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quarta-feira, abril 13, 2016

Cirurgia da transexualidade: HSM reconhecido por técnica “ímpar”
“Três intervenções diferentes no mesmo passo cirúrgico”, é desta forma que Alexandre Lourenço descreve a técnica da cirurgia da transexualidade que está a ser realizada por uma equipa multidisciplinar do Hospital de Santa Maria, e que mereceu o reconhecimento internacional num editorial publicado este mês no The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology.

Conversas cara a cara reduzem preconceito contra transgênero, aponta estudo
Embora o preconceito contra gays e lésbicas tenha diminuído, a discriminação de transgêneros continua alta. A partir dessa premissa, um estudo verificou se é possível mudar a opinião pública sobre as pessoas que se veem como o gênero oposto com conversas porta a porta.

Muere Shangay Lily, polifacético 'drag queen', escritor y activista
El 'drag queen', escritor y activista Enrique Hinojosa Vázquez, conocido con el nombre artístico de Shangay Lily, falleció anoche en Madrid, a los 53 años, a consecuencia "de una larga enfermedad", según han informado a Efe fuentes próximas al artista.

Ali İhsan Çolak is a 48-year-old transwoman who has been living in Akhisar’s Kayışlar Village for the last 13 years. She has established her trans identity amongst villagers, and long struggled to live openly.

Germaine Greer Thinks It's Unfair For Trans Women To Marry Women
Speaking on the Australian debate show 'Q and A' well known trans-exclusionary feminist Germaine Greer made yet more controversial comments about the existence of transgender women, and made claims that it is wrong for lesbian relationships with trans women to exist.
The Police...
ABC denies hurting trans community
Germaine Greer defends her transgender views and starts another row

Transgender teen in court over medical treatment
Supportive school friends organised cupcakes for “Boy Day’’, the date from which a transgender teenager, who was born a twin girl, would be known by his male name.

Transgendered residents start lawsuit against Saskatchewan government, human rights agency
A group of transgendered individuals and their guardians or parents are taking the provincial government and its human rights commission to court.

Powerpuff Girls Transgender Unicorn Episode Not A Good Thing
The following article is purely my opinion, based on how I felt watching the episode, it may differ from your own opinions. What I am presenting here are my own thoughts only, and as such it should be viewed not as 100% universal, but just one view amongst many.

Ex-DOD official: No 'substantive' opposition to transgender troops
There has been no vocal opposition inside the Pentagon to a plan to allow transgender troops to serve openly, the department's recently departed personnel chief said Monday.

Out of ‘religious freedom’ push, a clear pattern emerges
For anyone even moderately steeped in the LGBT rights fight, the wave of so-called “religious freedom” legislation and subsequent backlash has started to resemble a bad song whose lyrics you can’t quite forget.

Ted Cruz's Newest Anti-LGBT Pal: 'Exorcist' Gordon Klingenschmitt
The antigay preacher and politician, who says LGBT people are hell-bound if they don't overcome their "demonic spirit," is part of Cruz's Colorado team.

When Should Companies Take A Stand On Social Issues?
Amid business boycotts in North Carolina and Mississippi, former Angie's List CEO Bill Oesterle reflects on his company's move to axe an expansion as a protest to Indiana's religious liberty law.

Private changing areas quell transgender debate
Students returning to Rancho Bernardo High School next week after spring break will find several new individual stalls in changing areas, as Poway Unified School District addresses concerns sparked by a transgender student who uses the boys’ locker room.

Parent of transgender girl calls on DOE to establish clear policy to battle discrimination
A public school second-grader has made the transition from a boy to a girl, but without an official Department of Education policy to help guide officials, her family says she's at risk of being discriminated against.

Branstad: Gender-neutral restrooms 'not on radar screen'
Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad declined to offer an opinion Monday when asked whether gender-neutral restrooms should be installed at the Iowa Capitol.

Messages of hate target local transgender community
Gay and transgender advocates are raising concern after fliers were circulated in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with messages of hate against proposed policies to end discrimination.

Pistons' Stan Van Gundy blasts North Carolina 'bathroom' law
Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said today that he supports moving the 2017 NBA All-Star Game out of Charlotte after the governor of North Carolina signed a bill prohibiting municipalities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances.

Anti-transgender bill to get informational hearing on Tuesday
A bill that would bar transgender and gender non-conforming Minnesotans from using the restroom in public places, schools, and places of employment will receive a hearing on Tuesday in the House Civil Law and Data Practices Committee beginning at 8:15am. The bill was previously scheduled for a vote on March 31, but the bill was pulled off the agenda prior to the meeting.
NLS transgender policy discussion draws large crowd

Primeiro foi "The Boss", agora é Bryan Adams
O músico canadiano Bryan Adams cancelou um espectáculo no Mississipi para ser realizado esta semana no Mississippi Coast Coliseum em Biloxi.
Mississippi’s restaurants protest anti-LGBTI religious liberty law
95 Mississippi authors call for repeal of anti-LGBT law
Mississippi 'Religious Freedom' Law Supporters Play Down Opposition

North Carolina: Deutsche Bank halts plans for 250 new jobs
Deutsche Bank is halting plans to add 250 jobs in North Carolina because of a state law limiting protections for lesbians, gays and transgender people.
University of North Carolina may be violating Obama’s LGBT order
Charlotte Transgender Woman Documents LGBT Friendly Restrooms
Hundreds rally for McCrory, NC legislators supporting House Bill 2

Pascack Valley approves transgender policy after contentious meeting
Transgender students at the Pascack Valley Regional High School district will be able to use restrooms or locker rooms based on their gender identity under a policy passed Monday by the Board of Education.

GOP chair started anti-transgender rights effort at APS
Dozens of emails sent to Albuquerque school board members opposing a proposed change in rights for transgender students appear to have come from the same source.

A Vancouver Charity is Funding a Group Backing North Carolina’s Anti-Transgender “Bathroom Bill”
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, one of the largest charities in the Pacific Northwest, gave $375,000 this year to a right-wing legal group that supports North Carolina's anti-transgender legislation.

Physician general addresses transgender conference
When Ellie Volkland of Wilkes-Barre goes out into the world, she’s often on edge.

Bryant says transgender bill to advance regardless
A controversial bill by Sen. Lee Bright that mimics a North Carolina law addressing transgender use of public bathrooms will advance past Wednesday's subcommittee hearing regardless of what the two senators hearing the bill say about it.
Senator vows to block SC transgender bathroom bill
Bill would have schools determine gender of athletes

The Fiscal Impact of Tennessee House Bill 2414
Tennessee House Bill 2414 requires public educational institutions to restrict students’ use of restrooms according to the sex assigned on their birth certificates.
Cosponsor of Tenn. Transphobic Bill Accused of Sexual Harassment
Tennessee attorney general says transgender bathroom bill could be costly
Tennessee lawmakers pass bill allowing exemptions for therapists

Decision expected in case of Va. transgender student
A ruling is expected in the transgender bathroom case

More Heartrending news from Brazil
Three more violent murders, an assault and a life lost due to silicone injections.