged attackers outside Newtown Local Court
Accused attacker 'threatens' trans woman

Homeless services concerned at rate of transgender youth rejected from family home
Homelessness services in Melbourne say they are seeing a concerning trend of transgender youth seeking crisis accommodation, after being rejected from the family home.

Pan Am torch carried by out trans person
Martine Stonehouse will carry the Pan Am torch July 9 in downtown Toronto

Transgender rural N.B. teen surprised to find acceptance
Zaelis Bickerton says he's starting to see his real self, 3 months into hormone therapy

Serving in secret: Being transgender in the US military
While gay and lesbian members of armed forces may now serve openly, transgender soldiers remain in shadows

PBS luring young audience with pro-transgender program
A pro-family group says PBS has jumped on the bandwagon to introduce children to the transgender lifestyle by airing a 90-minute documentary on the subject.

How a new tool with Maine connections could revolutionize transgender healthcare
Did you know that 19% of transgender people are refused healthcare?
Or that 50% of transgender people have to educate their doctors on their own healthcare?
Or that 25% of transgender people will delay seeking healthcare due to discrimination?

Delray Beach Unanimously Passes LGBT-Inclusive Civil Rights Ordinance
The Delray Beach City Commission unanimously voted on Tuesday to enact an LGBT-inclusive civil rights ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, genetic information, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, pregnancy, familial status, or age. The vote came as a culmination of work by the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, which has successfully proposed similar ordinances throughout the state.

Ga. Immigration Court Denies Asylum For Transgender Woman
A transgender woman from Mexico has been denied asylum for the second time by a federal immigration court in Georgia.

Group to have transgender people share their story with all Michigan lawmakers
There are 110 members of the Michigan House and 38 members of the Michigan Senate, and transgender activists hope to visit each and every one.

4 N.J. public colleges to offer gender identity disorder coverage
Three New Jersey state universities and one state college will offer students a healthcare plan with gender identity disorder coverage, which includes counseling, hormone therapy, and possibly even sex reassignment surgery, officials said.

Should Girl Scouts have a policy for transgender youth?
Should transgender children have to disclose their biological sex when becoming a Girl Scout? It's a question raised since Girl Scouts USA announced in May that they are accepting transgender kids.

DMN highlights continuing LGBT discrimination in Texas
Dallas Morning News ran a story about discrimination in housing, employment and accommodation in Texas that is legal outside of Dallas, Fort Worth and sometimes Plano featuring trans activist Pam Curry.

Gloucester schools: Separating students by biological gender does not violate law
The Gloucester County School Board says it did not commit sex discrimination when it approved a restroom policy that placed restrictions on transgender students.