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sexta-feira, julho 24, 2015

Professora transexual é demitida e acusa escola de preconceito
A professora de filosofia Luiza Coppieters, de 36 anos, começou a lecionar no Colégio Anglo Leonardo da Vinci, em São Paulo, em 2009. Na época, ainda não havia assumido a transexualidade e era conhecida pelos alunos e professores da unidade particular como “Luizão”. Em 2012, deu início ao processo de transformação com o uso de hormônios femininos. No começo, usava roupas largas para que as transformações não ficassem visíveis para os estudantes e docentes. Porém, em 2014, resolveu deixar o medo de lado e revelou para todos que era transexual. Segundo ela, foi a partir daí que os problemas com a direção do Anglo começaram a surgir.

La Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía-Sylvia Rivera recibe con estupor y condena el asesinato de una mujer transexual en Alicante
ATA-Sylvia Rivera condena el cruel asesinato de una mujer transexual en Alicante, así mismo pone de manifiesto el estupor que nos produce el trato “vejatorio” que algunos medios han dispensado a la victima, tratándola en masculino y refiriéndose a su identidad sexual como travestí.

The Second Transgender Film Festival London Announces Its Lineup
After its successful first outing last year, the Transgender Film Festival London is returning to the Cinema Museum on August 15th for its second edition.

Transgender teenager says NHS protocol needs to change
A transgender teenager from Dorset says the system needs to change after he tried to take his own life when doctors said they couldn't help him.

Pride event in Glasgow admits ‘mistake’, will now allow drag queens
The Free Pride event in Glasgow that banned drag queens for being ‘offensive’ has now admitted their mistake and will now welcome any performers of any gender.

Italy Becomes Sixth Nation To Allow Trans Self Identification Without Surgery
Thanks to a recent Italian Supreme Court ruling, Italy has now become the fifth nation to acknowledge that trans people have the right to self identify without requiring genital surgery or medical intervention.

Polish Parliament makes trans history
On Thursday, July 23 lower chamber of the Polish Parliament (Sejm), passed the Gender Accordance Act, the country's first gender recognition legislation in history. Being part of a long parliamentary procedure and under constant criticism and attacks coming from conservative media, after its initial submission by Anna Grodzka, Poland's first openly trans MP, in May 2012, the Act passed today with an overwhelming result of 252 votes for, 158 against and 11 abstaining.

[Middle East]
What does it mean if you are transgender in Middle east?
What does it mean that you are transgender in Middle east ?
Means you will be less than anyone in the community will suffer exclusion and discrimination
Means that your family accusation crazy that did not retract your thinking be expelled from their lives and the unit your destiny
Means you lose the tenderness mother/love/ family
Means that you will be harassed and harassed everywhere

Trans people shouldn't need to have surgery to change their birth certificate
Gender reassignment surgery is expensive, invasive and not always wanted by every transgender Australian. So why is surgery required in New South Wales before a trans person can change their birth certificate to represent their lived identity?

Transgender activist Kyra Rees wins court battle over IDs
The Newfoundland and Labrador government will change the Vital Statistics Act to allow transgender people to change their birth certificate and government identification to match their gender identity.
A Vital step for human rights in N.L.

BC Liberals kicked out of Vancouver Pride parade
‘We’re taking a hard line because it’s important to the trans community’: VPS
B.C. Liberal Party won’t march in Vancouver Pride parade

Pride Toronto seeks trademark on Dyke March, Trans* Pride
Organization says it’s a defensive move, but one critic says ‘nobody owns’ widely used names.

Renee Richards Blazed The Trail For Transgender Athletes
If the Arthur Ashe ESPY Award for Courage were around 40 years ago, Richards would have won it hands down.

We’re Failing Trans Women of Color
India Clarke is the tenth transgender woman of color to be murdered in the U.S. this year, and the media still can’t get her story right.

Trans Activist Mara Keisling Explains The Equality Act
This is a good, succinct briefing on what the bill will do. It's being introduced in Congress tomorrow.

