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sexta-feira, julho 29, 2016

Equipe de TV da Austrália diz que sofreu tentativa de assalto de travestis
Seguranças agiram rapidamente e evitou que grupo levasse pertences de jornalistas

Lea T, a transexual que vai fazer história na abertura da Olimpíada
Levantar a bandeira da inclusão e ser porta-voz da diversidade de gênero, orientação sexual e raça "num momento em que o Brasil será apresentado ao mundo". Em entrevista exclusiva à BBC Brasil, a top model internacional Lea T afirma que é com estes objetivos que aceitou um convite para participar da cerimônia de abertura da Olimpíada, no Rio de Janeiro, como a primeira transexual a ter um papel de destaque numa abertura olímpica na história dos Jogos.

Trans supermodel Andreja Pejic talks about her decision to transition publicly
'If I go on a date, I don’t have to worry about that moment when he finds out'
Andreja Pejic on becoming the most famous transgender model in the world

Government to review 2004 Gender Recognition Act
Nicky Morgan unveils package of reforms including overhauling legal process for registering change of gender
UK Government to review process for trans people to legally change gender
Now you can change gender on passport without seeing a doctor: Drive to end 'unnecessary' requests for info mean medical evidence is no longer required

Trans people attack UK government's trans 'equality' report
'Trans people deserve action, not more words.'
Many trans people have reacted in anger to the UK government’s trans equality report released today (7 July).
The new package, which includes a review of the Gender Recognition Act, says very little of note.

[Cape Verde]
Tchinda Andrade: Cape Verde's transgender hero
It was the popular singer Cesaria Evora who first introduced journalist Marc Serena to Cape Verde's most famous transgender activist: Tchinda Andrade.

Sabi murder case may go to the Supreme Court as prosecutor appeals
The Georgian Prosecutor General’s Office on Wednesday appealed a ruling in the Appeals Court to acquit the defendant in the murder of transgender woman Sabi Beriani.

HC directs TN govt to consider transgender’s plea on 3% reservation in education and employment
A bench comprising Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice R Mahadevan directed the government to take a decision in this regard within six months

Kerala government to allot pension for transgenders above the age of 60
A survey had estimated that there are at least 25,000 transgender persons in Kerala

[Hong Kong]
Too soon to say when marriage laws will be amended to protect transgender rights – Justice Sec
Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen has said that it is “premature” to comment as to whether, or when, the government may introduce a bill to amend the Marriage Ordinance at the Legislative Council. Yuen was being asked about the progress of any steps taken by the government to protect the rights of transsexuals.

Savannah's story: "You cannot let fear hold you back"
Savannah Jackson is one of Australia’s leading financial minds, heading up a flourishing Australian financial advisory firm.

[New Zealand]
Commission pays tribute to Briar Bentley
The Human Rights Commission has paid tribute to transgender community leader and passionate human rights advocate, Briar Bentley, who passed away this week.

[New Zealand]
Four years-plus prison for unprovoked attack
Excessive violence against transgender woman not deemed a hate crime

Medicine Hat Bar Corona Mocks Alberta Law After Transgender Discrimination
Tuesday transgender woman River Main posted to facebook recalling how an employee at Corona humiliated her denying her access to the ladies room.

Transgender advocate receives first chest surgery funded by Yukon government
A Yukon transgender man has successfully undergone chest masculinization surgery this week, the first operation of its kind to be funded by the Yukon government.

Vancouver city council to vote on new transgender-inclusion action plan
Vancouver city council will vote on July 13 on a staff report for a new trans inclusion action plan

Hillary Clinton ‘proud’ of Obama’s transgender military decision
Hillary Clinton says she is “proud” of Barack Obama's decision to allow transgender people to serve openly in the military and reiterated her support for a conscience-crushing bill that the LGBT lobby places as its highest legislative priority.

