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sexta-feira, agosto 21, 2015

Travesti sofre preconceito na Unidade da UPA na Cidade de Santo André
Neste domingo por volta das 20 hs a travestis – Emanuela se dirige a UPA – Sacadura Cabral – na Cidade de Santo André por 20:42 hs, ao apresentar o RG, a atendente já ia chama-la pelo seu nome de registro, ela já automaticamente pediu quero ser chamada pelo meu nome social., ela disse tudo bem, escreveu como podem perceber o seu nome social EMANUELA, fez toda a ficha, escrito em azul o nome.

Estudantes de medicina da USP fazem piada com cirurgia de mudança de sexo em episódio de transfobia
A Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (USP) está envolvida em uma nova polêmica, agora nas redes sociais. Principal alvo da CPI dos Trotes que apurou a possível existência de até 112 estupros nos últimos dez anos, a FMUSP viu alguns dos seus estudantes envolvidos em um caso de transfobia. A denúncia partiu de Daniela Andrade, em sua página no Facebook.

Artist Recreates Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair Cover With Hate Tweets
A British artist used hateful tweets and death threats about Caitlyn Jenner for his latest project, transforming the vulgar messages to recreate the reality star's infamous Vanity Fair cover.

Please accept me as a boy - transgender child (11) born a girl who is starting secondary school as a boy
'Mum, I'm transgender. I want to be a boy, I'm not a girl please accept me.'
Transgender child speaks about decision to live as boy

80% Of Businesses Don’t Have A Transgender Policy, Moan LGBT Group
‘Diversity’ warriors are up in arms over the news that 80 per cent of businesses in the UK “fail” to single out transgendered persons for special treatment in their “diversity” policies.

[South Africa]
Home affairs trauma for Pretoria transgender woman
A transgender woman has told of her trauma at being mistreated by Department of Home Affairs officials in Centurion, who allegedly prevented her from applying for a gender change in her ID book on Wednesday.

Non-recognition of sex reassignment in Vietnam may violate human rights: lawmaker
Many people have warned that a draft regulation that does not recognize sex reassignment may violate human rights provided for in Vietnam’s Constitution, said a senior law official.

New Minus18 resource for trans* youth created for Victorian schools
Youth-led LGBTI organisation Minus18 has launched a new information resource for young trans* people to be distributed among Victorian schools.

[New Zealand]
Transgender contestant joins ZM's 'Ladies of NZ' reality show
Transgender woman Mary Haddock-Staniland has been announced as the fourth and final contestant in ZM's reality competition, Ladies of New Zealand.

YouTube vlogger comes out as trans in inspirational video
‘I’ve come to understand that I am transgender. I’ve come to understand that I’m uncomfortable with my maleness, not my masculinity.’

The transgender suicide epidemic: is accepting their confusion really the answer?
People who suffer from gender confusion are encouraged by the current cultural climate to "be themselves," meaning reject the gender they were born with.

Scott Lively: LGBT Rights Brought Us To The 'Twilight Zone'
Religious Right activists Peter LaBarbera and Scott Lively appeared on “Crosstalk” yesterday to discuss the “massive push underway to undermine Christianity and to change the moral fabric of our nation” through LGBT rights.

Linda Harvey: Transgender People Are Possessed By Demons
Mission America’s Linda Harvey is outraged that many journalists refer to transgender people by their preferred pronouns, telling readers of her weekly WorldNetDaily column that they must fight back any time they “hear a so-called journalist or government official refer to any male like Bruce Jenner as ‘she’” because “our children deserve a heritage of sane pronouns.”

Bad Excuses For Misgendering Transgender Victims Of Violence
Transgender homicide victims are frequently misgendered in local media reports about their deaths. Though some news outlets may be motivated by transphobia and bias, others -- like The Kansas City Star -- have justified the practice of misgendering transgender people by using shoddy appeals to journalistic integrity.

Laverne Cox declares ‘state of emergency’ over trans murders
'We in the transgender community right now are reeling'

National Transgender Survey Could Be A Gamechanger
August 19 marks the launch of the new U.S. Trans Survey, developed and supported by a coalition of LGBT groups and researchers, and over the next month, thousands of transgender people will complete the module, documenting their experiences in employment, housing, health care, and the criminal justice system. This will provide one of the most extensive glimpses into what it’s like to be transgender in the United States.

Caitlyn Jenner: American hero or ‘arrogant’ dilettante?
Few would argue that Caitlyn Jenner is the most prominent transgender person in the country right now.

Eve Ensler: trans people have been caricatures for too long
Transparent, Orange Is the New Black and Sense8 have brought transgender characters to wider TV audiences. But where are all the trans love stories? The author of The Vagina Monologues unveils the sexy new web series Her Story

One Million Moms Call Trans Teen Jazzy Someone's 'Mistake'
One Million Moms (OMM), the media watchdog arm of the anti-gay hate group American Family Association reached a new low today when they referred to Jazz Jennings, the transgender teen who is the star of the TLC reality series "I Am Jazz," as someone's "mistake."

Vigil held for transgender woman killed in Phoenix
A vigil took place Wednesday night in Downtown Phoenix to draw attention to the death of Kandis Capri, a black transgender woman who was killed earlier this month.
Phoenix vigil honors slain transgender woman
Kandis Capri: Phoenix transgender woman murdered; family asking for hate crime investigation

Berkeley to investigate bias claim
Berkeley officials will investigate a city-funded agency that provides services to people with disabilities after a transgender former employee accused it of fostering a "psychologically tortuous" workplace and violating local laws and contracting procedures.

How Do Colorado Prisons and Jails House Transgender Prisoners?
How do Colorado jails and prisons house transgender prisoners? In part, it depends on their policies.

Is Violence Increasing Towards Local Trans Women Of Color?
Three of Detroit's own trans people of color have been reported murdered or significantly harmed in the last month. Since January, 17 trans women have been found murdered throughout the nation, the majority being trans women of color. Not much is known about the motive behind these killings, but national statistics show that the trend is not regional to Detroit.

ACLU Renews Call For Trans Legal Protections Following Recent Attacks
In the wake of recent attacks against transgender women in Detroit, the ACLU of Michigan is again calling on legislators to update state civil-rights protections and hate-crime laws to include safeguards for gender identity and sexual orientation.

Texas Supreme Court tells Mayor: HERO ballot language is illegal
Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance will either be approved by voters with a "yes" vote, or rejected by voters with a "no" vote. That's the latest order by the Texas Supreme Court handed down today.
Parker: HERO Ballot Language Will Be Rewritten, Disagrees With Court
Texas Supreme Court Orders City to Change HERO Ballot Language

Muxhes: la decadencia de una cultura transgénero centenaria
No se sienten ni hombres ni mujeres, y viven en un paraíso amenazado