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segunda-feira, abril 25, 2016

Activist comes out to Obama during London speech
Twenty-year-old Maria Munir comes out as a non-binary person to the US president
Obama tackles a question on rights for those who claim no gender

Doctors plead with NHS to improve care to trans patients below the age of 18
Doctors urge NHS to treat trans children on a case-by-case basis

Why terms like ‘transgender’ don’t work for India’s ‘third-gender’ communities
Sexuality's spectrum is littered with labels. One that is getting increased attention in the U.S. political discourse nowadays is "transgender." Generally speaking, the label refers to those who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. More broadly, it indicates a transgression — to be "trans" is to defy rigid, binary constructions of gender and to live partly, or fully, beyond gender roles expected by society.

Lethbridge Cop's Alleged Post About Transgender Woman Spurs Investigation
Police in Lethbridge are investigating a complaint that an officer allegedly posted a comment on Facebook about a transgender woman attending a women's event.

When Ms. Straughan became Mr. Straughan: How a transgender teacher learned to be himself
Key Straughan, a kindergarten teacher, was zipping up a student’s jacket recently when the little boy leaned in, touched his face and asked: “Where’s your beard?”

Ted Cruz Capitalizes On Opportunity To Bash Transgender People
This week, the New York primary guaranteed that it will be impossible for Ted Cruz to secure the Republican presidential nomination on the first ballot of the convention, and the candidate responded by reminding voters just how eager he is to discriminate against transgender people.
Ted Cruz campaign blasts Donald Trump in new ad for not being transphobic
What Reporters Covering The Trump/Cruz Bathroom Bill Feud Need To Know About “Bathroom Predators”
Cruz ad stokes fears over trans bathroom use

WATCH: Charles Krauthammer unloads on Fox News colleagues for believing NC transgender bathroom law is a real issue
"Do we really have an epidemic of transgenders being evil in bathrooms across the country?" he asked

Hannity Misgenders Caitlyn Jenner And Calls On Her To Come To “Curt Schilling’s Defense”
Sean Hannity: “Maybe Curt Schilling Isn’t So Wrong”
Fox’s Todd Starnes Defends Curt Schilling, Says Meme Attacking Transgender People Is Not "Controversial"
Breitbart News Uses Anti-Transgender Slur To Defend Curt Schilling

Louie Gohmert Threatens To Quit Shopping At Target
The GOP lawmaker is mad — and confused — about the retailer’s transgender bathroom policy.

Media Begin To Highlight Harmful Consequences Of Anti-LGBT “Bathroom Bills”
In a departure from the misinformation and false balance that typically dominate coverage of anti-LGBT legislation, several outlets have begun modeling best practices in reporting on anti-LGBT “bathroom bills” by highlighting the harmful impacts the laws have on transgender people.

Fox's Earhardt Hypes Debunked “Bathroom Predator” Myth
Ainsley Earhardt: Nondiscrimination Laws Could Lead To "A Grown Adult Man" With "Bad Intentions" Sneaking Into "The Little Girls' Bathroom"
On CNN, Jake Tapper Fact Checks Cruz Spokesman On The Bathroom Predator Myth
National Expert: Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Predator" Fears Are "Very Misinformed"

Limbaugh Suggests Nondiscrimination Laws For Transgender People Allow Predators To Kidnap Children On Playgrounds
From the April 21 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

Laura Ingraham Won't Let Her Daughter Use Transgender-Inclusive Restrooms By Herself
Oh, by the way, I just want to say I have a great sense of relief today. So some people are in the resignation stage of their Trump grief. I'm in the relief stage, I'm just relieved. Now why am I relieved? Because Target is now going to allow transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice.

Surgery unburdens transgender boy
The night before his surgery, Rancho Bernardo's Sam Moehlig woke up several times. “Then I'd see it's 2 in the morning and go back to bed.”

San Diego Transgender Teen’s Happy Outcome
Sam Moehlig's life had a rocky start.

Transgender woman denied walk at Kahuku graduation
A 2015 transgender graduate of Kahuku High School claims she wasn't allowed to walk at graduation as a female -- so she chose to sit it out.
This transgender student was excluded from her high school graduation

Slain transgender woman honored at vigil
The police chiefs of Montgomery County and the city of Rockville and the director of Rockville’s Office of Human Rights joined more than 60 members of the transgender community and their supporters at a vigil on Friday to honor the life of trans woman Keyonna Blakeney.