STUDY: Being Young and Trans Is Not the Result of a Hormonal Imbalance
Researchers in Los Angeles say they've learned that the feelings around transgender identity aren’t a result of misaligned hormones.

Miss Major: The Bay Area's Trans Formative Matriarch
Janetta Johnson was broken. It was 1997, and she had just completed a stretch in prison for prostitution. Johnson, an African-American transgender woman, had been incarcerated with men and denied gender-affirming health care. Out of custody and living in Tampa Bay, Fla., she wanted to enter a drug and alcohol treatment program, but of the seven she tried, not one would accept her unless she agreed not to be Janetta, not to be a woman. She could enter their programs, but only if she pretended to be a man.

AP, Florida Media Call Transgender Homicide Victim A "Man Dressed As A Woman"
The Associated Press violated its own guidelines while reporting on the homicide of a transgender woman in Florida, joining several state-based news outlets in misgendering the victim and referring to her as a "man dressed as a woman." The incident is the latest in a trend of media mistreatment of transgender victims of violence.
Friends, family remember slain transgender woman at vigil
Friends, family remember transgender slaying victim India Clarke

Transgender woman Meagan Taylor released from jail
Meagan Taylor, the transgender woman who spent more than a week segregated in the medical unit at Polk County Jail, was released late Wednesday night, according to advocates in the Des Moines transgender community.
Meagan Taylor, Black trans woman arrested and held in isolation, now frtarget="_blank"ee!
Black Trans Woman Meagan Taylor Released from Iowa Jail
Freed From Iowa Jail, Black Trans Woman Meagan Taylor Speaks

TransTech launches national tech and employment assessment
TransTech Social Enterprises, a creative design firm and training academy announced today they will be conducting a national assessment to connect the trans community directly to employment and educational opportunities. The assessment will act as an application and skills evaluation to guide TransTech's relaunch of their training academy and programming. This fall TransTech is refreshing their educational and work programming by including a membership structure. The new memberships will be based on individualized education and professional support to guide members along their pathway to employment.

Northwestern, Lurie Children’s help transgender youth find voice
Northwestern and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago teamed up on a new approach to helping transgender teens express their identities.

Queer trans man leaves impact at Northwestern and beyond
Dr. Kai M. Green has crisscrossed the country, having been born and raised in Oakland, California, and then at age 15 moving to Massachusetts to attend an all-girls boarding school and then on to Williams College. Next it was off to Los Angeles to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Southern California.

Mid-Michigan universities complying with new OSHA guidelines for transgender people
Boys’ room.
Girls’ room.
Most people don't pay much attention to which toilet to use, it's second nature.

A Film For Hopeful Trans Youth: 'Crossing The Divide'
Alia Ismail, a local trans masculine young adult, spent his youth discovering who he was, moving to multiple cities around the state and attending Crestwood High School in Dearborn Heights, all while growing up in a bi-cultural family. Now living on his own and attending college, he has begun filming and sharing his transition in a documentary titled "Crossing The Divide," set to launch in October 2016.

ECU establishes transgender policy for club & intramural sports
East Carolina University is now the only public university in North Carolina with a transgender policy in place for their club sports and intramural programs.

New York Schools Get Guidance on Supporting Trans Students
The New York State Education Commissioner released the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Guidance to school districts this week. The guidance release was prompted after the Education Chancellor received a letter from Gov. Cuomo asking the Department to take action to ensure the implementation of Dignity for All Students Act. This letter cited a report by the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) which highlights the discriminatory conditions that New York transgender students have been facing.
TLDEF Applauds New York State Education Department for New Guidance Designed to Protect Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students from Discrimination

Transgender sex worker shot dead in Guyana
The Guyana Transgender United group yesterday expressed shock at the murder of one of its members late on Tuesday night.
Police say they are probing the murder of transgender commercial sex worker, Noel Wilson Luthers, alias 'Nephi', who was shot while reportedly involved in a discussion with a man in the heart of the capital.

"Los hombres gay discriminan a las trans"
Alejandra Spinetti, presidenta de la Unión Trans del Uruguay, dice que luchan contra la hegemonía de los gays