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terça-feira, maio 24, 2016

Vem aí uma nova discussão sobre a Lei de Identidade de Género
O deputado José Soeiro aproveitou a participação no #debate19 para informar que o Bloco de Esquerda tinha entregue, nesse mesmo dia, na Assembleia da República um projecto de lei para alterar a lei de Identidade de Género, aprovada em 2011.

At Least 100 trans people have already been murdered worldwide in 2016
It's the highest number registered since 2008

European Union says US states are ‘breaking human rights treaty’ with anti-LGBT laws
The European Union has warned that North Carolina and Mississippi are violating a human rights treaty with anti-LGBT legislation.

Ladies only! Devastated transgender woman kicked out of toilets after complaints
A transgender woman who was kicked out of the ladies loos of a UK nightclub has spoken of her disgust at the complaints of fellow clubbers.

Giulia, la trans aggredita a Napoli:"Chiedo giustizia, lascerei subito la strada se qualcuno mi desse un lavoro decoroso"
Ventidua anni, è stata acoltellata in via Nuova Agnano. Il secondo caso in quindici giorni. Le prime a insultarla somo state le ragazze.

Transgender activist critically injured after being shot multiple times in Peshawar
Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Trans Action Alliance coordinator has been critically injured after she was shot six times on Sunday night.
TransAction Alliance’s Ali Sha shot, hospital refuses to treat

Man Charged With Raping His Trans Step-Daughter
A man in Australia has been charged with rape and incest after Victoria County Court heard evidence that he sexually abused his transgender step-daughter over the course of thirteen years.

Six year old student wins right to wear pants to school
A grade one student from Melbourne has been granted the right to wear trousers to school after her mother launched an online petition when the school said no.

More transgender bathrooms pop up in Winnipeg
'I think it's important that everybody feels safe and welcome,' says owner of Oh Doughnuts

Justin Trudeau promises 'full protection' with transgender rights bill
Government bill being tabled Tuesday will follow two unsuccessful attempts to amend Human Rights Act

Ongoing human rights dispute calls into question collection of gender info with SIN numbers
The federal government is staring down the possibility of being ordered to stop collecting gender information on Canadians as part of their social insurance number record.

Toronto mayor commits city to transgender rights
The rainbow flag raising at Toronto city hall happened as the federal government tabled a bill to protect trans rights.

Transgender accommodation focus for Vancouver business
TransFocus Consulting has worked with public schools and the Vancouver Parks Board

Accused in UBC Pride flag burning pleads not guilty
This was an act of civil disobedience, says Brooklyn Marie Fink

For the first time ever, the Feds have introduced a trans rights bill
Fast-track motion fails, but government pledges a speedy passa
Some Conservatives now ready to support bill on transgender rights
Transgender protection finally has government muscle: Tim Harper
Locked door forces senator to answer questions on Canada’s transgender bill
Bill to protect transgender rights long overdue, Winnipeg advocate says

Charlie Lowthian-Rickert, transgender tween, says she wants 'justice and peace'
Legislation will 'improve our future so that we can live a more accepting, more joyful life'

Target CEO Speaks Out About Bathroom Backlash
The CEO of Target, Brian Cornell, has spoken out about the company's stand of transgender bathroom issues and the backlash they have received from Christian extremists.

Trans equality foes spying on bathrooms at Target; Fallout hits close to home
No one will disagree that fallout from Bathroom Bills impacts all trans people one way or another, no matter where they live — even if it’s in a relatively safer part of the country, such as here in the Pacific Northwest. This was underlined today by a bit of disturbing news that was shared on social media by a well-known local trans/LGBTQ advocate.

Demi Lovato Takes A Stand For Trans Rights At #BBMAS And It Is GLORIOUS (TWEET)
Musicians tend to be very left leaning. Unless they’re Ted Nugent, usually rock stars stand up for LGBT equality and other civil rights causes. That is just what superstar singer Demi Lovato did Sunday Night at the Billboard Music Awards.

Dead on arrival: Governors refuse to implement Obama’s transgender bathroom policy
Despite the power of the bully pulpit, and the pull of billions of dollars in federal education funding, leaders in at least a dozen states have said Barack Obama's guidance on transgender bathroom, shower, and locker room use is unconstitutional, with many saying the decree will not be implemented, come what may.

