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sexta-feira, junho 10, 2016

Cultura de afectos - Parte I
Os afectos são sempre complicados, porque vivemos numa sociedade em que não só eles não são validados, como valores mais altos se impõem.

São João realiza primeira cirurgia de reatribuição sexual
O Centro Hospitalar de São João (CHSJ) realizou pela primeira vez, uma cirurgia de reatribuição sexual de feminino para masculino.

Em Goiandira homossexual é espancado e possível autor preso pela PM
Por volta das 09hrs da manhã de hoje, segunda-feira (16), a Polícia Militar foi acionada por um cidadão que informou ter deparado com um corpo em uma estrada vicinal no município de Goiandira. No local, policiais militares localizaram a vítima, aparentemente homossexual, que apresentava lesões em sua cabeça. Os militares do Corpo de Bombeiros prestou os devidos socorros e encaminhou a pessoa ferida para o Pronto Socorro da Santa Casa de Catalão, a vítima que não portava seus documentos e teve que ser transferida para um hospital de Goiânia.

Após levar surra do pai por "não andar como homem", menino de 8 anos morre no Rio
Com apenas 8 anos, o menino Alex foi espancado pelo pai Alex André Moraes Soeiro, 34, até a morte, na Vila Kennedy, zona oeste do Rio, no dia 17 de fevereiro.

Travesti é morta a facadas e namorado é principal suspeito do crime
Vizinhos afirmam ter ouvido sons de briga antes da descoberta do corpo; suspeito está foragido

Estudante transexual é agredida e tem a perna quebrada durante Virada Cultural no interior de SP
Caso aconteceu em Presidente Prudente; polícia dificilmente irá identificar os agressores
Brazilian trans woman murdered and a nonbinary trans person attacked

Desacordo entre travesti e cliente termina em confusão
Uma grande confusão entre um travesti e um cliente acabou na delegacia, na noite desta terça-feira (7), em Curitiba. Tudo começou na rua Brasílio Itiberê, no bairro Rebouças. Os dois se desentenderam e partiram para agressão.

Travesti foragido do Pará é preso em Porto Velho
Policiais militares do 5º BPM prenderam por volta de 3h da madrugada desta quarta-feira (8), Francisco R. S (40), travesti em uma via pública da zona leste de Porto Velho.

Glória Perez escala atriz cis para interpretar personagem trans; comunidade T se divide
Após anunciar abordar o tema da transexualidade em sua próxima novela, Glória Perez decepcionou parte da comunidade trans ao escalar uma atriz cisgênera (que não é trans) para interpretar uma personagem transexual em À Flor da Pele, que estreia em 2017.

Trans rights continue to develop in Denmark & Norway
Transgender Europe welcomes the developments for trans rights in Denmark and Norway this week. In Denmark [1], the Danish Parliament has adopted a symbolic decision [2] to remove trans people from the list of mental illnesses. While in Norway [3], a new law, which gives trans people access to quick, accessible and transparent legal gender recognition will go through a final vote on Monday 6th June, after being presented in Parliament yesterday.

Estrogen Benefits Bones in Transgender Hormone Conversion
One year of hormone therapy for transgender conversion increases bone-mineral density both in men who convert to women and in women who convert to men. The most marked effect was seen in those who took estrogen for male-to-female conversion.

'We can’t wait any longer for transgender treatment' says Derby couple
A transgender male who identifies as a man despite being born female has launched a petition calling for cuts to gender clinic waiting times.

Meet the transgender ex-soldier who is now a Wolverhampton councillor
She became the Labour Party’s first openly transgender person in the country to be elected as a councillor last month when she won Wolverhampton’s East Park ward seat.

Trans people face jail for rape if they have sex without sharing their gender history
Why even a kiss can see trans people branded as sex criminals

Denmark to declassify being transgender as mental disorder
Move is intended to put pressure on the World Health Organisation, which has yet to remove transsexualism from its list of mental disorders

Chinese Transgender Man Fights for Job Equality
A 28-year-old transgender man who goes by the name of "Mr. C" has become the public face of the fight for job equality in China, where sexual and gender minorities are only beginning to emerge from virtual invisibility.

