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sexta-feira, setembro 02, 2016

Travesti é morta a tiros no centro comercial de Feira de Santana
Vítima não resistiu aos ferimentos e morreu no local.
Suspeito atirou contra ela e fugiu em carro após o crime.
Uma travesti foi morta a tiros no início da tarde de segunda-feira (29), na Rua Marechal Deodoro, no centro comercial de Feira de Santana, a cerca de 100 quilômetros de Salvador. Segundo a polícia, ela foi perseguida por um homem que disparou vários tiros na cabeça dela.
Travesti é morta na rua Marechal Deodoro

Ativistas LGBT lamentam impeachment de Dilma
Fala das lideranças é de que a democracia foi duramente atingida.

Campaña Internacional contra la transfobia en México
Adhesiones de entidades y personas a la Campaña Internacional contra la transfobia en México, aqui puedes acceder al contenido del texto al que adherirse

Testing, hormones, hatred: What it’s like to compete as a transgender athlete
For the first time EVER, next month’s Olympics in Rio will be more inclusive to transgender athletes - as trans men and women won’t be required to undergo gender reassignment surgery to compete.

Trans activist exposes violent Arabic threats on Twitter
A Kuwaiti man shows how intense the anti-LGBT climate is across the Middle East.

Police Bust Trans-Exploiting Sex-Slave Ring
Spanish police say they have arrested three members of a criminal group engaged in human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of foreign transsexuals and transvestites.

Transphobic hate crimes in 'sickening' 170% rise as low prosecution rates create 'lack of trust' in police
Exclusive: Charities call for widespread training of officers after 582 offences reported last year

Coulsdon woman hoping to win Miss Transgender UK final crown
A Coulsdon woman is hoping to claim top spot in the finals of Miss Transgender UK.

Labour MP Reported To Police For Calling A Trans Woman 'He'
Transgender Tory Councillor Zoe Kirk-Robinson has reported fellow politician Guy Harkin to police following him referring to her with male pronouns twice during a council meeting.

Transgender pupils 'must be given extra PE breaks': Council warning to schools over fears chest-binding practice can lead to 'breathing difficulties and fainting'
Schools have been told they may be breaking the law should they refuse
Guide on how to treat transgender people is produced by several councils
Equality Act 2010 gave authorities duty to protect rights of transgender people

Transgender police officer launches support network
A police officer undergoing gender reassignment has launched a support group to unite Southend’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Meet Hari Nef: actor, model – and Elle’s first transgender cover girl in UK
The magazine’s interview with the catwalk star, one of its ‘icons of change’, concentrates on her talent, not her transition

Transgender inmates claim discrimination, agree to give mediation a try
Seven transgender inmates who are embroiled in a legal dispute with the government over allegations of degrading treatment have agreed to try and find an amicable solution before the next court sitting in November.

The Equal Treatment Authority found discrimination based on gender identity for the first time in a case concerning an employer’s rejection of a transgender job applicant. The complainant was represented by Háttér Society.

A ‘Seed of Hope’ for Transgender People in Arab Communities
When Talleen Abu Hanna was a boy in Nazareth, an Arab city in Israel, he gave up karate and took up ballet. As a teenager, he stole his mother’s makeup and his sister’s dresses. He and his buddies would change in gas stations outside town, then party at nearby gay clubs.

Three transgender people tortured in Peshawar
Three people who are transgender were illegally arrested and reportedly tortured by the police for not paying Rs1,000 to the police personnel who intercepted them on Thursday night.

Today show viewers stand up against transphobia after Stefanovic's slur
This morning’s edition of Channel 9’s Today show featured a weird, infuriating and offensive segment reacting to “a group of transvestites” mugging their news crew in Rio.
Karl Stefanovic turned the mugging of a Channel 9 news crew in Rio into a joke segment about 'trannies'
Karl Stefanovic apologises for using transgender slur: 'I was an ignorant tool'

Salon that refused trans woman waxing stands by its decision
Karen Parker was left humiliated and feeling ugly after the ordeal

Will Australia vote to remove trans identity from the international list of mental disorders?
A study published by British medical journal The Lancet says the World Health Organisation needs to stop classifying trans identity as a mental disorder.

Handballer Hannah Mouncey's sights set on diversity in sport, women's team after gender transition
After a personal journey that saw Canberra athlete Hannah Mouncey transition from male to female, the elite handball player has set her sights on promoting gender diversity in sport while planning her return to the game for the women's team.

Medicine Hat bar posts sign requiring patrons to ‘use bathroom of birth gender’
Sign asking patrons to "use bathroom of birth gender" was posted weeks after Calgary woman was denied entry to bathroom of her gender expression
Controversial bathroom sign sparks backlash in Medicine Hat
Alberta bar’s ‘you must use bathroom of your birth gender’ sign spurs outrage
Medicine Hat bouncer resigns, responds to transgender woman’s accusations
Calgary transgender woman briefly locked out of Facebook after complaint about bathroom ban

Premier apologizes for missing vote on B.C. transgender law
Premier Christy Clark has apologized for choosing a party fundraiser over a vote on expanding transgender rights, saying she made the wrong decision on a bill that she strongly supports personally.

Canadian military seeks to improve its transgender policy
The Canadian Armed Forces reviewing the current transgender policy want to prevent discrimination and inappropriate behaviour in the newest policy draft.

