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segunda-feira, setembro 07, 2015

Catholic Church Attacks Trans People Again
One of the things I've been more than pissed off about is the ongoing pattern since 2003 of anti-trans rhetoric coming out of the mouths of Pope Francis and his predecessor along with anti-trans policies.

Trans people react to UK’s new trans sitcom Boy Meets Girl
The critics have had their say about the BBC sitcom, but what did trans people think?

Redmayne impresses in transgender story ‘The Danish Girl’
Eddie Redmayne is perfect casting for “The Danish Girl,” in all respects but one.
The Danish Girl review - Eddie Redmayne's swan neck is best thing in pain-free transgender melodrama
The Danish Girl review: Eddie Redmayne in a sensitive transgender story that lacks the expected emotional kick
Director Tom Hooper urges film industry to cast more transgender actors
Redmayne says had transgender help for "The Danish Girl"
Redmayne says had transgender help for "The Danish Girl"

These welcoming pupils made a poster when their classmate came out as trans
Parents and students made Charlie feel relaxed and comfortable on his first day back

Venice Film Review: ‘Arianna’
Carlo Lavagna's stylish, tender debut feature is a worthwhile addition to the growing pile of alternative gender studies on film.

One woman's painful road to gender identity
"Daddy's going to be beautiful, she's going to have big boobs and long hair."

[New Zealand]
About a boy who fought to be a girl
Her sex-change was a New Zealand first. But there are many more surprises in Liz Roberts' extraordinary life.

[New Zealand]
More gaining courage to express their true selves
Those who have until now hidden their gender diversity are taking courage from the transformation of Bruce into Caitlyn Jenner.

First ever raising of transgender rights and pride flag at City Hall
‘Pride’ is in full force this weekend, with the big parade taking over the downtown core Sunday and in Calgary, a few firsts are being marked this year.

Children's Publishing Giant Scholastic Pushes Pro-Transgender Kids Book
The children's publishing giant Scholastic has come out with a pro-transgender book for kids, and they're getting some extra promotional help from taxpayer-funded National Public Radio (NPR).

Baltimorean Cathy Brennan Sues San Francisco Lesbian Publisher
Controversial former Baltimore OUTloud columnist Cathy Brennan continues to stir up the world of transgender politics with a lawsuit she has filed against a lesbian-feminist San Francisco activist and hairdresser, and Totallyher Media, LLC, the company that owns the website, a popular California pop culture and entertainment website for lesbians, bi, and queer women. Totallyher Media, LLC, is a division of Evolve Media, LLC.

Furor erupts over 'trans' male in female locker room
Pastor praises high school girls for walking out – 'only sane and decent thing'

Transgender woman gets new driver's license after facing alleged discrimination at W.Va. DMV
Applicants won't be asked to remove makeup, accessories or hairpieces