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domingo, agosto 16, 2015

Homem é suspeito de agredir prima após vê-la com travesti em MS
Vítima disse que homem ficou alterado ao ver a jovem com a travesti.
Caso aconteceu na noite dessa quinta-feira, em Três Lagoas.

My boyfriend didn't care that I was born a boy.. he wanted to be a woman too: Transgender couple reveal remarkable love story
Chelsea Jade was surprised when boyfriend Craig Spence revealed he wanted to become a woman too, but the couple are now planning their wedding.

Canberra Hospital now offers support for transgender children
As colourful dinosaurs inertly frolic on his youthful tie, Dr Tony Lafferty gently discussed gender dysphoria while fun-loving children romped and roamed about the captivating playground at the Canberra Hospital.

Transgender children in ACT need targeted, coordinated support, according to advocates
The numbers of children and youth identifying as transgender in the nation's capital have increased substantially.

More than a transgender activist, candidate Jennifer McCreath says
'Being pigeon-holed, you run the risk of being stuck with that label'

In the wrong body: Gender identity hits teens hard
When Shane Tyler was in his early teens, his mom tried to hand him a box of menstrual pads.

A Primer on Gender Identity and Transgender Children
What is the difference between gender identity and biological gender?

A Study in Sexism: What Happens When Trans Women Lose Their Male Privilege
The surprise on the other side of the transition.

LGBT discrimination claims still not valid in Alaska despite federal ruling
The U.S. Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission ruled in late July that sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace is illegal because it is a form of sex discrimination, which is already prohibited.

Kandis Capri May Be Latest Trans Woman Slain
Just hours after writing about the murder of Ashton O’Hara, reports are emerging on social media that Kandis Capri, a trans woman of color from Phoenix, Arizona, has also been killed. If true, she will be the sixteenth trans person killed in 2015.
While there have yet to be any official details via the Phoenix police or local news outlets, those close to Kandis Capri say that she was killed, most likely in the past few days.
Phoenix woman Kandis Capri killed as transgender murders continue
Kandis Capri Murdered in Phoenix, 3rd TWOC Death Reported This Week
And Kandis Makes 15

Shooter accused of murdering Tampa transgender woman now linked to second murder
The man accused in last month's shooting death of a transgender Tampa woman has now been charged in a second slaying that happened less than a week later, according to Tampa police.

Missing NC Trans Woman Angel Elisha Walker's Remains Found
As if we trans peeps didn't have enough grief to deal with right now with two murders this week while awaiting confirmation from Phoenix about still another Black transwoman being killed, been advised courtesy of a QNotes story by Matt Comer that the remains of 20 year old trans woman Angel Elisha Walker were found Thursday after a search of a property in Johnston County, NC by law enforcement officials.
Remains of missing Rowan County transgender woman found
Mother 'relieved' after deputies believe they found body of missing Rowan Co. woman
Authorities charge known gang member in the death of missing transgender woman
Authorities: Remains of missing Rowan County woman found
Deputies: Remains of Elisha Walker found; man charged with murder

TTPC on the need for legislation to protect trans youth
Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition: "Back to School"

Trans woman murdered in Dallas
Police are following leads hoping to solve the second murder of black trans woman in Texas this year

Mother of Transgender Son Joins the Fight for HERO
Their daughter was five when Ann Elder and her husband began noticing. During play dates, Elder remembers, her daughter wanted to role-play as a teenage pirate named Max. She hated dresses. She wasn't into girly pink toys.