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sexta-feira, abril 08, 2016

SP ganha 1º centro de acolhida para travestis e transexuais do Brasil
Local conta com 30 vagas e atende às cadastradas no programa Transcidadania

Change In Olympic Regulations Offers New Opportunies For Transgender Athletes
When the Olympics kick off in Rio de Janeiro this August, thousands of athletes will put years of training to use in hopes of bringing home a medal. Now, due to an issue brought into the limelight by former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, a change in Olympic legislation will diversify the field of competitors even more.

Transgender people in Devon suffering depression because of lack of help, campaigners say
A xampaign to help people with transgender battling to get help in Devon has been launched.

'Biology not always destiny', says Ian McEwan after transgender row
Following media backlash, author clarifies stance in letter saying that transgender community should be respected and celebrated

Transgender people could change birth certificates
People could soon change the gender on their birth certificates without having to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

First transgender federal candidate in NSW running for Hume seat
The Greens' candidate for Hume in the impending Federal election is a scientist and keen human rights activist.

[New Zealand]
Barber refuses to speak about trans discrimination
The Auckland barber shop involved in an incident of alleged discrimination in which a trans person was refused service and told it was because they are “not actually a man”.

Alberta LGBT youth waiting for next steps on transgender policies
Eggen invited students who were part of their schools’ Gay Straight Alliance or Queer Straight Alliance to the legislature Wednesday.

Baldur's Gate Studio Responds To Trans Character Harassment
Beamdog, development studio behind the widely popular Baldur's Gate game series, have today released a statement following the online criticism around the game's new expansion 'Siege of Dragonspear' and its inclusion of a transgender character.
Edmonton game company's transgender hero sparks backlash

How Photographer Jess Dugan Is Transforming Minds with Portraits of Transgender Trailblazers
'These Stories Would Be Untold If We Weren't Trying To Capture and Preserve Them'

Viral video exposes the stupidity of 'bathroom bills': What if you need to show your ID before you can pee?
Governor Pat McCrory surely did NOT consider how much inconvenience the bill is going to cause everyone.

Lynch notes trans rights in speech
Attorney General Loretta Lynch made a reference to transgender rights in a speech she delivered at the White House.

Seven Other States Are Considering Restricting Bathrooms For Transgender People
Two weeks ago, North Carolina passed a law that requires schools and public agencies to have gender-segregated bathrooms and to prevent people from using a bathroom that doesn’t correspond to their biological sex. Since then, PayPal has canceled plans to build a new operations center in Charlotte, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has banned state employees from making nonessential work trips to North Carolina, and composer Stephen Schwartz has announced that he will not allow his musicals to be performed in the state.

Palm Center concerned by Pentagon delay on transgender ban
The Palm Center, an independent research center publishing state-of-the-art scholarship on transgender personnel in the military, questioned today whether the Pentagon's promised six-month review of its transgender service ban is on track. Last July, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter created a working group to study overturning the ban, calling the current discriminatory policy "outdated, confusing [and] inconsistent," and saying that it "distracts commanders from our core missions." He promised that the review would be completed in six months and would proceed "with the presumption that transgender persons can serve openly… unless and except where objective, practical impediments are identified."

California considering all gender bathroom bill
The California Assembly Business and Professions Committee passed a bill to mandate "all gender" bathroom signs on all public, single-occupancy bathrooms, sending the bill, AB 1732 on to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

S. F. mayor bans city travel to Mississippi in response to LGBTQ discrimination law
Taxpayers here will no longer pay for city employees to travel to Mississippi after the state's governor signed a law allowing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, Mayor Ed Lee announced Wednesday.

Transgender school restroom bills probably not going anywhere
Controversial legislation regarding transgender students’ use of public school and postsecondary institutions’ restrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms in Kansas appears stalled.

Gov. Baker Won’t Ban State Travel to North Carolina Over Transgender Law
Mass. won’t join the growing list of states protesting N.C.’s new transgender law.

State Senator Wants to Ban Trans Students From Using Bathrooms of Their Choice
A Republican lawmaker from the Upper Peninsula wants to ban trans students from using bathrooms in accordance with their gender.

Michigan school district under investigation for discrimination against transgender students
A school district in southeast Michigan is under federal investigation for possible discrimination against transgender students, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Jason Lewis Says Transgendered Students Using Bathroom Of Choice “An Abomination”
At the Minnesota Second Congressional District debate on Thursday evening, candidate Jason Lewis called gender-inclusive school policies “an abomination.”

Dayton bans state employees from traveling to Mississippi
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is banning state employees from nonessential travel to Mississippi, making the southern state the second Dayton has targeted in less than a week for enacting controversial laws.

Feds “Ready” For Transgender Discrimination Complaints In North Carolina
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission officials told BuzzFeed News that transgender workers who have faced discrimination in the workplace can file a federal claim.
Charles Barkley: NBA should move All-Star game out of North Carolina
Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson blasts North Carolina over HB 2
County wants in on LGBT issue
PolitiFact NC: Virtually no cases of sexual predators benefiting from transgender anti-discrimination laws

The Hive owner’s comments on transgender people, bathrooms spark a storm
The owner of a popular Omaha nightspot started a firestorm on Facebook this week when he suggested transgender women should not use the women’s restroom unless they have had their “appendage” removed and their state identification changed.

Cuyahoga County executive bans official travel to North Carolina amid transgender law controversy
Cuyahoga County is banning non-essential travel to North Carolina amid controversy over a new law that critics say discriminates against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Wolf to issue LGBT anti-discrimination order
Gov. Tom Wolf said he will issue an executive order today banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, general expression and identity in executive branch offices and a selection of firms and organizations receiving direct state contracts and grants.

SC bill would ban transgender people from using bathrooms of their choosing
Proposal suggests ban on laws requiring free access to changing rooms, showers
Bill also would require governments, schools designate bathrooms for birth gender
SC transgender leader calls the bill ‘our worst fear’
Senator introduces LGBT public bathroom bill that mirror’s North Carolina law
Transgender community responds to S.C. 'bathroom bill'

Bill restricting transgender access to bathrooms moves forward
A bill that would require students in Tennessee to use school restrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate is moving forward.
Transgender bathroom bill passes Tennessee House panel
Transgender bathroom bill advances over businesses' opposition

Kenosha Unified School District lets transgender teen run for Prom King after student protest
A transgender Kenosha teen is being allowed to run for Prom King after he claims his school initially told him he couldn't.