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segunda-feira, julho 27, 2015

Bloco aposta em transexual para deputada
A Assembleia da República pode vir a contar com uma deputada transexual pela primeira vez na sua história.

Travesti é assassinado com tiro na cabeça, em Alta Floresta do Oeste, RO
Dupla chegou de moto e disparou contra a vítima, que morreu no local.
Suspeitos perguntaram nome do travesti e atiraram após ouvirem resposta.
Um travesti de 45 anos foi assassinado na noite de sábado (25), em Alta Floresta do Oeste (RO), na Zona da Mata. Segundo a Polícia Militar (PM), a vítima estava em casa, quando foi alvejada por uma dupla que chegou de moto e fugiu logo após o crime. Os suspeitos ainda não foram localizados.

Becoming Julie
Being the only transgender on a small Hebridean island meant having to lead a double life. Susan Welsh talks to the remarkable Julie Clarke, whose journey has been both heartwarming and brave

Book by transgender campaigners lets young readers decide gender of the main character
Tiny, the hero of Sarah Savage’s Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?, is equally fond of dressing up as fairy, a knight and a football player

In a first, government survey recognises transgenders as third gender
The death report said that 106 transgenders were killed in accidents and 16 allegedly committed suicides last year

This Video of a Mother Sharing What She Learned as the Parent of a Trans Teen Is Nothing Short of Inspirational
That old adage that children can teach their parents a thing or two is certainly true for the Culpepper family in upstate South Carolina.

Fresno police release new details in murder of transgender victim
Kenton Haggard, 66, was killed on Blackstone and Cornell avenues around 2:30 a.m. Thursday.
Fresno police release new information on stabbing of transgender person

'Prison within prison': a transgender inmate's years-long battle for treatment
Michelle Norsworthy, sentenced in 1987, spent six years seeking hormone treatment and survived a gang rape, even as requests for surgery – and to be transferred to a women’s prison – have been rebuffed. But she’s not quitting

'I am Alena': life as a trans woman where survival means living as Christopher
If Caitlyn Jenner represents an elite gender transition, Alena represents those left behind. Her mother’s disapproval, the threat of violence in the deep south and a lack of medical care means she must live in a male body she considers a ‘shell’

Local transgender people still face a struggle in 2015
When the Olympian and reality TV star known as Bruce Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in June under the new identity Caitlyn, it may have seemed that the world was opening the door toward a greater public acceptance and understanding of what it means to be transgender.

Health care outside both the male and female checkboxes
Jackson Nightshade is counting down the days until open enrollment for government-subsidized health insurance begins again in November. The 28-year-old Las Vegas resident identifies as multigender, and for many years, health insurance seemed too pricey and too discriminatory.

New York home defaced with anti-gay slur
'Jenner Fags' spray-painted on a home in Wynantskill, New York
The home of a New York gay couple was vandalized with the slur ‘Jenner fags.’