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domingo, maio 01, 2016

40 anos de Finalmente: viagem ao mundo secreto das plumas e extravagâncias
Famosa pelos espetáculos de travestis, assinala 40 anos esta semana e torna-se uma das mais antigas discotecas de Lisboa. Breve viagem a uma história de plumas e extravagâncias.

Cantora transexual portuguesa grava clipe no Rio e lança livro revelador
Patrícia Ribeiro contou detalhes da troca de sexo, dos problemas com a aplicação de silicone industrial e do namoro com ex-presidiário.

CCTV issued after transgender woman spat on and assaulted in Bedford pub
Police have issued CCTV of a man they would like to speak to in connection with a hate crime in a Bedford pub.
On Saturday, March 12 at around 3.15am a transgender woman was spat at and assaulted in the George and Dragon in Mill Street, after a group of men had verbally assaulted her throughout the evening.

Trans people to receive compensation for forced sterilisation in Sweden
Yesterday, the Swedish Government announced an initiative [1] to pay economic compensation to trans victims of forced sterilisation in Sweden. Transgender Europe (TGEU) welcomes this initiative which acknowledges the past wrongdoings which violated the human rights, especially physical integrity, of trans people in the country.

Cabinet to take up transgenders Bill soon, says minister in LS
The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill had been moved by BJD member Baijayant Panda.

‘More Than 50’ Transgender Individuals In The Bahamas
There are more than 50 transgender male, female and youth living in the Bahamas, according Bahamas Transgender Intersex United spokesperson Alexus D’Marco.

Court ruling a victory for transgender boy
Even though a Prince George transgender boy's case is still before the B.C. Supreme Court, Tuesday's judgment letting him continue with a puberty-blocking drug was the biggest part of that battle, his lawyer said.
Gay lobby uses 13-year-old kids to hype BC ‘gender identity’ bill

Transgender people take advantage of Nova Scotia birth certificate changes
94 people have changed official sex designations since September rule changes

Medical experts rip Alberta’s ‘reckless’ and ‘dangerous’ transgender mandate
The Alberta government’s new guidelines promoting transgenderism in the province’s schools have not only sparked a parental revolt, they have triggered a stinging rebuke from two medical professors at the University of Alberta, who call the them “incredibly misguided,” “reckless,” and “dangerous” to the youth involved.

Booker, Murray introduce legislation against ‘ex-gay’ therapy
Two Democrats — Sens. Cory Booker (N.J.) and Patty Murray (Wash.) — are taking the lead in the U.S. Senate on legislation seeking to ban “ex-gay” therapy nationwide by requiring the federal government to classify it as a fraudulent practice.

White House: State laws not impairing U.S. efforts on LGBT rights~
Newly enacted state laws seen to enable anti-LGBT discrimination aren’t impairing the Obama administration’s efforts to advance LGBT rights either overseas or domestically, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday.

House panel approves measure undermining Obama’s LGBT order
A House committee is receiving significant attention for approving an amendment requiring women to register for the draft, but the same Republican-controlled panel incorporated early Thursday morning into a major defense spending bill a measure that would undermine President Obama’s executive order prohibiting anti-LGBT workplace discrimination among federal contractors.

Media Outlets Are Reporting 1 Million People Are Boycotting Target. Here’s The Truth.
News outlets are buzzing that a pledge to boycott Target over its transgender-inclusive policies is approaching 1 million signatures on Thursday. In reality, that number is unverifiable and almost certainly inaccurate. All that’s actually happening is that a hate group is getting a lot of free press.
Backlash, praise for Target's position on transgender issue picks up steam
Bryan Fischer Is Outraged That Target Allowed A Man Into A 'Family Dressing Room' Area
Pastor threatens to pee on the floor of his local Target to ‘protest’ transgender policy

Fox's Keith Ablow: "Life Events" And Parents Cause Children To Have Gender Identity Issues
Ablow: “It's Going To Be A Headline That I Said That Parents May Have Something To Do With Their Child's Gender Dysphoria”

Push for Equality Act renewed as states pass anti-LGBT laws
Amid consternation over the newly enacted state laws enabling discrimination against LGBT people, congressional lawmakers have renewed their push for comprehensive LGBT non-discrimination legislation at the federal level.

Religious-Liberty Laws That Have No Meaning
Tennessee is just the latest state to pass legislation claiming to protect conservatives who object to LGBT relationships and identity.

Seth Meyers Blasts 'Bathroom Bills' and Ted Cruz
The late-night host attacked those who spread fearmongering of transgender people and restrooms.

Feds list schools that sought exemption from discrimination statute
The Department of Education is listing the names of hundreds of religious schools that critics say discriminate against transgender students.

ACLU Considers Legal Challenge To Anti-Transgender Restroom Law In Alabama
The ordinance in Oxford, Alabama, appears to be the first in the country to criminalize transgender people who use restrooms that match their gender identity in places of public accommodation.

As Oxford limits bathroom access, experts find transgender people hard to count
Oxford City Council’s president has said an ordinance restricting bathroom access according to the sex on a person’s birth certificate isn’t aimed at the sliver of Americans who identify as transgender.

