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quinta-feira, agosto 20, 2015

Travesti denuncia morte após implantação de silicone em prostíbulo
Polícias Civil e Militar não receberam denúncias sobre clínica no local.
Segundo IML, vítima era do Acre e sofreu parada cardiorrespiratória.

Mistério no desaparecimento de travesti no bairro Copacabana
Está desaparecido desde a manhã do último sábado (15), o cabeleireiro Mariel Fernando Alves, 31 anos, também conhecido como “Amanda”. Ele foi visto por um vizinho por volta das 8h do mesmo dia e desde então não foi mais localizado. Já na madrugada de domingo, a casa do cabeleireiro, na rua Comburiu, bairro Copacabana, foi incendiada e alguns objetos furtados. A reportagem apurou que o cabeleireiro tem duas ocorrências onde em uma delas ele é acusado de estar extorquindo um mototaxista e outra é ameaçado por um vizinho.

Sir Ian McKellen: I’m ashamed how little I know about trans issues
Stonewall co-founder Sir Ian McKellen has said that he’s “ashamed” about how little he knows about trans issues and the drag community.

Four Scots in transgender pageant final
Sunday’s historic transgender pageant in Glasgow caught the attention of the mainstream media – and we now know the four contestants who will take part in the UK-wide final.

Are men afraid of transgender women?
Children as young as five are now undergoing gender reassignment therapy, but the idea of dating a transgender woman remains beyond the pale for most straight men, writes Patrick McAleenan

Transgender rights to remain in limbo
Transgender people are not likely to be legally recognised in the upcoming amended Civil Code, said the National Assembly Law Committee (NALC) at its regular meeting with the National Assembly Standing Committee yesterday.

Transgender inmate’s dress fight hits legal hurdle
A transgender inmate’s bid to wear women’s clothing in a male prison should be thrown out because she has failed to properly pursue it through court, State Government lawyers claim.

Transgender advocates pushing Quebec to enact change to ID regulations
Bill 35 amends civil code, removing requirement for reassignment surgery to change gender on Quebec ID

First U.S. Study of Transgender Youth Funded by NIH
Four Sites With Dedicated Transgender Youth Clinics to Examine Long-Term Treatment Effects

Even With Legal Help, Transgender Prisoners Are Never Safe in Prison
Her cellmate was leering at her and acting strangely. Although Hill had only been housed with him for a few days at the U.S. penitentiary in Florence, she’d been in prison long enough to recognize the warning signs. But when her cellmate began stuffing rosary beads into the tip of his penis on the night of December 16, 2011, Hill’s nervousness turned to terror. “If you wake it, you’re going to burp it ’til it spits,” the cellmate told her, according to legal documents.

David Barton Claims Pedophilia And Bestiality Are Now Recognized 'Gender Identities' Protected By The Military
David Barton hosted the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins on his "WallBuilders Live" radio program today to discuss the military's move toward lifting its ban on transgender service members, which Barton claimed would allow child molesters to serve in the military without repercussion.

Chelsea Manning Found Guilty of Prison Rule Violations, Gets Restrictions
Manning will have 21 days of restrictions on recreation; the maximum penalty would have been indefinite solitary confinement.

5 Questions for BuzzFeed’s First Trans Reporter
Meredith Talusan is joining BuzzFeed as its first transgendeer staff writer, so our news editor — The Advocate's first trans staff member — asked her five questions about herself and the community she'll be covering.

Jewish woman becomes first openly transgender White House official
Raffi Freedman-Gurspan was raised by a Jewish single mother in Brookline, MA, previously worked for National Center for Transgender Equality
Activist: Transgender WH appointee par for the course

Activists to rally in Boyle Heights against transgender violence
Transgender community leaders and LGBTQ activists announced that they plan to hold a rally protesting violence against transgender and gender nonconforming people Tuesday afternoon in Boyle Heights.
Violence Against Transgender People Is Focus of Boyle Heights Rally

Transgender wording heats up Collier board meeting
A politically charged school board meeting had Collier County members on fire Tuesday night, surrounding a national debate about sexual orientation.

Osceola Commissioners unanimously approve HRO
All five Osceola County Commissioners are in agreement that it should be illegal for businesses to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

What It's Like to Be Transgender in Athens
For Caden Cruze, each day is a struggle to claim his identity.

Transgender woman killed in northeast Kansas City attack felt ‘freedom’ in America, friend says
Friends across Kansas City continued Tuesday to mourn the death of Tamara Dominquez, who died after being run over several times in northeast Kansas City early Saturday.
Hate crime task force looks into KC homicide

Anonymous Activists Just Painted The Stonewall Statues Brown For Miss Major
In an incredible interview between our trans editor Mey and the legendary black trans elder Miss Major, they discussed the way that Gay Liberation statues of white, cis people memorialized outside of Stonewall white- and cis-wash a movement led by black and brown queer and trans people. “Let’s get together a group of people to redo those god damn statues across from the original Stonewall. Let’s have the building at least claim who the people were that were there, not these white people that they had on in the plaque in there,” Miss Major told Mey. “Someone should smash those motherfuckers up and turn them into the white dust that they are and put a couple of statues of people of color and at least make one of them an overly obnoxious transgender woman 6’5′, three inch heels, blond/red hair, lashes, beads, feathers and put one of those fine white boys next to her, now that I can handle!”

Ohio's largest university offers transgender housing to first-year students
First-year undergraduates at Ohio's largest university will have access to housing for transgender students for the first time this year and will be able to choose their own roommates, a school spokesman said on Tuesday.

Gay, transgender protections survive council's first vote on city rule book
A new rule book for Chattanooga city employees cleared its first vote, but not without another effort to remove "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" from the city's rules prohibiting discrimination and harassment.

Mexican cardinal tells trans activist: Gay ‘rights’ are ‘false rights’
The transsexual known as Diana Sanchez, whose biological sex is male and is a political figure in Mexico City’s leftist party PRD, wrote a letter to Mexico’s Primate, Cardinal Norberto Rivera, on July 29 demanding he and other cardinals “obey” the Pope in “abstaining from discriminating and judging homosexuals.”