12 states file brief in favour of Obama Administration’s guidance on trans bathrooms
A dozen states have filed a brief in favour of the Obama Administration’s historic guidance on bathrooms for transgender students.
Nearly Half Of U.S. States Are Now Fighting To Discriminate Against Transgender Students
10 more states sue Obama administration over trans guidance
10 More States Sue Obama Administration Over Trans Student Guidance

Lawyers Ask, But Army Won't Tell What Happened to Chelsea Manning
The transgender Wikileaks source's legal team wants answers in the wake of a leaked report that Manning was hospitalized — but Army officials have put a three-day hold on any outside contact.
After Chelsea Manning’s Alleged Suicide Attempt, The Federalist Says "Transgenderism” Is A “Sickness”

The Church, the schools, and transgenders
The American Pastors Network is offering a toolkit to help churches counteract the transgender movement in public schools.

House chair: Hormone therapy might limit transgender readiness
The requirements of hormone therapy might make some transgender troops unable to deploy on military missions and affect the military’s ability to fight wars, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said Thursday.

'I had so much at stake': what it was like to be transgender in the military
The US military last week lifted a ban on serving openly as transgender, something that in the past led to discharge, separation and discrimination
Transgender Servicemembers on the End of the Ban

Some kindergartners to learn about gender identity amid push for new health education standards
Amid a heated national debate about transgender rights, some educators and activists are pushing to update health education standards in an effort to teach young people about gender issues that have long been ignored and shrouded in ignorance. One state already has approved changes, with age-appropriate gender identity lessons to start in kindergarten in 2017.

Hate Group Hot Head Balks at National Park 'Dedicated to Sexual Deviance'
When President Obama designated the area around the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York as a national monument, it was the culmination of two years of work by the National Parks Conservancy Association (NPCA), thousands of advocates and hundreds of partner organizations.

No Timeline for Tricare Transgender Coverage
Defense Department officials have no specific timeline for when military family members and retirees will be able to receive transgender-related care through Tricare, they said this week.

Kick-ass trans superhero to make comic book debut this year
A trans superhero is hitting the shelves this year in the world of comics from a writer who has worked on Spider-Man and Wolverine.

Alabama challenges Obama transgender bathroom order
The state of Alabama will move to block the Obama administration’s order that schools allow access to restrooms and locker rooms based on gender identity rather than sex, the Alabama Attorney General’s Office said.

State officials still reviewing policy for transgender service members
Gov. Robert Bentley’s office is reviewing the new Defense Department’s policy for transgender troops, and government officials say no plans have been made for changes at the National Guard since the ban on transgender service members was lifted.

Palm Springs passes transgender bathroom law
Palm Springs became the second city in the desert to adopt a transgender bathroom law.

Visibility is key, trans filmmakers say
It takes a village of transgender people to produce high quality transgender stories, according to Emmy-nominated filmmaker Rhys Ernst.

Trans veteran applauds end of military ban
Transgender people can serve openly in the United States military, following last week's announcement by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter that he has lifted the ban on open trans service.
San Diego Transgender Vet On The Military’s New Policy

Why This Jailed Trans Woman of Color Hasn't Eaten for 37 Days
San Francisco County Sheriff's Department officials have promised changes in how the jail houses trans people, but they have been slow in coming.

With transgender ban no more, local transgender Veterans speak out
The transgender ban in the military is no more as of last Thursday. It's historic news for our local transgender community, which includes many veterans. Don't Ask, Don't Tell went by the wayside 5 years ago, women can serve at every level of the military, and now, the ban that would keep the transgender community from serving is history.

Study: 2.7 Percent Of D.C. Residents Identify As Transgender
An estimated 14,550 people in the District of Columbia identify as transgender, or 2.77 percent of the population, according to a study by UCLA's Williams Institute.

Women say DES made them transgender
A drug taken by 5 million women might be responsible for making some transgender.

Beruff ignores Rubio, talks transgender bathrooms in new ad
U.S. Senate candidate Carlos Beruff has been bashing his GOP primary opponent, Sen. Marco Rubio, in press releases over the last week.

