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sexta-feira, agosto 07, 2015

Travesti morta a facadas no Pará
Vítima levou 40 estocadas, no Paar. Principal suspeito é adolescente com quem ela mantinha relacionamento.
Uma travesti foi assassinada a facadas ontem, na Estrada do Curuçambá, no Paar, em Ananindeua. Identificada pelo nome social Patrícia, mas registrada como Jamerson dos Santos Bezerra, de 36 anos, a vítima foi encontrada morta dentro da quitinete onde morava.
Cabeleireiro é morto com pelo menos 40 facadas
Travesti morta a facadas
Homossexual morto a facadas no Curuçambá

Os desafios que transexuais enfrentam no mercado de trabalho
Quando você pensa em travesti e transexual, qual a primeira palavra que vem à mente? Caso tenha pensando em prostituição, saiba que você tocou num dos pontos mais delicados e tristes da realidade da grande maioria. De acordo com a Associação Nacional de Travestis e Transexuais (Antra), cerca de 90% da população transexual está se prostituindo, neste momento, no Brasil. Agora, indo mais além, e sem julgamentos, você já parou para se perguntar quantas pessoas você conhece que são transexuais e travestis e fazem parte do mercado de trabalho? Para propor uma discussão sobre o assunto, o MdeMulher conversou com transexuais que venceram barreiras e quebraram preconceitos.

Trans actress cast in Doctor Who
Bethany Black jokes that she now has to 'sit back and wait for The Mail to realize they've cast a trans lesbian on a family show'

Norway plans to allow trans kids as young as seven to change legal gender
A proposal from the Norwegian Government would allow children seven and older to be able to change their legal gender if they have the consent of their parents

For first time, transgender community welcomed into national service program
Group of 14 transgender teens celebrate completing first year in national service program, a volunteer program for individuals who cannot or do not wish to enlist in the military • "We have room for anyone who wants to contribute," says program director.

Historically Accurate Stonewall Film Needs Support
As much as the terrible whitewashing and trans erasure of the Hollywood version of Stonewall is a bad thing, and judging from the responses on line potentially the start of another trans/poc riot, one good thing that has come from it is the amount of people now talking about Stonewall and the real history that happened there.

I was at the Stonewall riots and it didn’t look like the movie
Black and Latino LGBTIs have been bleached from our history. Will the new Stonewall film be the same?
Soon To Be Released Stonewall Movie Is Whitewashing And Erasing Trans History
The Stonewall trailer proves the film is the whitewash we feared
The rewriting of queer history: Hollywood does Stonewall
“Stonewall” Filmmakers Respond To Uproar Over Their White Cisgender Male Lead

'Becoming Us' becoming less sponsored
AFA's is having success in convincing sponsors to drop their financial support of a transgender documentary series.

6 ways the health care system fails transgender patients
We all loathe the doctor's office — the sterile-white rooms, the crinkling paper sheets, the ill-fitting medical gowns that leave our backs and underwear exposed.

Positively Trans survey launches
A new groundbreaking survey launched this week that aims to assess needs and realities of transgender people living with HIV/AIDS.

Where Do Cross-dressers Fit into the Transgender Community?
Transgender women Caitlyn, Laverne, Amelia, Jenna, and Isis are among many who have come out to tell their stories in the media. These ladies are defining the word transgender for society faster than we can watch their TV shows or latest fashion spread! These Trans women are fierce, as they are strong-willed, have big personalities, great clothes and make-up and look like the woman we expect them to.

City of Chicago to cover employees' gender reassignment surgeries
Transgender city employees and their dependents will soon get $100,000 in costs tied to their gender reassignment surgeries covered by taxpayer-subsidized city health insurance, under a groundbreaking mayoral order disclosed Wednesday.
Chicago to cover cost of transitioning for transgender city employees

Study: Public Accommodations Protections Critical to Transgender or Gender Nonconforming People’s Health
According to a recent Study, gender minority people who are transgender or gender nonconforming experience widespread discrimination and health inequities. Since 2012, Massachusetts law has provided legal protections against discrimination on the basis of gender identity in employment, housing, public education, and business. However, the law does not protect against discrimination based on gender identity in places open to the public, such as transportation, retail stores, restaurants, health care facilities, and bathrooms.

Trans activists march to raise awareness
A crowd of about 100 transgender activists took to the streets on July 24 to draw attention to the plight of transgender residents of Baltimore and, in particular, those who are people of color. The march was organized by Bryanna Jenkins, founding member and director of the Baltimore Transgender Alliance, as well as leaders from other trans advocacy groups.

Beyer elected vice chair of Md. civil rights commission
Gender Rights Maryland Executive Director Dana Beyer has been elected vice chair of the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights.

Out-on-bail suspect in Dallas butt-injection death investigated after another fatality
Authorities in the St. Louis area who are investigating the death of a woman who received illegal buttocks injections said there could be a link to a similar Dallas case.
A Butt To Die For

Outside the box
Study shows needs of trans community in Montana

Schools strive to support gender identity choices
New guidelines established by State Education Department

Controversial radio ad comes down near mall
Equality Toledo declares sign's removal a victory

A day with Dominique: Life as a transgender woman in NEPA
Life can be tough for a 25-year-old navigating their way through the world, trying to figure out where they belong.

Transgender in Memphis
Advocates for equality are now turning more attention to the “T” in LGBT

City Council affirms HERO, sends it to otvers
Fourteen months after first approving the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, city council members voted 12-5 Wednesday to affirm HERO and then to put it before voters on the November ballot.
Equal rights ordinance going to voters, but critics complain ballot is confusing
Voters to decide on equal rights ordinance on November ballot

International Transgender Conference – Gender Odyssey Director sees huge growth over 14 years
In 2001, Aidan Key was in the midst of his self-described “gender journey.”