In freakout over trans rights, Franklin Graham asks followers: 'What are you willing to take a bullet for?'
Son of evangelist Billy Graham keeps ratcheting up anti-LGBTI rhetoric

The Angry, Confused, Bigoted Responses To Transgender Student Inclusion
On Friday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Education (DOE) told the country’s schools that they should be making sure transgender students have equal access to all educational opportunities, including using facilities that match their gender identities. If they don’t, they put themselves at risk of losing federal funding.

Obama on trans student guidance: ‘We’re talking about kids’
President Obama justified on Monday guidance from his administration assuring transgender students have access to school bathrooms by insisting the instructions are about protecting youth.
Obama Defends Transgender Directive for School Bathrooms

Allowing Open Transgender Military Service Would Pose Few Difficulties, Report Finds
Defense Secretary Ash Carter pledged last year to pursue changes but has yet to formally change policy
White House defends ongoing review of trans military ban

When a Birth Certificate Equals Bathroom Rights
A new lawsuit seeks to allow trans people the right to change their gender on birth certificates without expensive sex reassignment surgery—and could provide a way to fight back against HB2.

Family Rejection May More Than Triple Suicide Attempt Risk by Transgender Individuals
Family rejection increases the risk of two critical health outcomes that are common among transgender individuals–suicide attempts and substance misuse–according to a new study published in LGBT Health, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. The article is available free on the LGBT Health website until June 16, 2016.

The Federal Government Quietly Expands Transgender Rights
In a new ruling Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services said Obamacare outlaws discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Alabama DA seeks to add hate crime charges against Josh Vallum for the murder of Mercedes Williamson
Although Alabama doesn’t recognize gender identity as a protected class, prosecutors are attempting to add hate crime charges to present to the grand jury this summer.

Gov. Ducey speaks out on transgender restroom policy
Gov. Doug Ducey scolded the White House on Monday, saying the president's directive on transgender restrooms is neither wanted nor needed in Arizona.

A transgender 9-year-old tells her story
The 9-year-old is growing up. She used to play with Barbies. Now she’s the class treasurer of her West L.A. elementary school. She plays girls volleyball, paints her nails and likes to challenge herself on Minecraft.
She’s also transgender.

Connecticut woman says she was harassed in Walmart bathroom after customer mistook her as transgender
Even cisgender people aren’t safe from the transphobic mania over bathrooms.

Transgender at 9: Tyler uses the boys’ bathroom. Why is that a big deal, he asks
Tyler is 9 years old, and he can’t fathom the transgender bathroom debate raging across the country.

Clay superintendent to fight Obama order on transgender bathrooms in schools
Charlie Van Zant Jr., Clay County superintendent, announced Monday that his school district will not follow the Obama administration’s directive to allow transgender students to use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable with.

Gwinnett schools will not comply with transgender bathroom directive
A Georgia lawmaker is calling on state attorneys general across the country to fight the Obama administration's directive on public school restrooms.

Branstad slams federal transgender "over-reach"
Gov. Terry Branstad criticized the Obama administration Monday for using a federal "over-reach" in threatening to withhold education funding to local schools that don't allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms aligning with their gender identity.

Evanston, Niles Township high schools respond to federal transgender bathroom directive
Niles Township High School District 219 does not automatically allow transgender students access to bathrooms and other gender segregated facilities that correspond with their gender, according to a district policy. The policy dictates that those decisions are made on a "case-by-case."

Reaction mixed to transgender bathroom guidelines
A new federal directive that ramps up protections for transgender students has the support of local schools and LGBT advocates but concerns some parents about dangers they say could come with the changes.

Kansas School Threatens to Expel LGBT+ Students
Trinity Academy, a private Christian school in Wichita Kansas, locked out NBC 3 reporters looking for clarification about its contradictory statement regarding their written policy of expelling LGBT students, as well as those who have LGBT family members, friends or allies.
Christian School In Kansas Threatens to Expel Students With LGBT+ Family Members

Kentucky woman says man beat her for looking too masculine — as people stood by and watched
A Paintsville, Kentucky woman said that she was attacked and brutally beaten on Thursday for looking too masculine.

