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domingo, março 27, 2016

Trans Woman Banned From Using Pub Toilet
When a trans woman went to meet two of her friends at one of her local pubs, the Foresters Arms in Ramsgate, Kent, she expected to receive hospitality and good customer service but was instead met with transphobia and hate.
Trans Woman Banned From Using Pub Toilet

Susan Larson's transgender journey from fear to acceptance
In early January Bill Larson's 1,200 Facebook friends read a letter he posted on his page, in which he announced, “I am a transsexual. ... I'm going to be going through some changes in the coming year. Bill Larson is going away, and Susan Elizabeth Larson is taking his place.”

Downtown L.A.'s skid row mourns slaying of transgender woman
As some homeless pitched their tents for the evening, dozens of skid row residents gathered Thursday night to remember a transgender woman who was gunned down in public just a day earlier.

Hollywood to make a Fast and Furious Georgia exit if Gov. signs anti-LGBT law
Eight major Hollywood studios put their money where their mouths are Thursday promising to immediately halt filming in Georgia if Gov. Deal signs the anti-LGBT bill into law.

Leominster schools eye policy for transgender students
A new policy being discussed by the School Committee may soon be the district's first that is specific to transgender students.

Public comment on transgender student policy extended after Republican backlash
The Michigan Department of Education and State Board of Education will extend a deadline for public comment on guidance for school districts surrounding LGBTQ students by at least 30 days, the entities announced today.

Governor vows to veto bill restricting transgender bathroom use
A Facebook post from Governor Mark Dayton became widely shared Friday after he shared his view of a proposed bill defining which bathrooms in schools and workplaces can be used by transgender Minnesotans.

St. Paul schools employee on leave after criticizing feminists, crossdressers
A St. Paul Public Schools employee in the district’s equity office has been placed on paid administrative leave after complaints about his personal Facebook page.

Carlson says NL-S transgender policy prompted by anti-bullying law
The New London-Spicer Schools Superintendent Paul Carlson says one of the things prompting their proposed transgender student policy was state anti-bullying legislation. Carlson says many school districts already have similar policies and many more will in the future. Carlson says it was prompted by the Minnesota Safe and Supportive Schools Act which cracks down on bullying. He says when it comes to restrooms and locker rooms, New London-Spicer will have options for increased privacy...

North Carolina what you can do about HB2
Transman Charlie Comero from Charlotte NC printed these cards for women who will undoubtedly be upset that he has been forced to use the ladies room. Charlie wrote on Facebook.
Cooper worries about sports backlash from bathroom gender law
Carolina Hurricanes respond to discriminatory transgender bill
HB2 goes well beyond bathrooms
Greenville groups protest bathroom ban
Carrboro considers legal action against House Bill 2
North Carolina Lawmaker on Hollywood Boycott Call: "I Don’t Think Critics Have Even Read the Bill"
Far Right Lauds North Carolina for Blocking 'Special Rights'
The Religious Right 'Liberty' Icons Behind North Carolina's Appalling Anti-LGBT Law
Senators Ask Charlotte to Pay for "Bathroom Bill" Special Session
North Carolina discrimination law violates US constitution, experts warn
Facebook, New York Times Latest Heavy Hitters to Blast North Carolina
IBM Blasts North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Public Accommodations Law
Watch BuzzFeed's Dominic Holden Debunk The "Bathroom Predator" Myth Behind North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law
Wrong beyond repair.’ ‘The worst in us.’ N.C. papers blast transgender bathroom law.
The Latest: San Francisco mayor wants reduced travel to NC
OUR VIEW: Anti-LGBT law will stall growth, harm North Carolina’s economy
Video spoofing North Carolina’s new Jim Crow law gets 3 million views in 24 hours

Cumberland adopts transgender policy for schools
Without a word of objection Thursday evening, the Cumberland school district became the first in Rhode Island to adopt a far-reaching policy designed to protect transgender and gender non-specific students all all ages.
Cumberland schools passes transgender bathroom policy

Grand Strand LGBT community leader upset with new N.C. anti-discrimination law
The director of TAKEOVER Grand Strand and many others are outraged with a new law in North Carolina excluding LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning or intersex) people from discrimination protection.

Commission rejects petitions to repeal transgender bathroom rule
The Washington State Human Rights Commission voted Thursday to reject 2 petitions that would have repealed a rule that allows transgender people to use public restrooms and locker rooms of the gender they identify with.

Jornada de Promoción de los Derechos Humanos de las Personas Trans
El pasado 18 de marzo se conmemoró el Día de la Promoción de los Derechos Humanos de las Personas Trans. En alusión a la fecha el Consejo de la Diversidad, Afectivo, Sexual y de Género, Consejo Municipal de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes dependiente de la Secretaría de Salud y Bienestar Social de la Municipalidad de SFVC, participó de una jornada de difusión que se llevó a cabo en la Plaza 25 de Mayo.