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segunda-feira, junho 20, 2016

Viviany Beleboni é intimada a depor por causa de protesto em Parada LGBT
Modelo foi processada por associação de igrejas evangélicas por causa de manifestação feita no ano passado.

One step forward – two steps back: EU Member states reverse on LGBTI rights
Yesterday, the Council of the European Union released the first Council conclusions on LGBTI equality [1] and gender equality [2]. This is the first time that the EU Member States jointly address the rights of LGBTI people in a separate conclusion. However both the LGBTI conclusion, and the gender equality one remain silent on trans people; failing to address the rights and recognise the existing laws which protect them.

British Protesters Call For Trans Bathroom Ban
As a parliamentary equalities conference gathered today to discuss trans issues protesters gathered outside, carrying signs calling for a ban on transgender women using public bathrooms in a similar manner to many of the anti-trans protests taking place in America.

Bruxelles : un homme transgenre tunisien violemment agressé par des extrémistes religieux
Un ressortissant tunisien de 26 ans, installé à Bruxelles où il bénéficie notamment du statut de réfugié, a été agressé il y a quelques jours devant chez lui par des extrémistes religieux qui le harcelaient déjà depuis des mois. « Traumatisme à l’œil, 3 points de sutures sur le front, 12 sur les mains, 18 à la tête et 17 aux jambes » et d'autres analyses sont en cours, le jeune homme souffrant désormais de déséquilibre et d’évanouissements.

The Bearded Woman: Moroccan Transgender Tells her Story
Flailing punches, broken teeth, and boiling coffee being thrown at her, is how Mala Badi a Moroccan transgender activist remembers one of her least favorite Ramadan meals.
World, I’m a Woman with a Beard and Mustache

The Lancet: Transgender rights are critical for the health and well-being of transgender people in Asia and the Pacific
Transgender rights received unprecedented recognition in Asia and across the world in 2015. However, a new Series published in The Lancet today reveals that public recognition has yet to translate into a concerted effort to support and improve the health and lives of transgender people.

Transgender woman throws out first pitch at Blue Jays game, makes history
Rachel Lauren Clark is the first openly transgender person to throw the first pitch at a Jays game

Doctor Who Spin-Off To Have Gay Lead
Upcoming Doctor Who spin-off show 'Class' will be featuring a gay lead character. The news has come from show producers, who were planning on keeping the characters sexuality a non-issue until the show aired, but have chosen to make the announcement following the Orlando shooting.
Doctor Who Spin-Off To Have Gay Lead

James Dobson: Trans-Inclusive Bathroom Policies Violate Levitical Prohibition On Prostituting Your Daughter
Focus on the Family founder James Dobson invited Faith 2 Action’s Janet Porters on to his “Family Talk” radio program this week to discuss transgender-inclusive facilities policies in schools and stores like Target, which Dobson said violate the Levitical prohibition against selling your daughter into prostitution.

For Civil Rights Chief, Fighting For The Outsider Is Deeply Personal
The woman leading the federal government's effort to block a North Carolina law that limits the rights of transgender people knows what it's like to feel like an outsider.

Count us! We need the LGBT Data Inclusion Act
Today, Laverne Cox joined 77 members of Congress in support of the LGBT Data Inclusion Act of 2016, a vital bill that would require all federal agencies collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity in a uniform way.
Laverne Cox promotes LGBT ‘data’ bill at U.S. Capitol

Louie Gohmert: Oppose Transgender Rights To Save Veterans' Lives
Today, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, went on yet another anti-trans rant, this time at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference in Washington, D.C.

Carl Gallups Calls Upon Sheriffs To Threaten To Arrest Target Store Managers
Donald Trump-loving right-wing pastor and conspiracy theorist Carl Gallups appeared on TheDove TV's "Focus Today" program yesterday, where he called upon sheriffs to tell managers of Target stores in their communities that they will be arrested if they follow the company policy of allowing transgender individuals to use facilities that match their gender identity.

Trump addresses conservatives at anti-LGBT confab
Donald Trump sought to warm up social conservatives on Friday in a speech at an anti-LGBT conference, making coded references to restricting LGBT rights without making any explicit pledges.

Federal appeals court won’t reconsider Grimm ruling
A federal appeals court on Thursday announced it will not reconsider its ruling in support of a transgender student who is challenging his Virginia school district’s bathroom policy.
Fourth Circuit Lifts Stay In Virginia School Board Transgender Case
Fourth Circuit refuses to stay its ruling in Grimm case

Texas Bigots Take Their Religious Anti-Transgender Campaign National
Last fall, conservatives used anti-transgender scare tactics to convince the voters of Houston to defeat an ordinance that created nondiscrimination protections for the LGBT community. Now, those Texas activists are trying to take their fearmongering campaign national.

Susan Faludi hadn’t heard from her estranged father in years, until he became a transsexual
With the media ascendance of Caitlyn Jenner, the film “The Danish Girl,” the Amazon series “Transparent,” and the recent North Carolina bathroom brouhaha, we are experiencing a transgender moment. After years of hiding, silence, and shame, transsexuals and their identity crises are coming to seem ubiquitous, if not yet humdrum.
Susan Faludi: getting to know my father, the woman

Arkansas Faith Leaders Appeal To Governor For Change Of Course On Transgender Rights Guidance
More the 70 Arkansas religious leaders affixed their names to a letter delivered to Governor Asa Hutchinson’s office on Friday expressing “dismay” at his directive to disregard federal guidance on bathroom access for transgender youth.

