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segunda-feira, agosto 10, 2015

Atriz transexual que se crucificou ou é esfaqueada próximo a sua casa
A atriz Viviany Beleboni, que realizou a performance da crucificação na Parada do Orgulho LGBT deste ano, postou um vídeo em seu perfil do faceboock, onde mostra as marcas da agressão que sofreu ontem, sábado (08). Disse que foi abordada por uma pessoa próximo à sua casa que a reconheceu e a agrediu com socos e com um canivete dizendo que ela não era de Deus, era um demônio e que que ela vai ter que pagar pelo que fez. Viviany fala e mostra os hematomas e cortes no rosto e corpo.
Crucificada na Parada LGBT, Viviany Beleboni é esfaqueada em São Paulo
A Modelo Viviany Beleboni que estava Crucificada no trio da ONG ABCD’S é esfaqueada
Viviany Beleboni Transexual ‘crucificada’ em Parada Gay é esfaqueada em São Paulo
Viviany Beleboni é esfaqueada e, assustada, fala em suicídio
Vídeo: Modelo transexual esfaqueada depois de imitar Jesus Cristo em Marcha LGBT

Transgender model Tiffany-Rose Davies splits up with multi-millionaire boyfriend
Transgender beauty queen Tiffany-Rose Davies has been told by her multi-millionaire boyfriend that they can no longer get married.

Court rules murderer of transgender woman acted in self-defense
Tbilisi City Court on Friday unexpectedly acquitted a man of premeditated murder and sentenced him instead to four years in prison for beating his victim prior to stabbing her.

Film star who transcended gender
When she turns up on film sets in Gujarat, she is mobbed by fans who want to greet her and have pictures taken with her. She obliges her admirers before chanelling the thespian in her. But make no mistake: Anjumaasi, 43, is not just another actor. She is a eunuch who took to acting in Gujarati films for charity, and who is now revelling in her new avatar of a celebrity. Anjumaasi has worked in about a dozen Gujarati films but she has no airs about her. She will still share a laugh with the friendly neighbourhood shopkeeper and stroll around her locality running routine errands.

Netflix Renews ‘Sense8′ for Second Season
Netflix has renewed “Sense8″ for a second season.
The cast of the show announced the renewal with a Twitter video on Saturday morning.

Hollywood's Cringey Transgender Evolution
While the film industry may be earning praise today for how it depicts transgender issues, there have been some awkward missteps.

Watch: Marsha P Johnson biopic
With the trailer for the new Stonewall film sparking massive debate because its central character is a gay white man, here’s a feature-length documentary on revolutionary trans-activist, Marsha "Pay it No Mind" Johnson who was a Stonewall instigator.

Larry Kramer: Boycott the ‘Stonewall’ boycott
don’t listen to the crazies. for some reason there is a group of “activists” that insists on maintaining their prime importance and participation during this riot. unfortunately there seems no one left alive to say “it wasnt that way at all”, or “who are or where the f**k were you.”
Stonewall: Over 20,000 people sign petition to boycott 'whitewashed' gay rights movie

Trans People Confront Myths They Hear About Themselves Head On
"I'm trans, but I'm not confused."

American poll puts ’religious liberty’ over LGBTI rights
A new poll says Americans value religious liberty four times more than gay rights

Calif. trans inmates seeking gender reassignment win victories
Transgender inmates who sought gender reassignment surgery in California prisons won a pair of victories on Friday that down the line could lead to improved conditions across the board for prisoners consistent with their gender identity.

Transwoman Sexually Assaulted in County
Police are searching for a man, Tavon James Horton, 24, who allegedly assaulted a transwoman in the Woodlawn area of Baltimore County on July 25. According to Baltimore County Police, Horton is being charged with first-degree assault, first-degree sex offense, and related charges.

Trans Activists March, Rally to Raise Awareness
A diverse crowd of around 100 trans activists took to the streets on July 24 to draw attention to the plight of transgender residents of Baltimore and in particular, those who are people of color. The march had been organized by Bryanna Jenkins, founding member and director of the Baltimore Transgender Alliance, as well as leaders from other trans advocacy groups.

Transgender Woman Found Murdered in Detroit
A 20 year old transgender woman was found murdered this morning according to a statement by Equality Michigan.
RIP Amber Monroe
Detroit TWOC likely another transgender murder victim

Transgender student drops out, alleges discrimination at Missoula College
Jame Wallack came out to her wife three days after they married in Drummond. She couldn't bring herself to do so earlier.

Houston again appeals anti-transgender bathroom petition
Wilson's list of required signatures is called 'untimely' and 'not a charter amendment'