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sábado, setembro 12, 2015

O meu amigo trans suicidou-se. Esta é a minha homenagem
Santiago tinha 30 anos e vivia numa cidade do distrito de Lisboa. A sua história de vida é igual à de tantos outros jovens: Depois de ter estudado e trabalhado em locais onde a discriminação imperou, decidiu voltar a estudar e a procurar trabalhos onde se sentisse melhor.

Confusões e estereótipos: O ocultamento de diferenças na ênfase de semelhanças entre transgêneros
Este trabalho discute as diferenças entre algumas possibilidades de manifestações do fenômeno transgênero, tratando especificamente de travestis, transexuais e drag queens. É importante salientar que mesmo que existam traços comuns entre as diversas formas de experiência transgênero, os discursos desses sujeitos acerca de suas trajetórias enfatizam que há aspectos diferenciadores e principalmente hierárquicos dentro e fora do universo GLS usados para as/os definir, os quais nos mostram o quanto é necessário que se coloque em debate, para além de suas semelhanças, suas especificidades. Nesse sentido, este trabalho visa mostrar como as auto definições utilizadas por esses sujeitos podem não refletir as definições externas que lhes são atribuídas, sem pretender criar alguma espécie de taxionomia. As discussões aqui postas estão embasadas em minha pesquisa etnográfica acerca das corporalidades e performances de drag queens em territórios gays da Ilha de Santa Catarina e estarão perpassadas também pela discussão do conceito de transgênero.


Greater Jakarta: Bekasi Police hunt transvestite’s killer
The Bekasi Police are continuing their investigation into the murder of Ujang, better known as Selvi, a 30-year-old transvestite found dead with several stab wounds.

New Minus18 project OMG I’m Trans!
We chat with Minus18's Head of Trans Projects, Margot Fink, about their brilliant new project, OMG I’m Trans.

N.B. health minister meets with Transgender Health Network for the first time
Members of the New Brunswick Transgender Health Network met with the province’s health minister on the issue of covering the cost of gender reassignment surgery for the first time Thursday.

Kids publisher Scholastic launches massive promo of ‘trans’ book for grade 3s
The world's largest publisher and distributor of children's books is heavily promoting a pro-transgender book designed for students as young as third grade.

Appeals Court Finds Transgender Mexican Refugees Entitled to US Protection
A federal appeals court has found that conditions for transgender women are so dire in Mexico that they may qualify for protection in the US under the international Convention Against Torture (CAT) based on the likelihood they would face torture if deported. On September 3, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled on cases involving Edin Carey Avendano-Hernandez, Fidel Mondragon-Alday, and Daniel Godoy-Ramirez, each identified as an immigrant transgender woman.

Transgender Alabama woman fired from nursing home receives settlement
Jessi Dye wanted a chance to make a living while making a difference in the lives of others.
Settlement reached in transgender discrimination case

SF: First step taken toward housing transgender women in women’s jail
San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi took the first step Thursday toward housing transgender inmates according to their preferred gender.

University of Miami to Offer Gender-Neutral Housing
Big changes are coming to the University of Miami's housing arrangements next fall.

Resident voices concerns regarding student accommodations
Before conversations regarding the district budget were addressed at the school board meeting Tuesday, one person, who he said has been involved with many school systems through his previous job, voiced his concerns regarding Title 9.

OMV will not change state policy regarding photo IDs
The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles will not be changing the state policy regarding photo IDs, according to Col. Mike Edmonson, superintendent of Louisiana State Police.
Louisiana OMV not changing photo ID policy

MNsure brings awareness to transgender community on health care coverage
Health coverage can be a sticky system to navigate, but for the transgender community, it can be maze trying to find a plan that fits.

St. Paul takes name-change requests under gender inclusion policy
The St. Paul School District has spelled out how it is putting into practice a new policy promoting a safe and respectful environment for transgender students.

SUNY policy gives students 7 options when choosing gender
For the state university, gender no longer just means man or woman.

Ohio parents think trans elementary student using girls’ bathroom is violating their ‘Christian rights’
Parents freaked out over a transgender student using the girls’ bathroom at an Ohio elementary school.
Outraged parents protested Tuesday night at the board meeting of the Northwest Local School District, reported WOWK-TV.
'Our Christian Rights Are Being Taken From Us' - Transgender Student Using Female Bathroom Causes Protest
Ohio parents think trans elementary student using girls’ bathroom is violating their ‘Christian rights’

Gender-neutral bathrooms proposed for Philly
Many single-use public bathrooms in Philadelphia could become gender neutral, if an ordinance passes in city council.

Hearing in attack on trans woman delayed
The preliminary hearing for a Philadelphia man accused of attacking and robbing three individuals, including a transgender woman, has been delayed until October.

Seeds of remembrance Murdered trans woman Miss Shade honored at vigil
About 235 people gathered in Reverchon Park on Sept. 9 to remember Miss Shade Schuler, a transgender woman whose decomposing body was found in a field off Regal Row in Dallas on July 29.
Dallas Trans Activists and Allies Plant Seeds of Remembrance for ‘Miss Shade’

Ruling against transgender Va. student appealed
Lawyers representing a transgender student on Tuesday appealed a federal judge’s ruling that said he cannot use the boys restroom at his Virginia high school.
Judge bars ‘trans’ high school girl from using boys bathroom

Many parents critical of proposed transgender policy
After multiple parents raised concerns about a proposed policy centered around transgender and non-gender-conforming students, the Albany County School District No. 1 Board of Education opted Wednesday night to create an ad hoc committee to study the matter further.