Transgender punk rocker burns birth certificate at N.C. protest concert
As the sound of 430 people clapping in unison began to reverberate off the brick walls of the Motorco Music Hall in perfect metronome timing, Laura Jane Grace stepped out onto the stage with guitar in one hand and birth certificate in the other-a document that she would immediately set on fire.
Emails show North Carolina commerce officials responding to HB2 fallout
Loss of federal funds could eliminate 53,000 jobs, $2.4 billion in wages
Opponents of NC’s anti-trans bathroom law try clever new strategy
ACLU: Don't Enforce Transgender Bathroom Bill
Groups seek immediate halt to N Carolina transgender bathroom law
Another Anti-LGBT Law Rally Set After Dozens Arrested
Several arrests made at Moral Monday rally opposing HB2 in Raleigh

Ricketts urges schools to ignore federal transgender guidance
Gov. Pete Ricketts on Monday suggested that Nebraska public school leaders should ignore an Obama administration directive urging them to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identities.

New Jersey's Anti-Discrimination Law Is 'Just A Tool' To Protect Gender Identity
Seventeen states have legal protections to prevent discrimination against transgender people in areas like housing and employment.

Police want these men for Brooklyn transgender attack
NYPD want these three men for questioning about their role in a Brooklyn transgender attack on May 13th.

Pre-Obama Directive, NYC Public Schools Embraced Transgender Rights
Mary Louise Kelley talks to Jared Fox, LGBT liaison for New York City's public schools. New York has had policies in place relating to transgender students for years.

Middle school students protest transgender bathroom mandate
A group of Hedrick Middle School students skipped class Monday to protest transgender bathrooms.
Medford students skip school to protest transgender bathroom directive

Pine-Richland bathroom policy for transgender students stands
Despite several hours of debate on Monday night, the Pine-Richland School Board passed on voting for a measure that, if approved, would have scrapped the district's practice of letting transgender students use bathrooms of the gender with which they identify.

Video: Transgender bathroom debate dominates candidates forum in Anderson
The debate over which bathrooms transgender people should be allowed to use dominated a South Carolina Senate candidates forum Monday night hosted by the Anderson County Republican Party.

Sumter Schools Writes Its Own Transgender Policy
The Sumter School District is working on a new transgender policy of its own, getting ahead of new U.S. Department of Education guidelines for public schools.

Tennessee governor criticizes Obama over transgender bill
Republican Gov. Bill Haslam, who opposed a transgender bathroom bill in the Tennessee Legislature, is speaking out against a directive by President Barack Obama's administration that public schools must allow students to use facilities consistent with their gender identity.
27 Tennessee Senators Call For Haslam Action Opposing Obama Transgender Decree

WFISD Agrees to Not Adopt a Policy for Transgender Bathrooms
The WFISD Board of Trustees agreed tonight to continue with its current practice as-is and not adopt a policy for gender assignments in school bathrooms.
Organization forms to combat FWISD transgender bathroom policy

Parents ramp up attack on transgender rules in Fort Worth schools
Group calls for school district to repeal guidelines
Texas attorney general joins critics at news conference
Guidelines don’t say transgender students can access all bathrooms

Many local schools are unfazed by Obama’s transgender bathroom order, though one Utah County board is threatening action
Public school representatives along the Wasatch Front see little cause for concern after new nondiscrimination guidelines were released by the federal government last week.

Some WI Republican congressmen pushing back against Obama’s transgender restroom guidance
A Wisconsin congressman says transgender issues show that the country is in "moral decline." The Obama administration is telling public schools to let transgender students use the restroom they prefer, and some Wisconsin Republicans are pushing back.
GOP Congressman Cites 'M*A*S*H' Character In Opposing Transgender Rights

Diputados aprobaron ley sobre identidad de género
Son más cerca de 1.085 ciudadanos que exigen realizar este trámite. Hay requisitos para quienes opten por el trámite, con el fin de estar acordes a su orientación sexual
Gobierno promulga Ley N° 807 de Identidad de Género
Promulgan la Ley de Identidad de Género
Ley de Identidad de Género no aprueba matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo, aclara presidente del Senado boliviano
Senado sanciona Ley de Identidad de Género en medio de cuestionamientos de la Iglesia
Conferencia Episcopal rechaza la ley de identidad de género
Obispos rechazan proyecto de Ley de Identidad de Género
Bolivia aprueba una ley de identidad de género