Gainesville veterans react to recent transgender policy
Roughly a year after the U.S. legalized same-sex marriage for all 50 states, the Department of Defense announced plans for the military to allow transgender service men, women and enlisting recruits to openly serve.

Churches File Nonsense Suit Challenging Iowa’s LGBT Protections
Iowa’s law protecting LGBT people from discrimination should be overturned, two churches are arguing, because they want to be able to discriminate against transgender people who might come to their services.

Trans in Iowa: Love yourself however you look don't give in to preconceptions
Transgender Iowans talk about the term "passing," and the connotation that they should look the part of their gender identity. Some say it's important to do so and means they succeeded in their transition. Others say it's about being your true self.
What it's like to be a transgender child in Iowa

10 tips for parents of children questioning their gender
When Lisa Kenney gets calls from parents whose children are questioning their gender, her opening line is almost always the same: "On its best day, parenting is a form of improvisation."

University of Iowa marks 147 gender-inclusive restrooms
Gender-inclusive restrooms have been grabbing headlines nationwide and now in Iowa.

Mass. lawmakers forge agreement on transgender bill
State lawmakers have brokered an agreement on a long-debated bill allowing transgender people to use public places such as bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity, capping months, if not years, of a movement to earn those protections.
Legislature will vote Thursday on final transgender anti-discrimination bill

Charlie Baker to weigh open-access bill for transgender people
Transgender people will have the right to use any public toilet or locker room they wish under a bill headed to Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk.
Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signs transgender anti-discrimination bill
Massachusetts governor signs trans non-discrimination bill
Massachusetts Gov. Signs Transgender Public Accommodations Bill

Douglas City Council denounces state transgender legislation
State legislators Sen. Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba, and Rep. Jim Runestad R-White Lake, recently introduced bills that would explicitly bar transgender people from using public restrooms or showers that are not in accord with their birth gender.

Trowbridge Twp. votes down proposed resolution to disavow President's transgender rules
A West Michigan township has voted down a resolution that would have said "no" to President Obama's transgender rules.

Transgender woman attacked at bar in Dearborn
Courtney Purvis told Fox 2 she is a victim of a hate crime. "I was stabbed in the back. The stab wound was so deep you would have thought I had gotten shot," says Purvis.

Man charged with stalking transgender neighbor
A man is facing multiple felony charges after police say he harassed a transgender woman in his apartment building.

Miss. governor to appeal ruling against ‘religious freedom’ law
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant indicated late Thursday his intent to appeal a court ruling against a “religious freedom” law seen to enable sweeping anti-LGBT discrimination in the state, ending speculation on whether a district judge’s order against the law would be the final word on the matter.

New action in the federal fight over HB2
The Department of Justice has filed a new motion in the legal fight with North Carolina over House Bill 2. It is asking the court for a preliminary injunction.
Department of Justice asks judge to halt implementation of HB2
HB2 Possibly Costing Taxpayers Billions
Federal Court Agrees to Let VAWA Funding in North Carolina to Continue During Pendency of H.B. 2 Lawsuit
Donald Trump flip-flops on North Carolina anti-transgender law
Trump now apparently backs North Carolina anti-LGBT law
Department of Justice Asks Federal Court to Block N.C. Law's Anti-Trans Provisions
County Commissioner in NC goes after transgender people, uses anti-trans slur
Major U.S. companies ask judge to block NC transgender bathroom law
68 businesses file brief opposed to HB2
HB2 unlikely to drive voter turnout, decisions

Bojangles sued over alleged harassment of transgender worker in Fayetteville
The federal government filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Bojangles Restaurants Inc. alleging that a transgender person working at a Bojangles in Fayetteville was sexually harassed and retaliated against.

Bathroom bills, gender policies become focal point of discomfort among local transgender people
Rebel Marie is terrified what people might do if they see her walk in with her daughter.