Living trans
Men who want to be women are increasingly in the news in Myanmar but they face many challenges and a formidable legal barrier

Australians divided on teaching transgender awareness in primary schools
ABC survey of 250,000 people revealed almost half of respondents disagreed with it being taught, compared with 37% in favour

Ontario university applications to offer ‘another gender identity’: report
Starting in 2017, Ontario students will be among the first in Canada to give applying students an option for gender beyond male and female. It’s part of a wider movement at educational institutions to become more inclusive to a variety of gender identities, one expert says.
Ontario university applications to offer 'another gender identity' option

Sudbury transgender support group to hit world stage
TG Innerselves invited to speak at medical conference in Amsterdam

Trans Man Settles Case After Being Held in Women's Prison
A transgender man who was forced to wear female prison attire and out into a women's cell has settled his case with Toronto Police after the treatment he received at their hands.

Transgender Woman Refused Airbnb Booking For Being Trans
Professional writer and television producer Shadi Petosky has spoken out after she was refused accommodation due to her being a transgender woman.

Beyond bathrooms: Colleges look to recognize trans students' name, housing preferences
It turns out it's not that easy to change your name in college systems: There's no one record.

‘They’re hunting for us.’ Trans teens fearful as U.S. bathroom wars erupt
Tens of thousands of Americans, many teenagers, are dealing with new fears, as they suddenly find themselves at the centre of the emotional battle over transgender bathroom access.

Filmmakers Seek to Tell Trans Service Members' Stories
The TransMilitary Project is running a Kickstarter campaign for a documentary on trans troops who have come out despite the armed forces' ban.
Trans Filmmakers Tell History of 'Camp Trans'

Appeals Court Refuses to Rehear Transgender Restroom Case
The debate over whether transgender students should be able to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity is likely headed to the U.S. Supreme Court after a federal appeals court refused Tuesday to reconsider a three-judge panel's ruling on the matter.
Appeals court rejects request to rehear Gloucester transgender bathroom case
Federal Court Upholds Ruling Affirming Trans Student’s Equal Access

California bill takes aim at religious colleges that seek to bar transgender students
As a high school student, Coley Baker found a “dream school” in Biola University, an evangelical Christian college with a palm-tree-dotted campus close yet not too close to home in Los Angeles County. But things happen in late adolescence – identity takes shape, feelings emerge – and by the 2014 Biola graduation ceremony, the young Christian woman Baker once appeared to be had spent two years hiding a new identity as a young Christian transgender man.

Georgia ACLU leader resigns over transgender bathroom flap
The director of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has stepped down reportedly due to a disagreement over the organization’s support for transgender individuals to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

DOE looking into issues of restroom use by transgender students
It's garnered controversy throughout the nation - should transgender students be allowed to use bathrooms associated with their gender identity at the school level? That question is the center of a federal lawsuit involving almost a dozen states. And the issue also affects us here at home.

What the Obama administration’s transgender policy means for bathroom bills in Illinois
When the Obama administration announced May 13 that it would be taking groundbreaking steps toward transgender equality, the decision may have signaled the end of a controversial bill in Illinois.

Kansas Senate condemns federal transgender guidance as state joins lawsuit
Announcement comes ahead of potential Senate debate
Kansas Senate Leader Prioritizes Bill Condemning Obama Transgender Policy Over Bill to Fund Schools

KKK Recruitment Flyers in Murray Again, Targeting Transgender Bathroom Controversy
Murray residents have found Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers on their lawns again. This time, they use the current transgender bathroom controversy to recruit new members. The flyers reference the King James Bible and suggest transgender people “use a tree out in the back yard” to go to the bathroom.

AG: Governor's Jab Over Transgender Lawsuit "Totally False"
Last week, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin announced his decision to join 11 other states in challenging the Obama administration’s new school guidelines for transgender student accommodations – and criticized Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear for not taking action.

Gender policy leaves school with two prom kings
In a shift from tradition, Andover High School students elected two prom kings rather than a queen and a king at the recent junior prom.

