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terça-feira, abril 05, 2016

The amazing story of the intersex goddess Cybele and her trans priests
Rome’s mother goddess was born with a penis and vagina. Her lover castrated himself and her priests were transgender

Así es la vida de Eli, una de las primeras niñas transexuales de España
Eli tiene 12 años, el pelo largo, la voz dulce... y es una niña alegre. No siempre fue así: durante un tiempo, de los tres a los seis años, se enfadaba a menudo. Pero cuando hizo el tránsito -como llaman en argot al momento en el que se pasa del sexo biológico al sexo sentido cuando ambos no concuerdan- el sofocón se le pasó de golpe.

Transgender woman to become the voice of Channel 4 today
A trans woman will take on the role of Channel 4’s continuity announcer today – to mark the International Transgender Day of Visibility.

1 in 3 trans people have quit their job because of discrimination
The statistics were released to mark International Trans Day of Visibility.

Female prison officers refuse to strip search transgender offender they insist is clearly a man
A prison source said: "The guy is a full-time menace and makes it his daily business to be as difficult and awkward as possible"

Nicola Sturgeon: Scots to be allowed to change gender so they are neither male nor female
Scottish adults and children could be allowed to legally change their gender without any medical diagnosis or treatment and decide they are neither men nor women, under an overhaul of the law promised by Nicola Sturgeon.

NHS letting transgender people down, Devon report says
The NHS is letting transgender people down, according to a report.

New Miss Transgender UK crowned after the original winner was disqualified
The runner-up was handed the crown at a ceremony in Cardiff

Top author Ian McEwan: I can only think of people with penises as men
Award-winning author Ian McEwan has waded into a debate on trans rights, claiming that he can’t seen anyone with a penis as other than a man.

Men have gender changes because women have won battle of sexes - Fay Weldon
Fay Weldon says men have sex changes to be superior gender

North East 'has a long way to go' to accept transgender community - campaigner claims
Newcastle-based campaigner Tara Stone argues the region must do more to accept the transgender community

Ex-Blackpool headteacher ‘pretended to be a man’ for 55 years
A former Blackpool headteacher who changed gender today told how she spent the first 55 years of her life “pretending to be a man.”

Sex change DJ from Devon dies in hospital
Tributes have been paid to sex change DJ Carolyne Munroe who has died.
She was born Glenn Richards and worked on radio stations in Portsmouth, Exeter and Torquay.
She went through the sex change while working as a DJ in Devon and wrote a book called 'A Tale of Two Sexes'.

Transgenders to move to women’s wing after rise in violent sex crimes
The question of where to house transgender convicts and undertrials in Karnataka's prisons may have never come up for a serious discussion — until now, that is. A clarification sought by the Chamaraja MLA, Vasu, has set the ball rolling on the issue with the home ministry promising to allocate separate space for transgenders in the women's barracks.

Transgender woman turns heads at military conscription
The annual military conscription period kicked off yesterday, with transvestites and transgender women among those reporting.

JAWI raids transgender ‘beauty pageant’ for breaking fatwa
The Federal Territories Islamic Department (JAWI) raided a dinner by trans women last night that hosted a so-called beauty contest on grounds that it violated a fatwa against beauty pageants, a lawyer said.
NGO calls for release of transgender nabbed over ‘beauty pageant’

'Absolutely terrifying': transgender people and the prison system
Does Australia's criminal justice system know how to deal with transgender people? With assaults and abuse common on the inside, The Law Report investigates how prison can be a terrifying place for transgender people.

[New Zealand]
InsideOUT releases trans student resource
National LGBTI youth organisation InsideOUT have released a new resource for schools today, coinciding with International Day of Transgender Visibility.

All but 1 Alberta school board submit LGBTQ policies by deadline
Lethbridge School District No. 51 still finalizing its policy

Tribunal orders club to pay transgender man $15Gs
Human rights tribunal finds Caesar Lewis was dragged from men's washroom and humiliated

Watch FRC’s Peter Sprigg get owned on CNN (Very funny)
Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the Family research Council (FRC) got clowned in an interview by CNN’s Chris Cuomo during the New Day broadcast this morning. Sprigg’s group, identified as an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center actively opposed marriage equality. Failing to stop same-sex marriage FRC has recently ramped up their lies targeting transgender people. specifically regarding North Carolina HB2.

North Carolinians Sing 'Let Us Pee' Outside Gov's Mansion to Protest HB2
"Let us pee, let us pee, let us pee, let us pee," sang protestors to the tune of "Let it Be" by the Beatles, outside of the North Carolina governor's executive mansion in Raleigh on Saturday.
Hundreds sing ‘Let Us Pee’ outside of North Carolina governor’s mansion
North Carolina transgender law: Is it discriminatory?
'We're part of society': HB2 highlights struggles of being transgender
1,000 people in Greensboro rally against HB2
North Carolina's HB2 challenge could play out in two courts
Activists try to calm fears over transgender bathroom access

LPS to follow NSAA gender policy but work with non-athletes its own way
Lincoln Public Schools officials say the guidelines they follow when working with transgender students will not change regardless of where the Nebraska School Activities Association lands this week on its long-debated policy on sports participation.

Students petition for preferred pronouns to be stated on course rosters
Wolverines for Preferred Pronouns set up a table on the Diag Friday afternoon to garner support for a petition asking the University of Michigan to put pronoun preferences on class rosters.

Christian group threatens to sue Pascack Valley over transgender plan
A conservative Christian legal-aid group that defended a Kentucky clerk when she refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses last year is now threatening legal action against the Pascack Valley Regional High School District as it considers a policy that officials say would protect the rights of transgender students.

Kim Davis' Lawyers Threaten To Sue NJ High School Over Proposed Transgender Policy
Florida-Based Liberty Counsel Claims Its Actions Will 'Prevent Irreparable Harm to Cherished Liberties'

Suicide of Popular CHS Grad Sam Price Sparks Transgender Youth Foundation
Tragedy struck our community recently as Sam Harel Price, Columbia High School class of 2013 and Oberlin College junior, took her own life last month on her 21st birthday.

The Islan Nettles killing: What the trial means to a transgender community anxious for a reckoning
Islan Nettles was just walking down the street moments before her life came to a brutal halt.

Mia Yamamoto discusses coming out as a professional lawyer
In the midst of recent social discourse regarding discrimination, social activist and transgender lawyer Mia Yamamoto took the stage in Arch Auditorium on Thursday night to share her story of triumph.

‘Religious freedom’ bill opponents say WV ‘dodged a bullet’
People who warned that passing a religious freedom restoration act in West Virginia would have led to dire repercussions now can point to backlash against anti-LGBT bills in Georgia and North Carolina as evidence.

How to Fight Transphobic Violence in Brazil
Imagine if one transgender person was murdered every 21 hours in the United States. The outrage would go well beyond the grave alarm felt by advocates at the six reported killings this year of Jasmine Sierra, Demarkis Stansberry, Monica Loera, Kayden Clarke, Kedarie/Kandicee Johnson, and Maya Young.

La transgenerista que volvió a adoptar su identidad masculina
La Corte Constitucional protegió los derechos de una mujer que quiso retornar a la identidad que recibió desde su nacimiento, por la discriminación que sufrió de su propia familia