L.A. Aims To Expand Park Restroom Access To Transgender People
The introduction of transgender-friendly restrooms has been a pressing topic this year, and the City of Los Angeles wants you to know where it stands on the issue. In March, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the creation of a Transgender Advisory Council. And on Wednesday, City Council set forth a motion intended to amend an ordinance to allow park restroom access for transgender people.

Transgender Woman Shot in Back in Garden Grove; Expected to Survive
A transgender victim was in stable condition Friday morning after being shot in the back in Garden Grove, police said.

Judge: Transgender Inmates Must Have Access To Items That Match Their Identity
A federal judge in California ruled on Thursday that state prisons must allow transgender inmates greater access to commissary items that are consistent with their gender identity. The ruling stems from a settlement reached in August 2015 that mandates the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations (CDCR) to pay for a transgender inmate’s sex reassignment surgery.

#KeepKissing Orlando Pulse #LoveIsLoveIsLove
So #KeepKissing!
I fell in love with the LGBT community during the Prop8 protests. They weren’t predominantly displays of rage or even angst. They were about love. This central and winning message of our community, love is love is love, wins out every time.
The Southern Baptist Convention’s Cruel Response To The Orlando Shooting
One Million Moms Commemorate Orlando Massacre By Plugging Target Boycott
House Republicans Block Vote on LGBT Protections After Orlando Shooting
Mateen was ‘searching,’ ‘curious,’ says transgender woman who met him at gay club
Owen Jones Storms Off Sky News Interview Over Orlando Shooting
Marvel & DC Pledge Support For Orlando Victims
American Family Association Uses Orlando Attack To Support Anti-Trans Boycott

Iowa High Schools Clearing Path For Transgender Athletes
While girls soccer teams across Iowa battle for a state title, across the nation a new battle has begun to allow transgender athletes a spot on the field and Iowa is already one step ahead of the game. Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union Executive Director Mike Dick said, "Each local school knows their situation and their athlete. They know their background and it's up to them to determine which gender they are. Once they have identified a male becoming a female, they would now be allowed to particpate in girls athletics."

Black Trans Woman Goddess Diamond Is The 14th Trans Person Murdered in the U.S. This Year
It is with a very heavy heart that I have to add more sad news onto an already devastating week. 20-year-old Black trans woman Goddess Diamond has been found murdered in New Orleans, making her the 14th known trans person killed in the United States this year.
Trans Woman Killed in New Orleans, Police Considering Hate Crime

Ashland school board looks for transgender sports policy
The School Committee delayed a vote Wednesday on the athletic handbook after members felt it didn't properly address transgender or transitioning athletes.

Missouri County Refused To Fly Flags At Half Mast For Orlando Victims
Following the tragic shooting in Orlando this weekend President Obama ordered that all American flags being flown on public buildings and grounds across the country be lowered to half mast 'as a mark of respect for the victims' until the end of the day on Thursday. Officials in Cole County, Missouri have chosen to disobey this order and refuse to lower their flags.

North Carolina and UNC: HB 2 should remain in effect even as it’s challenged in court
Lawyers for plaintiffs slam defendants' request to continue enforcing controversial law
Emails reveal HB 2 author compared LGBT people to the Taliban

The Latest: US government won't comment on Ohio school case
The Latest on an Ohio school district accused of sex-based discrimination against a transgender student (all times local):

City Hall asks to delay gender identity vote
Including transgender people on the list of protected classes when it comes to City Hall’s internal hiring practices will have to wait.

Fairfax Co. school meeting becomes heated over debate on transgender nondiscrimination policy
At a regularly scheduled school board meeting in Fairfax County, a number of parents and citizens came out to speak about pushing forward with transgender policy in schools -- with the debate in particular about bathroom use. Several people were opposed to any changes and it was a heated meeting with people on both sides very passionate about this issue.
Parents Voice Opinions During Fairfax Co. Discussion on Transgender Students
Move to protect transgender students’ rights leads to school board uproar

"Transgender bathroom" appeal petition fails 4-4
State lawmakers discussed transgender bathroom laws Thursday in Yakima. Action News was at the hearing today where a petitioner appealed the Human Rights' Commission's ruling.
Transgender bathroom debate finds its way to Yakima

A Non-Political Hearing on the Human Rights Commission’s Transgender Rulemaking Yielded “Nastiest” Testimony Yet, Trans Advocate Says
A Thursday meeting of state legislators in Yakima wasn’t supposed to address the pros and cons of protecting trans people using the bathrooms in which they feel the safest. Instead, the meeting of the Joint Administrative Rules Review Committee (JARRC) chaired by state senator Mike Padden (R-Spokane), was supposed to address two questions, and two questions alone: whether or not the state Human Rights Commission’s rule clarifying protections for transgender people followed “legislative intent” and whether the proper process was followed in adopting the rule.

Right-Wing Media Fearmonger Over Washington State’s New LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum
Conservative media are fearmongering over Washington state public schools’ new LGBT-inclusive education standards that aim to teach students “the importance of treating others with respect regarding gender identity.” Outlets are reporting that the state will soon begin to “teach transgenderism to kindergartners” and suggesting that Washington is promoting transgender “recruitment.” But education professionals and advocacy groups say students benefit from learning about gender identity at an early age.