D60 revisions target discrimination
Board also approves several contracts

Local transgender woman speaking out following Target boycott
It’s sparking debate across the country. Should transgender individuals be able to use the fitting room or bathroom that matches their gender identification?

Trans woman acquitted in Casa Ruby assault case
Judge Robert Morin acquitted Jeniyah Littman of two misdemeanor charges.

House rejects ban on LGBT discrimination in D.C. voucher schools
The U.S. House rejected on Friday a measure that would have prohibited discrimination against students in D.C. voucher schools on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Students protest Marion County bathroom policy
Transgender students in Marion County will be forced to use the bathroom based on their sex at birth and not their gender identity, after the school board approved the restrictions earlier this week. The vote directly challenges a federal appeals court ruling on transgender students.
Protesters rally against transgender bathroom ban imposed by school board in Marion County

Feds exempt BYU-Idaho from protecting transgender students from discrimination
Title IX » The Mormon church-owned school got a religious exemption from the federal rules after a discrimination complaint.

District 211 decides against written policy on transgender access
Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211's administrative board policy group has recommended the district not create a written policy on transgender students' access to restrooms and locker rooms but stick to today's case-by-case handling of such special accommodation requests.

Critics of Kansas' transgender restroom bill rally at Capitol
Bills require payment of $2,500 for each violation of proposed law

Mass. House unveils revised bill
to expand transgender protections
The redrafted language attempts to address concerns critics have about safety and privacy.

Freep Film Festival audience award winner revealed
"From This Day Forward," a documentary about a northern Michigan family with a parent who comes out as transgendered, was voted by audiences as the top movie at this year's Freep Film Festival.

Ferndale Schools Board of Education Passes LGBT Inclusive Policy
The Ferndale Schools Board of Education passed a resolution in support of the state board LGBT youth guidelines that would allow transgender and gender non-conforming students to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender.

Group starts petition opposing trangender policy
A petition that opposes a proposed transgender inclusion policy in the New London-Spicer School District was launched this week by a group calling itself NL-S Safe.

Bigots Deface Awesome Pro-Queer Billboard In North Carolina
A billboard posted near the border between North Carolina and South Carolina in response to the state’s recent anti-queer legislation has been defaced — predictably enough, with religious-based rhetoric.
More NC lawmakers consider voter input on HB2
One Shining Moment! NCAA to require host venue, city and state be HB2 Free!
LGBT legal groups send Justice Department and White House letter about North Carolina’s HB2
Transgender Durham woman says defiance backfired on her
North Carolina Lawmaker Defends Law, Acknowledges Fallout
Petition calls for ACC baseball tournament to be moved from North Carolina

Transgender Law On The Front Burner
The ongoing battle over gender inclusive bathrooms in North Carolina rivets the attention of activists and observers across the country.

Will authorities reply to Morris letter?
Two years after the Eighth Ward Democratic Committee urged the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office to refer the Nizah Morris case to the state Attorney General’s Office for review, neither agency has replied.

Trans activist Deja Lynn Alvarez to join Public Health
The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has created new positions to help LGBT people link up with health services. Trans activist Deja Lynn Alvarez has been hired to fill a role as assistant prevention navigator, starting May 2.

Horry County Schools may support appeal of federal transgender bathroom law
Specially-called meeting starts Monday at 11:45 a.m.
Board of Education to join appeal against Fourth Circuit ruling
District OKed transgender student to use boys’ bathroom Thursday

Murder charges dismissed against transgender woman, grand jury still set to hear case
A judge dismissed a murder charge Thursday against a transgender woman accused of shooting and killing a pregnant 15-year-old girl last month, but the District Attorney's office said it still plans to present the case to a grand jury.

Nashville DA says transgender bathroom debate distracts from real issue
So-called transgender bathroom laws in several states have sparked debate about whether those designations put children at risk.

Transgender bathroom ordinance to be debated at Rockwall City Council
On Monday, Rockwall's City Council will wade into a national debate over transgender access to public restrooms.

Va. seeks review of Grimm decision
A Virginia school district has asked a federal appeals court to review its ruling in the case of a transgender student who is challenging its restroom policy.

Opponents push back on proposal to limit transgender access to bathrooms
Initiative 1515, which would restrict bathroom access for transgender people, isn’t on the November ballot yet. But the opposition is in place.
Anti Gender-Neutral Bathroom Campaign Initiative Comes To Washington

Transgender rights resurface as hot-button issue in Wisconsin
Controversy surrounding a bill requiring transgender K-12 students to use the bathroom corresponding to their biological sex has resurfaced after comments made by the bill’s author Wednesday.

Eau Claire community reacts to Target's transgender controversy
A controversy centered around safety and tolerance has been sparked by Target over gender neutral restrooms.

Brazilian transgender and transsexual civil servants will now be able to use their chosen names at work
Brazilian transgender and transsexual civil servants will now be able to use their chosen names while on the job.

Brazil: Three Trans women attacked
A hairdresser trans woman, who preferred not to be identified, is claiming she was beaten inside a BRT bus (Bus Rapid Transit, a bus-based mass transit system), on the west side of Rio de Janeiro.