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segunda-feira, maio 02, 2016

London Theatre Becomes Trans-Inclusive
Whilst the United States seems to be locked in a struggle over how to deal with transgender rights and the issues surrounding access to public bathroom facilities a theatre in the UK has made a very public declaration as to their stance on the issue.

What happened at the trans debate at Digital Pride?
Trans army officer Hannah Winterbourne says in five to 10 years there will be a trans person at the top ranks of the British Army
What happened at the intersex and non-binary panel at Digital Pride?

Video: Alleged Moroccan Transvestite Attacked in Meknes
A shocking video shows a group of people assaulting a man allegedly for wearing women’s clothing in the street in Meknes.

First transgender poll officer votes for rights
For the first time ever, a member of the transgender community, Riya Sarkar, conducted polls as a presiding officer at The South City International School under Rashbehari constituency.
How does it feel to be an 'other' category voter in Mamata Banerjee’s constituency?

Transgender teenage athletes fight for place in public arena
In the men’s figure skating competition at the All-Japan Inter-High School Championships in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, in January, 18-year-old Ryota Tamura performed in a pink and wine-red costume with her long hair set in a bun.

Bahamas vote on human rights infuriates some, leaves LGBT people out
Bahamas upcoming constitutional referendum on gender protection based on one’s sex is forcing a debate much akin to what the United States experienced during 1964 civil rights act enactment. Even with the Obama administration’s efforts transgender people lament daily not being included in that historic law. Ours remains a tenuous position dictated by political winds.

Kasich Calls for Balance on Gay Rights, Religious Beliefs
Asked about gay rights and marriage equality, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said Friday that more people should take a "chill pill" and try to get along with one another rather than turn to unwieldy legislation.

Trans Students Have Better Options On College Applications Now
The Universal College Application and the Common Application, standardized college forms used by many colleges and universities, have both decided to change their 2016-2017 applications to be more inclusive to trans students, according to Campus Pride.

Transgender teen steps out on prom night
It was clear to all who saw her Saturday night that Ariel Zavala is growing into an unquestioningly beautiful woman.

Luciano: Washington school sorting out bathroom policies regarding transgender youth
As transgender legislation, debate and court cases spark national headlines, controversy bubbles at a central Illinois grade school.
Luciano: Mom describes toddler son saying: 'I'm not a he, I'm a she'

Other districts tackling issues for transgenders
While the Leominster School Committee has already adopted its own policy regarding transgender students, other local districts find themselves in various stages of accommodating transgender students.

City of Durham refutes transgender woman's claims
New video shows a different perspective in a back and forth debate between the City of Durham and a transgender woman's bathroom experience inside the Durham Transit Center.

Schools boost transgender access
New restroom option added at Whitmer

Pine-Richland ready to tackle transgender policy
Officials in the Pine-Richland School District on Monday will take the first steps on what they say could be a long road toward developing a formal policy regarding transgender students in the district.

Self-Appointed Bathroom Cop Catches Dallas Woman Using Women's Restroom
The way things are headed, with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick setting the state's legislative agenda, Texas may very well have its own crack squad of bathroom police. In the meantime, it's up to self-appointed enforcers of traditional gender norms to adjudicate which bathrooms strangers should use.