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quinta-feira, setembro 03, 2015

First Look: Eddie Redmayne in 'The Danish Girl'
The first trailer for “The Danish Girl” was released this morning, featuring the first look at actor Eddie Redmayne in action. He definitely stuns as trans pioneer Lili Elbe opposite actress Alicia Vikander as Elbe’s wife Gerda Wegener.
Eddie Redmayne was cast as trans woman due to his ‘gender fluidity’
Here is the first trailer for Eddie Redmayne’s trans drama The Danish Girl

UK government urged to recognise people who aren’t male or female
The UK government has been urged to recognise people who don’t identify as male or female – as it undertakes a review of trans issues.

Trois raisons pour lesquelles le clip de Florent Peyre est transphobe [Le Plus]
Les explications du sociologue Arnaud Alessandrin.

'I am not a man or a woman': what it means to be genderqueer
When it comes to gender the world tends to divide people into two categories: male and female. But some people identify as neither or something in between.

Ottawa trans mural looks for permanent home
Artist Kalkidan Assefa and Ade B hope to draw attention to trans issues

Trans actress ‘walked out’ of Curb Your Enthusiasm audition over toilet gag
Trans actress Candis Cayne revealed she walked out of an audition for a role on Curb Your Enthusiasm – because of a ‘joke’ about trans women using men’s toilets.

Transgender reality series damaging for children
A watchdog group continues to express concern over a pro-transgender program that airs on TLC.

From Showgirl to CEO: Trans Businesswoman Angelica Ross Tells All
The former lounge singer tells The Advocate how she survived sex work and a suicide attempt, found spirituality, and made peace with her mom.

Early Bird Registration Opens for 2016 Creating Change Conference in Chicago
Early bird registration has opened for the National LGBTQ Task Force’s 28th Creating Change Conference, January 20-24, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. The nation’s premier annual LGBTQ advocacy and activist gathering is expected to attract more than 4,000 attendees from across the country.

Transgender woman attacked; suspect faces hate crime charge
A transgender woman suffered minor injuries in a fight last week that started after a 34-year-old man reportedly spat at her while she was shopping at Target in Glendale, police said.

Transgender Georgia inmate who filed suit against state released from prison early
The transgender Georgia inmate, who filed a federal lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) alleging she had been denied medical treatment for gender dysphoria and had been sexually assaulted by other inmates, was released on Monday after more than three years in prison. Diamond's case attracted international attention, including a court filing in support of her by the U.S. Justice Department and public outcry from celebrities like Elton John and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe.
Black Trans Woman Ashley Diamond Released from Prison After 3 Years
Transgender Georgia inmate gets parole after suing prison officials

Adding protected classes has votes to pass
A proposal to add protected classes to the local human rights ordinance has enough votes to be approved by the Columbus City Council.

Students Indicate Preferred Gender Pronouns at Registration
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ registration tool now gives students the option to choose preferred gender pronouns for the first time, a change administrators say is an effort to make students more comfortable with their gender identity.

Preferred name policy to see resolution passed this fall
Members of OUSC are working on a proposal for a new policy that would allow transgender students to change their name on class documents and on their diplomas.

Missouri students walk out over transgender locker room dispute
Struggles faced by a transgender Hillsboro, Missouri student have prompted a walkout at her school.
Lila Perry identifies as female but has yet to undergo gender-reassignment surgery.
Hillsboro High students walk out over transgender dispute
Parents Usher In New School Year With Bigoted Attacks On Transgender Students
"Gender Bender": The Troubling Way Fox & Friends Discusses A Transgender Student's Use Of Her High School Girls' Locker Room
A transgender teen used the girls’ locker room. Now her community is up in arms
Transgender locker room change sparks student protest

Gay and transgender support groups to rally outside Troy schools
Gay and transgender support groups are applauding Troy schools announcement to add a gender neutral bathroom in every school.
Superintendent following law in transgender case
Troy crowd discuss gender-neutral bathrooms in schools

Man wants to adopt highway in transgender teen's name
When transgender teen Leelah Alcorn took her own life December 2014, she wrote in her suicide note that she wanted her death to mean something.

Ore. inventor’s ‘KissMeter’ puts love to the test
Former Silverton Mayor Stu Rasmussen invented 'KissMeter'

La comunidad transgénero busca su lugar bajo el sol
"No somos un fenómeno de circo", dice Paxx Moll. Luce una gorra de lado, camisa deshilada y mahones. "Somos seres humanos que... we are no strange, we are the same", busca las palabras.

Transgender teens hopes 'No Bully' program will eliminate bullying
The Rini family is packing for a family trip to Disney World.

Judge OKs gender surgery opposed by 48-year-old’s parents
A judge on Wednesday cleared the way for a 48-year-old transgender woman to undergo gender-reassignment surgery, rejecting an effort by her parents to have the operation blocked.

Rapid City lawmaker against gender check proposal on transgender athletes
Proposed policy would require transgender athletes to undergo a genitalia check.

SA's Non-Discrimination Ordinance Still Lacks Teeth, Critics Say
When Matthew Hileman went to file a LGBT-related complaint in January 2014 under the city's newly amended Non-Discrimination Ordinance — the city's first — there wasn't even a form to fill out.

Seattle-area blood bank sued by transgender woman
A transgender woman has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against a Seattle-based blood bank saying she was fired after changing her donor profile to female to match her reissued birth certificate.

Trans woman running for Venezuelan National Assembly
A transgender lawyer could become the first openly LGBT member of the Venezuelan National Assembly if voters elect her later this year.

Nuevo caso de transfobia: Atacan a joven trans feminista en Valparaíso
Lilith Herrera, activista por los derechos de la diversidad sexual y militante de Pan y Rosas, fue atacada en el puerto por un sujeto desconocido debido a su condición trans.

Ocho homicidios, solo dos aclarados y una hipótesis
Restos de cuerpos incinerados, un perro que encuentra una pierna, la oscuridad de los parques y pocas pertenencias que aparecen días después. No son escenas de una película de terror. Es parte de una cruda realidad uruguaya: en cuatro años asesinaron a ocho mujeres trans.

Transfobia: el reflejo de la exclusión
Estiman que hay 3.000 trans en Uruguay. Es el colectivo más relegado: el 83% no termina el liceo, el 65% de las mujeres ejerce la prostitución, uno de cada cinco vive en la calle y de ocho asesinatos solo se aclararon dos. Eso sin contar la discriminación que viven permanentemente, y que algunos han logrado sortear.