Sunday is Go Topless Day
Go Topless Day is trending and relevant to the transgender movement in this writer’s opinion. One of the first things misogynists take offense to are the changes or removal of the breast as we transition. The highly problematic “Estro maxx” skit showed this part of woman’s body truly befuddles cis people

Fox's Tucker Carlson: Transgender Equality And Climate Change Are "Elite Issues That Only Rich People Care About"
Carlson: "Those Are Not Core Issues For Average People"

Matt Bomer to star in “Anything” as a transgender female sex worker
Anything but transgender. Bomer is a middle-aged obviously white privileged cisgender male. That Bomer could cast as a female sex worker boggles this transgender mind. But most Hollywood reports about ANYTHING remain inbounds of the unspoken cis-normative boundary without mention that once again a cisgender MAN has been cast to play a transgender woman.

Pastor who defeated LGBT law using bathroom Predator lie busted for Child Molestation
Pastor Kenneth Adkins who used the bathroom predator lie to help defeat a proposed transgender-inclusive human rights ordinance was held without bond Friday, charged with sexually molesting a minor under 16. Previously Kenneth Adkins drew wide condemnation for celebrating the Pulse Massacre tweeting that the homosexuals ‘got what they deserve.’

Baton Rouge man pulls gun on woman after sexual encounter with her transgender friend
East Baton Rouge sheriff's deputies on Friday arrested a man accused of pulling a gun and threatening a woman after learning a friend of hers — with whom he'd had a sexual encounter — is transgender.

Transgender woman livestreams community service supervisor's sex harassment
A city community service supervisor is on unpaid leave after a transgender woman livestreamed him sexually harassing her on Facebook.
Police arrest city employee in transgender sexual assault case

Transgender woman attacked at bar in Dearborn
Courtney Purvis told Fox 2 she is a victim of a hate crime. "I was stabbed in the back. The stab wound was so deep you would have thought I had gotten shot," says Purvis.
Transgender person's bloody post-assault video goes viral as police investigate bar brawl

Man charged with capital murder of Hattiesburg transgender woman denied bond
The United States Navy sailor accused of stabbing a Hattiesburg woman to death has made an initial appearance before Judge T. Larry Wilson.

Nissan Dealership Owner Gets Lambasted For Promising to Assault Transgender children
Robert Allen owner of the Helena Montana Nissan dealership landed in hot water professionally and warned of its potential criminality after linking his latest youtube “Robert Rants”, a transphobic hate screed with the Nissan brand.

McCrory mocks transgender people at Trump rally
N.C. governor jokes about HB 2 law that restricts transgender people's access to restrooms
Introducing Trump, N.C. Gov. McCrory Reminds Us He's Still a 'Potty Prefect'
Email leaks show Dems cheered HB2 impact, McCrory says
Noisy HB2 protests at Governor's home take on NBA theme
2017 PGA Championship appears safe, but HB2 could imperil future events in N.C.
N. Carolina GOP Spends Over $176,000 Defending Anti-LGBT Law

Transgendered person victim of attack in Spring Valley
Eddy Perez-Zenteno, 31, of 52 South Madison Avenue, Spring Valley has been charged with attempted murder in the second degree and assault in the first degree for an alleged attack against a transgender male.

Transgender woman says she was gang attacked at Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority
A member of the LGBT community in Cleveland said she was attacked at her west side housing complex. Kayla Jane, who identifies as transgender, filed a lawsuit against Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority and its police, several of those employed by CMHA as well as a number of the complex's residents.

TX AG Ken Paxton accepts dinner offer with Denton transgender child
Ken Paxton who’s political mission is to murder transgender children says he will meet with one of those students, eight-year-old MG and his mom for dinner.

Seattle Chef John Howie gives heartfelt apology for supporting anti-trans petition
All too often we post about one bigot or another’s atrocious anti-social transphobic behavior sometimes proceeded with a trite, transparent face-saving ‘apology’. So it’s with great pleasure we present this truly evolved man, Seattle Seahawks stadium Chef John Howie.

Transgender researcher files discrimination complaint
A transgender cancer researcher filed a discrimination complaint Tuesday against the state and its insurer for refusing to provide her with gender reassignment surgery — an operation she ended up paying out of her own pocket.

New service in Mexico counsels those who seek sex-change
A new service was recently founded in western Mexico to provide assistance in the difficult process facing people who decide to have a surgical sex-change and have been rejected by their families because of their transgender condition.

Se enciende polémica por adecuación de baños mixtos
Quién no recuerda la historia de Valery López, la joven transgénero que pidió ser mujer en su colegio debido a que su condición sexual no era de hombre -como había nacido- y sin duda tuvo que enfrentarse a la estigmatización cuando entraba al baño.
Pulso en Cartagena por baños mixtos en colegios

La lucha de una transgenerista para conseguir vivienda
Victoria publicó un aviso desesperado en un grupo de Facebook porque no encuentra apartamento o habitación para rentar y aunque tiene codeudor, carta laboral, y referencias ha sido rechazada por ser una mujer transgénero y con modificaciones, a tal punto, que se vio obligada a poner su foto en las solicitudes, para que los homofóbicos puedan descartarla y no le hagan pasar la pena.

Mujeres trans desplazadas encuentran el camino para volver a casa
Después de 15 años huyendo de diferentes tipos de violencia, dos mujeres trans volvieron a sus municipios de origen para reencontrarse con su familia y hacer pedagogía sobre los derechos de las personas Lgbti. Piden mayor incidencia del Estado para una reparación integral.

Transgénero representa a Risaralda en Reinado del Mar en Santa Marta
Isabel Daniela Ortiz Mejía de 22 años será la encargada de representar al departamento de Risaralda en la versión XIV del Reinado Nacional Trans del Mar, el cual se llevará a cabo en la ciudad de Santa Marta del 11 al 14 de agosto del presente año.