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sábado, abril 09, 2016

Sun columnist demonstrates total lack of understanding of gender identity
A columnist for the Sun newspaper has written a column in which he demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of gender identity, whilst shutting down arguments for gender-neutral toilets.

Single-sex schools 'must adapt for transgender pupils'
Single-sex schools must find a way to accommodate pupils who come out as transgender, a teachers' union conference has heard.

[New Zealand]
Jetstar refuses to let transgender woman board plane without ID
Jetstar has apologised to a transgender woman after she was refused boarding because check-in staff didn't accept her identity.

A Statement From Bruce Springsteen On North Carolina
Excerpt: "Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them. It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards."

Jessica Williams And Transgender Activists Debunk The "Bathroom Predator" Myth On The Daily Show
Transgender Activist: "There's No Reported Incidences Of Any Trans Person Ever Raping Or Assaulting Anyone In Any Bathroom, Ever."

15 Minutes Can Make A Big Difference For Transgender Equality
A simple 15-minute conversation with a stranger can have a lasting positive impact on how a person thinks about transgender issues like nondiscrimination protections.

Trans United Fund: The First Bipartisan, Transgender PAC
The first ever transgender PAC will make its endorsement in the coming weeks—and it might not be for a Democrat.

State Rep. says transgender people ‘making us into liars'
In a Tuesday night segment on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, the oft-controversial Colorado state Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (R-Colorado Springs) serves as the face of opposition to policies that would normalize transgendered people in society.

Southern cities unite against anti-LGBT legislation
As anti-trans legislation moves through the South with North Carolina and Mississippi enacting discriminatory laws and other states considering similar bills, there is a growing movement by Southern cities to reject radical anti-LGBT attacks and support transgender members of their communities.

Parent objects after Vanguard allows transgender student to use boys restroom
A Marion County parent says his son's Fourth Amendment rights are being violated now that the School District allows a transgender student, who was born female but identifies as male, to use the boys restroom.

Louisiana senate committee to hear anti-LGBT bill SB 288 today
A bill known as SB 288 that would effectively ban nondiscrimination protections for LGBT Louisianans across the state is up consideration. Were SB 288 to be signed into law, thousands of Louisianans would be left vulnerable to discrimination.

Tradition, transgender rights clash at Morse High School
When Morse High School administrators announced earlier this week that, in an effort to be sensitive to transgender students, all seniors would wear blue graduation caps and gowns — instead of white for girls and blue for boys — the outcry from some parents, alumni and other students was deafening.

Maine approves Christian ballot initiative to strip gay rights from Human Rights Act
Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap said this week that a Christian activist could move forward with plans for a ballot initiative to strip LGBT protections from the state’s anti-discrimination law.

Mississippi H.B. 1523 & the Establishment Clause
As legal scholars with expertise in matters of religious freedom, civil rights, and the interaction between those fields, we offer our opinion on the scope and meaning of Mississippi House Bill 1523, which was signed into law today by Governor Phil Bryant.

Onward Christian soldiers: Mississippi to let churches arm ‘security’
Mississippi’s legislature has already addressed its education, healthcare, crime and poverty issues by passing a law to encourage LGBT discrimination.

Hate gays? Then put a lesbian on the cover of your tourism guide
Mississippi’s new tourism guide is out.
Come visit Mississippi, the state that signed into law a bill to prevent trans people from peeing and to allow religious people to not do business with you.

Fed’l agencies reviewing Mississippi ‘religious freedom’ law
Concurrent with their examination of North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law, at least three federal agencies are conducting a review of the recently enacted “religious freedom” law in Mississippi seen to enable sweeping anti-LGBT discrimination, the Washington Blade has learned.
The Laughable Incompetence Of Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Lawmakers

Springsteen cancels Greensboro concert over HB2
The fallout from House Bill 2 continued on Friday as Bruce Springsteen canceled a concert scheduled for Sunday because of the passing of the new legislation.
Bruce Springsteen cancels Greensboro concert on Sunday because of House Bill 2
Bruce Springsteen cancels N.C. show over anti-LGBT law
BREAKING: Bruce Springsteen Cancels North Carolina Show Over Anti-LGBT Law HB2
Bruce Springsteen Cancels North Carolina Concert Over Anti-Gay Bill
EUA: Bruce Springsteen cancela espectáculo na Carolina do Norte em protesto contra a HB2
North Carolina’s Constitutional Challenge
UNC system announces it will follow HB2; ACLU calls move 'disappointing'
Mayor 'deeply troubled' about Charlotte over HB2 backlash
Groups assail UNC system for standing behind discrimination law
Groups Challenging HB2 Respond to UNC Position on Discriminatory Law
UNC president: Campuses must follow transgender law
CNBC Asks Transgender CEO about NC’s ‘Anti-LGBT Legislation’
Read the Durham City Council Resolution Against HB 2 Here
After Two Employees Walked Out, Durham's Guglhupf Attempts to Extricate Itself From HB 2 Backlash
Appalachian State students rally against HB2

NSAA vote on transgender policy on Friday agenda
Members of the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) Representative Assembly will meet in Lincoln Friday.

Candia board to seek legal advice after emotional debate on transgender policy
The school board agreed to seek legal advice before adopting a proposed policy that would accommodate transgender students after an emotionally charged debate Thursday night that nearly prompted a call to police.
Candia residents discuss proposed policy for transgender students

Board of Ed: Transgender students should get to choose bathrooms
A hot topic in the hallways - should transgender students get to choose whether they use the girls or the boys bathroom?

Albuquerque Public Schools postpones talk on superintendent, addresses gender identity policy
The Albuquerque Public School Board postponed talking about the contract of acting Superintendent Raquel Reedy on Wednesday night.

Pennsylvania governor signs nondiscrimination executive orders
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday signed two executive orders banning anti-LGBT discrimination.

State seeks dismissal of trans lawsuit
State officials want a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed on behalf of a Delaware County transgender man who seeks Medicaid coverage for a hysterectomy.

South Carolina Could Be The South’s Next Anti-LGBT Domino To Fall
With anti-LGBT laws successfully passing and advancing across the South, one state lawmaker wants to be part of the trend.
Transgender bathroom bill could be bad for business in SC
Gov. Nikki Haley says transgender bathroom bill unnecessary in S.C.
Senator slams transgender bill as discriminatory
Academics, LGBTQ community react to proposed 'bathroom bill'
We Are Family Denounces Harmful Attack on Transgender People in South Carolina
South Carolina Senator Introduces Anti-Trans 'Bathroom Bill'

Mayor says transgender bathroom bill ‘doesn’t reflect Nashville values’
Mayor Megan Barry issued a statement Thursday on the controversial so-called transgender bathroom bill.
Transgender bathroom bill draws both ire, praise across Tennessee