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quinta-feira, maio 05, 2016

Travesti baleada no Corso de Teresina morre após três meses internada
Segundo a direção do HUT, Pâmella Leão teve falência múltipla dos órgãos.
Vítima foi atingida com um tiro na cabeça quando dançava a 'Metralhadora'.
Travesti baleada no Corso morre após mais de três meses no HUT
Travesti baleada no corso morre por falência múltipla de órgãos
Travesti baleada no Corso de Teresina morre nesta madrugada
Após dois meses internada, morre a travesti baleada por amiga no Corso
Travesti baleada no Corso de Teresina morre nesta madrugada

Britain's oldest sex change patient backs mobility campaign
An 83-yer-old activist has paired up with a mobility company to encourage independence.

Mum helps stepdaughter change sex – and then decides she wants to swap too
The stepmum of one of Britain’s youngest transgender children has started living as a man.

Transgenders get space in birth and death certificates
After the landmark Supreme Court judgment in April 2014 recognising transgender as third gender, the Delhi government has now decided to introduce the ‘transgender’ category in forms for registration of birth and death certificates.

Sex change puts MoHA in sort of a fix
Applications seeking change of gender in their citizenship certificates, claiming that they have undergone sex change have put the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) in some sort of a fix, as the Citizenship Act of Nepal does not have any provisions related to such issues.

Transgender politician poised for historic win in Catholic Philippines
Geraldine Roman blows kisses to curious crowds and serenades them with a love song as she proudly campaigns to be the first transgender lawmaker in the mainly Catholic Philippines.

Montreal clinic allegedly set on fire by arsonist because it provides surgery to trans people
Police are currently looking for a male suspect

Transgender bill would pass, MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert says
A visit by two transgender teens to the B.C. legislature last week has stoked support for a bill to better protect their rights, NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert says.

The Supreme Court Decided Against N.C.'s Law 20 Years Ago
Could a lawsuit against North Carolina's infamous anti-LGBT bill win transgender Americans their first precedent-setting victory at the Supreme Court?

Anti-LGBT Activist Can't Name A Single Case Of Nondiscrimination Policies Leading To Sexual Assault
Last month, Liberty Counsel President Anita Staver said that she plans on “taking a Glock .45 to the ladies room” after Target announced a new policy prohibiting discrimination against transgender customers.

USA Today Gives Anti-LGBT Hate Group A Platform To Attack Target's Inclusive Bathroom Policy
USA Today featured an op-ed by the president of anti-LGBT hate group American Family Association (AFA), who attacked Target's LGBT nondiscrimination policy for restrooms by peddling the widely debunked "bathroom predator" myth. USA Today failed to identify AFA as a recognized hate group to its readers.

AFA denies encouraging men to go into women's restrooms
The American Family Association is denying a report that the organization is sending men into women's restrooms to 'test' Target's restroom policy. During an appearance on a conservative radio show Monday, a representative with the AFA said, "we've already had people testing this," an apparent reference to cisgender men entering women's facilities under the guise of identifying as a transgender woman.

Cruz's defeat is a win for transgender rights
After a series of setbacks in Republican-run states, transgender rights activists won a strange electoral victory. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, tried to make the Indiana primary a referendum on their movement. He pummeled Donald Trump for supporting the rights of transgender people to use their adopted gender's bathrooms.
Ted Cruz Laments 'Hatred' In Politics As He Demonizes The Transgender Community

KPBSD Tackles Transgender Policy
The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is beginning the process of updating its policies to account for transgender and gender nonconforming students and employees.

Oxford councilors may recall transgender bathroom ordinance
Oxford city councilors will discuss potentially recalling the ordinance that made it illegal for people to use a public bathroom that is different from the gender on their birth certificate.
Oxford AL rescinds Anti-trans bathroom ordinance

Parents open up about raising transgender kids
Despite high-profile advocates like Caitlyn Jenner and reality shows like "I Am Jazz," it can still be difficult for many parents to know what to do when a child identifies as trans.

Transgender Advocate Trains Local Companies And Agencies On Gender Identity
Transgender people are more visible in the media now, thanks -- in part -- to celebrities like Laverne Cox , Janet Mock and Caitlyn Jenner

The people behind bathroom bans across the country are closer than you think
When the Marion County School Board decided in a controversial 4-1 vote last week that they were going to restrict their students' access to bathrooms based on sex at birth rather than stated gender identity, there was a familiar face among the measure's supporters.

CPS: Students can access bathrooms by 'gender identity'
Chicago Public Schools released new guidelines Tuesday that directs administrators to allow students and adults to access to bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity.
Transgender CPS students to use bathroom that matches gender ID

Arlington Town Meeting Unanimously Passes Gender Identity, Expression Protections
Arlington Town Meeting passed Article 18, which expands equal protection to gender identity and expression

Orono school board forming guidelines for transgender students
The Orono school board held the first reading of new transgender student guidelines that are the result of a lawsuit brought by a former student who sued after being denied access to the girls bathroom in grade school and middle school.

Minnesota college system bars team travel to North Carolina
A Minnesota state university system is prohibiting athletics teams from traveling to tournaments in North Carolina this spring after that state passed a law limiting LGBT protections.

St. Paul's Johnson High eliminating gender-specific restrooms
St. Paul Public Schools is taking a novel approach to the debate over who gets access to which restrooms.

NC Gov speaks out on ‘John Boy and Billy’ radio show about transgender bathroom backlash
Gov. Pat McCrory had a lot to say on the popular John Boy and Billy radio program about what’s transpired since House Bill 2 was passed. Joking around with the comedy hosts that he’s known for 30 years, he opened up more than he has to other outlets.
Becoming Liam: The journey of a transgender man and HB2

ACLU backs N.J. borough's transgender policy proposal
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has voiced its support for the borough board of education's recent policy proposal addressing transgender equality in the district's schools.

AVP learns of an anti-transgender hate violence incident in Harlem
AVP has learned of an anti-transgender hate violence incident that occurred on April 28th on a downtown 4 express train in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. According to media reports and a graphic video posted to Facebook, a subway rider hurled racist and transphobic remarks at transgender activist Pearl Love before physically assaulting her on the train. Despite the fact that the train was crowded, no one intervened to assist Love at any point during the incident.

Bright fails to get transgender bathroom ban into SC budget
A last-ditch effort to ban transgender people from using the S.C. bathrooms of their choice was dealt a fatal blow Tuesday as an attempt to use the state budget to enact the ban failed.

Bathroom Bill Fails in Dallas Suburb
The first proposed "bathroom bill" ordinance in Texas, requiring people to use bathrooms for their gender at birth, failed to pass in a wealthy Dallas suburb Monday night.

Gloucester files petition for appeals court review in transgender case
The Gloucester County School Board filed a petition Tuesday for a full 4th Circuit Court of Appeals review of the ruling issued last month in the lawsuit filed by a 16-year-old transgender student.
Virginia school board appeals in transgender bathroom case

A School Board’s Defense Of Its Anti-LGBT Bathroom Rules Could Backfire Hilariously
Lawyers for an anti-LGBT school board may someday be celebrated for inadvertently making the law’s protections for transgender students much stronger than they would have been if those lawyers had simply given up.