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quinta-feira, agosto 06, 2015

LGBTI rights language stripped from UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for member states will contain no language that could be interpreted as shielding the rights of LGBTI people in order to placate developing nations

Joint Letter to the President of Ukraine on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as Grounds of Non-Discrimination in the Constitution
His Excellency Petro Poroshenko
President of Ukraine
11 Bankova street 01220
Kyiv, Ukraine

August 4, 2015

Your Excellency,

Kaona Saowakun: Transgender human rights defender from Thailand
Kaona is a human rights defender from Thailand working on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) issues. He started his work as a human rights defender in 2012 as a volunteer for Anjaree Foundation. In 2013, he became co-chair of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association Asia (ILGA-Asia). Then in 2014, he joined Transmen Alliance (Thailand) as Policy and Advocacy officer.

The 4 people missing from the new Stonewall film trailer
Why is a fictional, white, gay man the main character in this real life story?
The important women omitted from the Stonewall story

New Suicide Hotline Dedicated to Trans People Now Open for Calls
San Francisco-based Trans Lifeline has collected an all-trans staff of volunteers who aim to make the crisis hotline experience more comfortable and accessible for trans callers.

Interview: GLAAD talks to actress and 'Sense8' star Jamie Clayton
In the new Netflix original series, Sense8, created by the Wachowski siblings and J. Michael Straczynski, actress Jamie Clayton plays Nomi Marks, a political blogger and hacktivist living in San Francisco. Nomi is one of eight main characters in the show who share a mysterious connection that transcends their physical realities. She is also a transgender woman, as is Clayton, and lives with her girlfriend, Amanita, played by actress Freema Agyeman. Prior to Sense8, Clayton starred in the Emmy Award-winning web series, Dirty Work, and the GLAAD Media Award-nominated VH1 series, TRANSform Me.
Jamie Clayton :: Sensing Change With 'Sense8'

I Am Cait ratings dive 53% in week two
Are viewers turned off by Caitlyn Jenner's conservative politics?

Eating Disorders Significantly More Prevalent Among Transgender People, Study Finds
Transgender people are at a significantly higher risk of having an eating disorder than their cisgender counterparts, according to a new study from researchers at Washington University in St. Louis.

New survey seeks updated data on trans experience
Amid increased transgender visibility and pro-trans policy changes at the federal level, a leading transgender advocacy group is seeking to recreate an influential survey to monitor developments in the trans experience.

Local Transgender People Struggle for Acceptance
When Tara Lee, a 67-year-old Gainesville transgender woman, transitioned 14 years ago, she never expected to go through it alone. Yet, she said she lost her immediate family and felt ostracized by coworkers at the post office in the process.

September 17th: Lobby Day
We’re taking this campaign to the Statehouse.
That’s right. On September 17th, hundreds of transgender Bay Staters will stand alongside our family, friends and allies in the Massachusetts Statehouse—and together, we’ll make the case to lawmakers that it’s time for full transgender equality.

Equality Maryland to stay open, but at reduced capacity
LGBT rights organization has raised $10K as part of longer-term fundraising campaign to achieve financial stability

Students, teachers forced to accept transgender 'lie'
Students in the state of New York will soon face new guidelines that give special status to those who consider themselves to be transgender.

Billboard causes a stir
Caitlyn Jenner’s recent Vanity Fair cover was an in-your-face conversation starter about a lifestyle many are still grappling to understand: transgender.
Radio ad mocks Caitlyn Jenner after local trans woman ‘nearly beaten to death’

2006 harassment complaint untrue, fire chief says
A 2006 complaint that accused future Murfreesboro Fire Chief Mark Foulks of harassing a Knoxville transgender firefighter was disproved, he said Tuesday.

This Texan Shattered The Right's Favorite Anti-LGBT Talking Point During A Local News Interview
An LGBT activist in Houston, Texas shut down a local TV news host's misleading questions about the city's non-discrimination ordinance, dismantling a right-wing lie about non-discrimination protections that has infected local and national media coverage of the fight for LGBT equality.
Ballot language questioned in equal rights ordinance

Carilion initiative seeks to provide care for transgender patients
As a reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Robert Slackman devotes much of his practice to helping couples conceive babies. Two years ago, he added another specialty, helping transgender youth and adults.

Venezuelan makes history after becoming first transgender to run for office
Venezuela’s parliamentary elections in December will be closely watched for a number of reasons, including that it will mark the first time a transgender candidate runs for office in the country.