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quinta-feira, julho 09, 2015

“Não nasci no corpo errado, nasci na sociedade errada” ou o post dos comentários transfóbicos
Aquele que devia ser o principal momento do activismo nacional voltou a ter uma reduzida cobertura mediática. A Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa foi acompanhada por um pequeno número de jornalistas e fotógrafos.

Number Crunch: Transgender
The transgender experience is neither a modern nor Western invention. From mythology to legal acknowledgement to military and political service, trans is a global phenomenon.

Estudante trans cria página no Facebook como espaço de luta e empoderamento
Foram anos recebendo diferentes diagnósticos. Para cada doença, um remédio diferente. Bipolaridade, esquizofrenia e depressão. A única certeza que o psiquiatra de Samuel tinha era que havia uma justificativa médica para alguns cortes cujas cicatrizes ainda continuam visíveis em seus braços.

Lauren Harries, Once Britain's 'Youngest Tycoon,' Opens Up About Her Transgender Journey
Lauren Harries never really felt like a child prodigy. Though the young Brit became well known across the pond for having an unusual expertise in selling antiques, it wasn't until 1991 that a 13-year-old Harries fully recognized what the fuss was all about.

Founder and chairperson of the Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Rights Association Kemal Ördek was robbed and raped in their home in Ankara. A police officer at the police station reacted by saying “Enough with this tribe of Lot.” [1]
It has been three days since the attack. At the police station the assailants threatened Ördek by saying, “We know where you live now. They’ll release us anyway and you’ll have to deal with the consequences.” The assailants are free and they continue to harass Ördek on their cell phone.

The discourse of hatred directed at LGBT individuals is echoing on the street. A group, which calls itself the “Young Islamic Defense,” has put up posters in Ankara, calling for a massacre against LGBTIs.

Raft of changes proposed to update the Sexual Reassignment Act
South Australians should have the option to choose a “non-specific” gender category on official forms and not be made to undergo sex change surgery in order to be legally recognised as their chosen gender.

Transgender barbershop in Vancouver needs public's help to launch
A crowdfunding campaign was launched to help fund a barbershop that caters to the transgender community, a first of its kind in Vancouver.

Transgender woman claims group of kids threatened, threw bottle at her during bus ride
A transgender woman claims she was verbally and physically abused by a group of kids while riding a D.C. Circulator bus. She said things went from bad to worse because the bus driver didn't help.

Trans athlete: A girl's transition journey and the fight for her right to play
As a parent, what do you do when your 4-year-old child refuses to communicate and strips naked every time you leave the house to take him to school?

Maine father shares his journey of having a transgender child
A Maine father shared his journey of having a transgender child. He hopes it will make a difference for other parents facing a similar challenge.

East Brunswick district adopts policy on transgender students
The board of education has adopted a new policy to protect the rights of transgender students.

‘Flamboyant’ transsexual customer assaulted by store manager: suit
A Brooklyn transsexual named “Lucky” wasn’t lucky at all when a simple shopping trip for an air conditioner turned violent, with the store manager breaking her jaw, a new lawsuit claims.

Critics say nondiscrimination ordinance would create restroom confusion
The debate over a proposed nondiscrimination ordinance for Chattanooga employees has come down to a battle over four words: "gender identity or expression."
Controversial topic stirring up debate among Chattanooga City Council members
City Council Members Call For Definition Of Gender Expression; Public Comments

In Dallas suburbs, protections for LGBT residents are a patchwork
Pamela Curry heard the whispers when she paid the rent at her old apartment in Oak Lawn.
“Transvesti,” the apartment manager told other renters in the office. “SIDA.”

Trans community backs push for gender-neutral bathrooms
Seattle to create legislation for gender neutral bathrooms

Transgender woman says she was attacked at La Cage
A transgender woman said she was attacked in a Milwaukee bar because of who she is.

West Virginia Trans Women Successfully Push DMV to Update ID Photo Policy
Trudy Kitzmiller (pictured) and four other women threatened to sue the West Virginia DMV after being called 'it,' among other indignities.
New DMV policy extends transgender equality
WV transgenders now have more freedom with driver’s licenses

Ipswich transgender couple’s transition process involved a life of shame and embarrassment
Michelle Stokes and Courtney Hardy have lived most of their lives in isolation.
They’ve endured years of self harm, embarrassment and shame.