Shelter provides aid for transgender people
Homeless transgender people living in Las Vegas have a place they can go to get help and feel safe.

New York State ad campaign tries to steal business away from states with anti-LGBT laws
Trio of ads airing in Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina touts New York State's pro-LGBT reputation

Trans Day of Action With Old-Time Radical Feel
Being in Washington Square the afternoon of Friday, June 24 for the 12th annual Trans Day of Action was like being thrust into what an LGBT march looked like in 1969, the year of the Stonewall Rebellion: a crowd of 2,000 that was diverse, countercultural, fierce, and dedicated to a range of progressive issues — a sharp contrast to the weekend’s Heritage of Pride parade, where activist groups and messages mobilized by the Orlando massacre only sometimes challenged the event’s dominance by corporate contingents.

Transgender-Care Exclusion Case Faces Trial
With New York's longstanding transgender-care exclusions declared illegal, the Empire State must now stand trial over what treatments currently labeled cosmetic or banned for minors qualify for Medicaid, a federal judge ruled.

Transgender man says he was 'humiliated' by lifeguard at New Philadelphia pool
Tierra Thomas said he was humiliated by what a lifeguard at the Tuscora Park pool in New Philadelphia said to keep him from getting in the water.

Philly trans vets speak out on military inclusion
When the Department of Defense lifted its ban on open transgender service in the military just before Independence Day, local transgender veterans cheered the move.

Gender ID protest targets City Hall
Protesters in downtown Sioux Falls this weekend hope to convince the City Attorney’s Office to bring back legislation to add gender identity to the list of protected classes in Sioux Falls.

Ken Paxton files injunction against federal guidances protecting trans students
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton today (Wednesday, July 6) announced that Texas is leading a 13-state coalition asking for a preliminary injunction to block enforcement of “Obama’s bathroom rules.”
Texas leads 13 states seeking to stop transgender access to public bathrooms

Poll: Utahns oppose public bathroom accommodations for transgender people
A majority of Utahns oppose making accommodations in public bathrooms for transgender people, a new poll shows.
Utah County adds gender identity to list of personnel traits protected from harassment and discrimination

Utah's first openly transgender teacher tells story of love
Freedom is an important concept in the Rice home.

Gloucester County School Board asks court to halt order allowing transgender student to use restroom
School Board claims it will suffer "irreparable harm" if Gavin Grimm is allowed to use the boys' restroom
Judge orders injunction to remain in place in Gloucester transgender case

Fairfax County Public Schools draft new transgender student regulations
Fairfax County Public Schools have drafted a new list of guidelines and regulations when it comes to accommodating transgender students. These guidelines were not voted on by the school board and they have not been publicly announced, but FOX 5 has learned they will take effect in the fall.

I-1515: Group’s bid to prevent transgender bathroom access fails to make ballot
Initiative 1515, a campaign to restrict bathroom and locker-room access for transgender people, canceled an appointment to turn in signatures on Friday.
I-1515, the 'bathroom initiative,' fails to make November ballot
Anti-Trans Campaign Fails To Collect Enough Signatures To Advance

Policy on transgender students revisited
The Marion County Board of Education revisited the issue of how to treat transgender students Tuesday night.

Wyoming Fourth Of July Parade Includes Outhouse Labeled “Transgender Bathroom”
Members of the community have slammed parade organizers for the insensitive oversight.

Diana de Santa Fe
“Afortunadamente conocí el mundo de la prostitución”. Con esas palabras, Diana Navarro San Juan enmarca su historia. Barranquillera, transgénero (o transgenerista, como generalmente se dice en Colombia), afro-colombiana, abogada, y auto declarada trabajadora social, Diana conoce el barrio Santa Fe en 1986, cuando es marginalizada en su casa y decide venir a Bogotá – lo que hacen miles de personas trans, y millones de desplazados internos en Colombia, uno de los países con el mayor número de desplazados internos, con estimados de entre 4.5 a más de 6 millones.