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quarta-feira, fevereiro 12, 2014

Travesti é assassinado a tiros em Tejipió, na Zona Oeste do Recife
Um travesti foi morto a tiros na noite da última segunda-feira (11) em Tejipió, na Zona Oeste do Recife. Alexsandro José dos Santos Alderotti, de 32 anos, conhecido como Rafaela foi assassinado na Rua Aprígio Magalhães por volta das 21h, próximo à sua residência. A polícia ainda não tem informações sobre os suspeitos e a motivação do crime.

Four players banned from Iranian women’s national team for failing gender tests
Women in Iran may not be allowed to attend football matches between male sides for religious reasons, but the beautiful game is popular among the Islamic republic's female population.

[Sri Lanka]
Sex change suspect nabbed over two killings
A suspect taken into custody in Moratuwa on Sunday in connection with last Friday’s killing of a Homagama factory security guard, is reported to have undergone sex change through plastic surgery in Thailand.

WATCH: No, For The Last Time, Men Attracted to Trans Women Aren't Gay
When it comes to matters of attraction and dating, sometimes it’s better to hear information that’s based purely on personal experience rather than statistical data. The Dollhouse’s Kat Blaque posted a video to the group’s YouTube channel recently to address the topic of whether men who are attracted to transgender women could be considered gay. There is no scientific information presented in the video; it's just the thoughts and opinions of a trans woman on the subject.

'Bullied' transgender boy sent to restorative justice program after he was charged with assault
Jewlyes Gutierrez, the 16-year old transgendered boy who was charged with battery after a fight in November 2013, has been sentenced to participate in a restorative justice program. Gutierrez has been ordered to return to Judge Thomas Maddock's court in May.

Prison officials continue appeal against gender reassignment ruling for trans prisoner
Prison officials in Massachusetts have said they will continue to appeal against a judge’s decision to allow gender reassignment surgery to a trans prisoner paid for by the state.

Bill to ban job discrimination due to sexual orientation, gender identity stalls in committee
A state legislative committee declined Monday to advance a bill banning job discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Portsmouth Considers Transgender Protections
Portsmouth could become the first city in New Hampshire to enact a policy protecting city employees who are transgender from workplace discrimination.

N.J. Lawmakers Reintroduce Trans Birth Certificate Bill with Bipartisan Support
Two New Jersey legislators have introduced a bipartisan bill aimed at making it easier for trans individuals to update their birth certificates, less than a month after Governor Chris Christie vetoed similar legislation.

Utah troopers arrest LGBT protesters at Capitol sit-in
Thirteen protesters pushing the Utah Legislature to hear a bill outlawing discrimination against gay people in employment and housing were arrested as they blocked the entrance to a committee hearing Monday afternoon.
Protesters arrested after blocking Senate committee room

Fairness WV rallies for non-discrimination act
When Natasha Kerenski, of Hurricane, was fired from a job for being a transgender woman, she didn't think it would take three years to see consequences for what was later determined a wrongful termination.