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segunda-feira, agosto 03, 2015

Caminhoneiro vira Mulher Abacaxi e se torna a primeira ring girl transexual do mundo
Há cinco anos, as longas madeixas louras que hoje são arma de sedução davam lugar a um cabelo escuro de um rapaz meio calvo. No lugar das atuais roupas sensuais, estavam calça jeans e jaqueta de couro. É que Bruno Souza, motorista de caminhão e filho de um empresário no ramo do transporte de minérios e de uma dona de casa, ainda não tinha virado a funkeira Marcela Porto, de 33 anos.

Trans wygrać! Poland’s Lower House passes the Gender Recognition act!
Trans wygrać! The lower chamber of the Polish Parliament passed the-the country’s first gender recognition legislation on July 22nd, 2015. This is a historic first. If enacted the law would have a major impact codifying how trans citizens are treated. This a great news, but it still has two more hurdles before it become law.

WATCH: Russian Police Detain LGBT Activists in St. Petersburg
The activist's signs were torn by Russian paratroopers, who had gathered in the city to celebrate a military holiday.

16 Year Old Girl Stabbed At Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade Dies
Shira Banki, the 16-year old girl who was stabbed at Thursday's gay pride parade in Jerusalem, has succumbed to her wounds.

Foreigners pick India for bargain sex-change operations
British national Sue Pascoe, 54, can never forget her trip to India in March. It was here, in a small clinic in north Delhi, that she was given the body she always craved — of a woman. Born Graham Pascoe, she had gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria, which made her feel at odds with the gender she was born with and led her to identify instead with the opposite gender.

Four Corners to feature story of trans sex workers
As the world hails Caitlyn Jenner as a heroine and trans visibility is at an all-time high, Four Corners has decided to shine a spotlight on several trans women who face a vastly different reality.

Melbourne GP describes trans people as demeaning caricatures
A Melbourne doctor has described trans people as disordered, delusional and pathological in an opinion piece on the Bible Society’s website.

Transgender escorts share stories of daily struggles and discrimination
Transgender men and women are highly marginalised in terms of access to employment, health care and housing, and also endure disproportionate amounts of discrimination and violence.

Caitlyn Jenner’s conservative beliefs voiced on ‘I Am Cait’ may jeopardize her role as transgender icon: activists
When Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself as a transgender woman, she also went public with conservative beliefs that trans activists fear may soon mar her prospects as a role model.
Those GOP views bubbled up in a road trip roundtable depicted on an upcoming episode of Jenner’s documentary series “I Am Cait,” when Jenner scrutinized welfare programs for subsidizing low-income transgender men and women.

Obama administration backs transgender rights
As a conservative group circulates petitions asking voters to overturn California’s transgender rights law, the Obama administration has launched a legal campaign that would override any such ballot measure and bar employers and schools from discriminating based on gender identity.

These transgender students just want a place to go to the bathroom
This story is based on a radio interview. Listen to the full interview.
Transgender rights advocates 'going to battle over bathrooms'

What Compassionate Conservatives Are Getting Wrong About Transgender Issues
Dr. Michael L. Brown, a prominent commentator among religious conservatives, asked readers at Charisma News and The Christian Post an important question on Friday: “What if there’s something wrong with today’s understanding of transgender identity?” He attaches two more: “What if our current approach is not the best approach? What if God has a better way?” These are questions that the leaders of major religious organizations have similarly been contemplating.

No bond for boy charged with shooting at transgender woman
The 12-year-old Orlando boy charged with the attempted murder of a transgender woman is staying behind bars.

Orlando group a lifeline for young transgenders
The Zebra Coalition was formed six years ago as a network of representatives from Central Florida's social-service providers, government agencies, schools and universities. In 2012 it opened a youth center, where LGBT young people facing discrimination can get food and clothing, counseling, testing for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, support groups, access to a scholarship money and legal help.
Young and transgender, their lives are nothing like Caitlyn's

Being young and transgender
Bethlehem teens seek treatment in Philadelphia after finding few resources in the Lehigh Valley.

"The goal is to be who you are": Transgender teens describe their journeys
Julian just turned 17.
When he looks into the mirror to shave his face, he sees a young man on the cusp of adulthood looking back.