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sábado, agosto 22, 2015

Cliente tem faca cravada na cabeça em desentendimento com travesti
Um homem de 54 anos foi encaminhado em estado grave ao Hospital Universitário após ter uma faca cravada na cabeça. O crime foi registrado no fim da madrugada desta sexta-feira (21) na área central de Londrina.

Grieving Stevenage mum says lack of understanding for transgender daughter contributed to her death
Synestra De Courcy – who was just 23 when she died – was born a boy, but at the time of her death was hoping to undergo full gender reassignment.
An inquest into her death at a London house party has been opened and adjourned until December.

EXCLUSIVE: UK Police Target Schoolchildren As Young as FOUR With Tax Payer Funded, Transgender Propaganda
Police and local government agencies in the United Kingdom are distributing a “pioneering” document for “empowering teachers to encourage and support” transgenderism in schools at the “earliest stages” after a four-year-old child identified as transgender.

Transgender Student Appeals To Strangers To Help Her Pay For Gender Surgery
A broke student has appealed for strangers to donate their cash so she can undergo surgery to become a woman.

AFR editor blames 'erratic' transgender military officer for Mark Latham row
Michael Stutchbury suggests Catherine McGregor’s ‘unusual behaviour’ helped stir up a media storm around the former Labor leader’ and columnist

Canadian wants every rainbow-colored crosswalk removed
When the crosswalks were completed, a press release from the city explained that “these celebrate diversity and can be found in several cities across Canada.”
Castanet reports that a Kelowna woman will stop at nothing to have the freshly-painted, rainbow-colored crosswalks removed. The crosswalks appeared two weeks ago after a street and utilities upgrade, and Nancy Enns is prepared to go all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada, if necessary.

Transgender Iraq vet competes in new arena
When you first meet Sgt. Shane Ortega, the first things you notice are his muscles and tattoos. They are everywhere and it’s hard not to stare longer than the socially acceptable amount of time. Ortega is in D.C. for a series of briefings at the Pentagon and after multiple days of what he calls verbal ping-pong, he is ready to relax and do some sightseeing.

The biological origins of sexual orientation and gender identity
Male? Female? The distinction is not always clear. Exploring the scientific evidence for the biological origins of sexual orientation and gender identity must continue to both enhance patient care and fight discrimination.

Seventeen Transgender Killings Contrast With Growing Visibility
The brutal death of a 36-year-old transgender woman in Kansas City, Mo., is the latest in what activists are calling an alarming rise in anti-transgender violence.
Why Laverne Cox Declared A ‘State Of Emergency’ In The Transgender Community
Transgender Targets: Trans murder rates are out of control

A Note About 2015 U.S. Trans Survey Delays
Yesterday, we opened up the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey for people to complete and learned that even our 7 servers could not keep up with the number of enthusiastic number of participants. We understand that this has been a frustrating experience with the unusual delays. We are working intently to resolve this issue and we thank everyone who stuck with it and submitted their survey.

God Doesn't Make Mistakes
God doesn't make mistakes (but humans do)

Parents: It's time to protect your school-age children
With schools around the U.S. getting under way for another year, a cultural analyst says parents must be proactive in protecting their children from liberal indoctrination.

No progress yet in murder of trans woman
‘Ms. Shade’ Schuler was one of 18 trans women killed this year in the U.S.

Andrea Lafferty: Affirming Trans Kids 'The Ultimate Act Of Child Abuse'
On Monday, Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition called in to “Sandy Rios In The Morning” from Bentonville, Arkansas, where the school board was weighing adding protections for sexual orientation and gender identity to its employment nondiscrimination code. (The board ultimately voted against the measure.)
Andrea Lafferty: Accepting trans kids is “child abuse”

New transgender guidelines spark controversy in Anchorage School District
On Thursday afternoon, the Anchorage School Board took up it's district's new administrative guidelines when working with transgender and gender nonconforming students and employees. School board member Tam Agosti-Gisler says the board has not passed a transgender specific policy.
Transgender guidelines are nothing new at Anchorage School District

Caitlyn Jenner: '50/50' Chance of Manslaughter Charge in Traffic Accident, Says Sheriff
That's what L.A. County detectives say as they prepare to present their investigation results to the district attorney.

Funeral Service for SF Transgender Activist, Jovana Luna, Announced
The funeral and memorial service for transgender activist Jovana Luna, who died Sunday afternoon, will be held this Saturday from 3 to 9 p.m. at Driscoll’s Valencia St. Serra Mortuary, according to Francisco Rangel, the office coordinator of El/La Para Translatinas.

Couple struggles after husband comes out as transgender after three decades of marriage
Love isn't the issue, says therapist, working out other things is

Suit: Transgender student not allowed in boys' restroom at North Riverside elementary
The parents of a transgender boy have filed a petition against their west suburban elementary school district, claiming officials have discriminated against him by not allowing him to use boys’ restrooms.

Massachusetts Updates Process for Changing Gender on Birth Certificates
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has modernized the standard and process for changing gender markers on birth certificates. As a result, proof of surgery is no longer required.

Planet Fitness seeks dismissal of transgender locker room policy lawsuit
Planet Fitness is asking for the dismissal of a lawsuit involving the company's transgender-friendly locker room policy, calling the suit "woefully deficient" and claiming it promotes discrimination against transgender people.

Transgender man told he’s “higher risk” for plasma donation
A transgender man at Oklahoma State University says he was turned away from a Stillwater plasma clinic because he was at a “higher risk for more dangerous behaviors.”

State agency: D.A. must certify Morris records
The state Office of Open Records has ordered the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office to certify a record believed to pertain to the Nizah Morris incident.

Transgender athlete bill to be drafted at committee’s request
A South Dakota legislative committee voted Thursday to draft a bill that would require transgender high school athletes to apply for activities based on the sex listed on their birth certificate.

Seattle's transgender conference helps families transition from fear to hope
Gender Odyssey, Seattle's annual transgender conference, is in full swing with thousands of therapists, families, and advocates coming together in what is predicted to be the largest of the yearly conferences ever.