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sexta-feira, julho 17, 2015

Prefeitura recua e tira direito de travestis ocuparem ala feminina em hospitais
Durou sete dias a resolução que permitia travestis e transexuais ocuparem as enfermarias conforme a identidade de gênero
Ativistas criticam prefeitura do Rio por retirar direitos da população trans

Exclusivo: Esquema criminoso para cirurgias de troca de sexo
O cirurgião Jalma Jurado ficou famoso por ser um dos primeiros médicos a operar transexuais no Brasil, há quase 20 anos. Agora, ele é investigado por erros que teriam provocado mortes e mutilações, mas age livremente no interior de São Paulo.

Trans people could face wait of 12 YEARS for gender treatment
Trans people in England could soon be facing waits of up to 12 years for NHS gender treatment, unless action is taken to tackle backlogs, a group has warned.

Press Release: Gender Recognition Bill Enters Last Stage in the Seanad
Tomorrow (Wednesday 15th July), the Gender Recognition Bill will go to the Seanad for Report and Final Stages, which is the last legislative step before the Bill becomes law. The Bill will then go to the President to be signed.
Irish Parliament set to approve gender recognition bill tomorrow
Ireland adopts progressive Gender Recognition Law
Transgender people to be legally recognised by Irish State
Ireland Set to Make History Again With Gender Identity Bill
Press Release: Gender Recognition Bill Completes Passage Through the Oireachtas

Three removes billboard ad joking about man who is ‘actually a she’
Mobile network Three Ireland has apologised for a billboard ad which was deemed transphobic.
"it turned out he was a she" This Irish billboard was pulled after insulting transgender people

UN expresses concern over LGBT rights in Turkey
The U.N. has expressed concern over a spate of violent and discriminatory acts against Turkey’s LGBT community and called on the country to combat homophobic acts and uphold gay rights.

Rights Organizations in Turkey: End the Unjust Suffering of LGBTI Prisoners
Twenty-eight LGBTI and human rights organizations* released a statement regarding the isolation of trans women who are not Turkish citizens at Maltepe Prison and demanded that the prisoners’ suffering be ended by bringing them together again.

Fight lifts lid on male flesh traders’ hideout
A fight inside a massage spa lead policemen to a transsexual flesh traders’ den. A soldier was among customers, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.

India’s third-gender ‘hijra’ community balances acceptance with religious identity
Tucked away in the Gomtipur ghetto sits the dusty pink home of Shobha, Shilpa and Joya, members of Ahmedabad’s small hijra community.

MOI sidesteps demands on relaxed gender change rule
The Intersex, Transgender and Transsexual People Care Association (ISTSCare, 台灣性別不明關懷協會) yesterday criticized the Ministry of the Interior's (MOI) decision to conduct a survey on whether the current gender change regulations should be relaxed.

School tried to ‘convert’ transgender child
The parents of a 10-year-old transgender child have accused a Victorian school of trying to “convert” their daughter behind their backs.

Inaugural transgender march slated for Kelowna Aug 8
For the first time in Kelowna, the transgender community is getting a march of its own.

Rick Wiles: Christians Must Leave 'America's New Transvestite Army'
End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles blasted the U.S. military yesterday for moving to end the ban on transgender service members, which Wiles pointed to as proof that America is turning into Babylon and “descending into the pit of filthy lewdness.”
Tony Perkins: America's Enemies 'Very Happy' US Is Ending Transgender Service Ban

Sorry, Fox News, Trans Health Care Is Affordable
Fox News had a field day when it discovered Oregon’s Medicaid program covers transitional health care. But turns out, it costs taxpayers next to nothing.

How Obamacare Is Helping Protect Trans People’s Right To Health Care
Thanks to a provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that protects transgender patients, a trans woman was able to take her medical provider to task and come out on top — winning her case against a New York-based hospital and compelling it to improve its nondiscrimination policies, per an agreement reached with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) this week.

This Trans Woman Kept Her Beard And Couldn’t Be Happier
“I’m widening the bandwidth of how to be a woman.” Alex Drummond talks to BuzzFeed News about why she kept her beard after transitioning – and how others react.
This is Alex Drummond. She’s a 51-year-old psychotherapist and photographer from Cardiff.

WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Tears Up, Asks For Acceptance of People 'For Who They Are'
The former Olympian spoke in public for the first time since her transition, calling it 'harder for me than anything I could have imagined.'

San Diego Pride Celebrates Transgender Community
The LGBT community in San Diego will celebrate many things this weekend at the 41st annual Pride Parade and Festival. This year's theme is “Liberty and Justice for All.”

Was ‘he’ fired for becoming a ‘she?’ Wells Fargo sued
Wells Fargo was sued Tuesday by a former employee who alleges she was wrongfully fired because of her decision to transition from a man to a woman.
Transwoman Says Wells Fargo Coworkers Harassed Her, Then Fired Her

Transgender woman finds hope through Indy group
From Caitlyn Jenner to Chaz Bono to Laverne Cox -- an increasing number of people are now speaking publicly about changing genders.

'That's not what I am' | Transgender person fights to change 'F' to 'M' on driver's license
It's a fight over one letter on a driver's license: 'M' for male, 'F' for female -- but it's not a simple switch for people in the transgender community.

FreeState Legal to update birth certificate gender markers
FreeState Legal, a legal advocacy organization serving the low-income LGBTQ community in Maryland, launched an effort to provide free legal advice to transgender and intersex people who seek to update the gender marker on their birth certificates. This initiative arises out of a new law set to take effect on Oct. 1 that makes it easier for transgender and intersex people to update the gender designations on their birth certificates.

Michigan trans skater, 15, dies by suicide
Caitlyn Jenner pays tribute to the teen: 'Sam’s story haunts me'

Birth certificate keeps transgender student off volleyball court
Certificate can only be altered after reassignment surgery in NM

Victory: West Virginia Modernizes Driver’s License Policy
After months of collaboration between the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), Fairness West Virginia, and elected officials in the state legislature, West Virginia’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) unrolled new policies this week making it easier for West Virginians to obtain a driver’s license that matches their gender identity.

[El Salvador]
Salvadoran Trans Man Says He Was Brutalized by Police After Pride Parade
Aldo Alexander Peña leaked pictures to social media of his disfigured face after police, he says, broke his eye socket while arresting him on false charges.

Decreto que reglamenta cambio de sexo no es matrimonio homosexual: MinJusticia
El ministro de Justicia, Yesid Reyes, explicó en Mañanas BLU el decreto que reglamenta el trámite para cambiar en el Registro del Estado Civil el sexo con el que queda inscrita una persona y especificó que eso no significa la legalización del matrimonio homosexual.

Designan 35 fiscales para que investiguen los ataques contra población LGBTI
La Fiscalía General de la Nación designó un equipo especial conformado por 35 fiscales para que asuman directamente las investigaciones que adelanta ese ente acusador por delitos de violencias que se cometan contra la población LGBTI.