Christie: I likely wouldn't sign transgender bathroom law in N.J.
As debate continues over a controversial North Carolina law that bars transgender people from using public bathrooms for the gender they identify with, Gov. Chris Christie said he hasn't read the law but he'd be unlikely to support a similar move in New Jersey.

The first day of her real life
Local transgender woman talks about making the transition

It Takes A Village To Bully A Transgender Kindergartner
When Dave and Hannah Edwards were lucky enough to win the lottery to enroll their child at Nova Classical Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota, they were excited about the charter school’s small classrooms, the kind teacher they’d met, and the special attention their kid would receive. What they didn’t anticipate was an entire community rising up against their family as they became the latest victims of an anti-transgender backlash sweeping the country.

Transgender woman shares a picture of herself in a North Carolina restroom
Sarah McBride is an LGBT rights activist who made headlines when she came out as transgender while serving as president of her college’s student body in 2012.

NAACP Announces NC HB2 Sit In at legislature
NC Gov McCrory and ilk want you to believe that transgender people are the new incubus, but why?
Leading U.S. Pediatricians Oppose Transgender Bathroom Bill
Roundup of HB2 fact checks: North Carolina's controversial new LGBT law
North Carolina Republicans criticize Obama over transgender law
Obama Says Anti-LGBT Laws Should Be Overturned
Duke center focusing on child gender issues sees impact on patients after HB2
North Carolina hotel sends the perfect message with its new pro-trans bathroom signs
NASCAR chairman says sport opposes North Carolina’s HB2
Blue Man Group joins others canceling North Carolina performances
Groups gather in Greenville to discuss ways to repeal HB2
Steinburg, Hunter: HB2 needs changes
Rally in Raleigh for HB2

Transgender Bathroom Policies
Action 7 News talks to local businesses and schools about how they are handling the bathroom debate

Cleveland Council President predicts transgender restroom law coming
Transgender bathroom law coming in Cleveland

New school rules give transgender students 'right to be who they are'
When a transgender girl graduated in white gown from Springfield Township High School, her parents made an unusual request for two diplomas: one for her, with her new female name, and one for them, with her male birth name.

TLC represents South Carolina transgender student suspended for using boys’ bathroom
Yesterday, Transgender Law Center sent a letter to Horry County Schools warning that the district would face legal action unless they act immediately to ensure transgender students are able to use the restroom that matches the gender they live as every day. Transgender Law Center is representing a high school senior and transgender boy, R., who had been using the boys’ bathroom without incident until Socastee High School suddenly banned him from the boys’ bathroom in his senior year.
Transgender legal group warns of possible legal action against Horry County Schools

Denton County GOP Sheriff Candidate Tracy Murphree Calls for Violence Against Transgender People Needing to Pee
Tracy Murphree, the GOP candidate for Denton County sheriff, posted on Facebook that he’d beat the hell out of a transgender person who tried to piss in a bathroom where Murphree’s daughter was peeing.

Virginia Democrats uphold McAuliffe’s veto of anti-gay bill
Broadly-written religious exemption bill targeting LGBT community could have risked economic backlash

Gloucester School Board requests full appeals court review of transgender ruling
The Gloucester County School Board wants the entire 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to hear its case for keeping a transgender high school student from using the boys bathroom.
School Board Seeks Review of Transgender Bathroom Ruling

Hasta siempre, Mara Rita: “Yo toda soy innegable, yo toda soy verdad”
A las 13:25 horas del martes 19 de abril partió una de las activistas trans más importantes del país, militante de OTD Chile y del Frente de Diversidad Sexual de Chile: Marta Rita Villarroel, la poetisa, o como prefería que le llamaran, Mara Rita.

Travesticidio en Formosa: hallan el cuerpo de Erika Rojas luego de 20 días de búsqueda
Erika se encontraba desaparecida desde el 1º de abril, fue hallada sin vida en el Barrio Parque Industrial de la Ciudad. Un sospechoso detenido.
La desaparición de Erika fue denunciada desde el primer momento por familiares y amigos a través de las redes sociales, las mismas que ante la noticia de su muerte estallaron en una ola de bronca y tristeza. Su cuerpo fue encontrado en estado de descomposición y parcialmente quemado en el Barrio Parque Industrial de la Ciudad. Hay un sospechoso detenido por el hecho.