Has Mass. found a compromise to transgender bathroom debate?
The Republican governor, has said he would sign a bill that would allow transgender people access to public places in accordance with their gender identity, provided it includes one key provision.
Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker Says He'll Sign Trans Equality Bill
Opponents of transgender bill pray and protest: 'This is doing away with any objective truth'

Rep. Andy Harris encourages school districts to ignore Obama administration guidance on transgender bathroom use
Rep. Andy Harris is encouraging local school districts to ignore Obama administration guidance requiring them to allow transgender students to use bathrooms that fit their gender identity — even as a growing number of schools in the state are embracing the idea.

Schools wait for state guidance before acting on federal transgender policy
Transgender students in Bay County's public school districts are either accommodated or they are non-existent, top administrators say.

Mississippi Governor: 'Secular' World Angry Over LGBT Law
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant says the "secular, progressive world" vented at him for signing a bill that would let clerks cite religious beliefs to recuse themselves from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
Miss. Gov. Bryant Says Christians Will 'Stand In Line' For Crucifixion to Defend Discrimination

Federal court ruling for transgender student has impact on NC
A federal appeals court won’t reconsider a three-judge panel’s ruling that a transgender teen must be allowed to use the boys’ restroom at school.
UNC Board Wants N.C. A.G. to Pay Legal Fees to Fight HB 2
Will the FAA clip North Carolina’s financial wings over HB2?
Burr: N.C. Should Roll Back Bathroom Provision in HB2
NC governor will ‘respect’ federal court ruling on transgender rights

N.J. divided on transgender bathroom choice, poll finds
Most New Jerseyans are aware that transgender people in North Carolina are legally required to use public bathrooms that correspond to their sex at birth, but Garden State residents are split over whether they agree with the controversial new law, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

Transgender Town Hall set in Plattsburgh
Understanding the needs and issues facing the North Country transgender and gender-nonconforming communities will be the topic of discussion at a Transgender Town Hall meeting on June 1 at 4 Palmer St. in Plattsburgh.

OU expands transgender health-insurance coverage to employees
Ohio University’s staff who are on the university’s medical-insurance policy soon will be able to use their health-care plan to cover the costs of transgender health-care services, including gender reassignment surgery.

Lebanon schools: No transgender changes planned
Superintendent Rob Hess told the Lebanon School Board on May 26 that Lebanon school policies already comply with guidelines protecting sexual orientation and shouldn't need to be updated for transgender issues.

FWISD Talks Transgender Rules As State Works On Policy
Texas leaders on Tuesday are set to take the next step in clarifying the state’s bathroom policy. Meanwhile, the Fort Worth Independent School District will begin holding a series of community forums to discuss the the bathroom battle.

Transgender bathroom debate gears up in Austin
The national transgender bathroom policy is taking center stage at the state Capitol on Tuesday.
Fort Worth ISD Parents Blast Transgender Bathroom Policy
Parents of Transgender Students Respond to State Actions on School Bathroom Regulations
Parents Of Transgender Youth Say They Are Left Out Of Bathroom Policy Talks
Parents of transgender children fire back at state officials

Texas' Lt. Gov. asks schools to ignore transgender directive
Texas' lieutenant governor on Tuesday encouraged the state's 1,200 school districts to defy the Obama administrative and ignore a directive calling on schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.
Dan Patrick Launches Crusade Against Every Transgender Student In Texas
Wendy Davis: Legislature would kill Patrick transgender restroom bill
Federal judge in transgender case sided with states in similar lawsuit

[TX, USA]target="_blank"
Transgender woman attacked in north Houston
A Montrose woman believes she was targeted for robbery and sexual assault because she is transgender.

Local school systems eye new transgender bathroom directive
It’s been a little more than two weeks since the U.S. Justice and Education departments sent a letter to public school systems across the country directing them to open their bathrooms and locker rooms to transgender students.

Equality Virginia: VHSL transgender policy leading the South and nation
The Virginia High School League’s new policy for transgender athletes is one that experts say is leading the South and the nation.

[WY, USA] target="_blank"
Cheyenne Police: Transgender Shower Users Could Be Charged
Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak says transgender people could face indecent exposure charges in Cheyenne if they use a public shower or locker room that doesn’t correspond to their biological sex.