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terça-feira, março 15, 2016

Globally One Trans Person is Murdered Every 21 hours with Brazil leading the way
At the current rate, there will be at least 188 dead trans people in Brazil and 403 worldwide by year’s end. If the world’s population of 7 billion people were murdered at that same rate as the Brazilian trans people are there would be an additional half million people slaughtered this year.
Petição internacional pede: "Salvem as trans do Brasil", assassinadas a cada 21h

Raquel Freire: “Qual é a diferença entre a luta nos anos 80/90 sobre a despatologização dos homossexuais e a das pessoas trans?”
A cineasta e activista Raquel Freire filmou Eduarda Alice Santos e Lara Crespo, duas activistas trans, a propósito da morte de Gisberta Salce Júnior. Os vídeos recolhem os testemunhos das duas activistas sobre o assassinato que abalou a comunidade LGBT em 2006 e sobre o percurso dos direitos trans em Portugal.

Travesti é encontrada morta em hotel de Londrina
Um crime brutal chocou o centro de Londrina no final da tarde de ontem (10). Uma travesti foi encontrada morta em um hotel na rua Pernambuco, o corpo da vítima estava há dias abandonado no quarto. A perita criminal diz a travesti foi morta com requintes de crueldade.

Court rules transgender teenager can cut off contact with adoptive parents
Judge says best chance of future reconciliation is to respect boy’s current wish to shun parents who kept using his old name

Caitlyn Jenner é a nova cara da H&M
Depois de David Beckam, a conhecida marca de roupa sueca H&M volta a pegar numa figura conhecida mundialmente para dar a cara por mais uma colecção, desta vez foi Caitlyn Jenner.

[New Zealand]
Prison Director: "no substance to the allegations”
The Prison Director of Whanganui Men’s Prison has responded to sexual assault allegations made by a trans prisoner against his staff at the facility and says that an internal investigation has “found no substance to the allegations”
Trans prisoner allegedly raped by staff
Police investigating prison sexual assault
Logie calls for independent investigation

Gender policy sent to minister
Grande Prairie Public School board trustees voted Tuesday to send their proposed policy and procedure on gender identity to Education Minister David Eggen.

Lilly Wachowski, Like Her Sister, Comes Out as Trans
Lilly, half of the famous duo behind the Matrix movies and hit series Sense8, comes out in an open letter and blasts so-called bathroom bills.
Second Wachowski filmmaker sibling comes out as trans
GLAAD responds to Lilly Wachowski's statement about her transition

Boykin's Defense of 'Religious Freedom' Includes Violent Anti-Trans Rhetoric
On Saturday retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, addressed the Awakening conference, an annual event sponsored by Liberty Counsel and the Freedom Federation. Boykin, known for his anti-Muslim and anti-gay rhetoric, dedicated his remarks in the plenary session to denouncing Bernie Sanders supporters for wanting free things, and to calling on Christians to do more to stand up for religious freedom and against LGBT equality.
Gen. Boykin: First Transgender Man Enters My Daughter's Bathroom Won't Have to Worry About Surgery

Why Conservatives Increasingly Care Where You Pee
There's alarming overlap between states where bathroom access is being debated and those with contested Congressional seats

Estimates of Transgender Populations in States with Legislation Impacting Transgender People
Nearly 300,000 transgender youth and adults may be negatively impacted by legislation introduced in 15 states. This report estimates the number of transgender people ages 13 and older in each of those states, including Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Transgender woman suffers life-threatening injuries in early morning shooting
Birmingham police are investigation a shooting in the 1700 block of Warrior Road. Between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. Thursday, a transgender woman was shot. She was taken by private car to UAB Hospital. Police tell ABC 33/40 her injuries are life-threatening and she was taken immediately into surgery. Check back for new information as ABC 33/40 follows this investigation.

Vigil held for Bakersfield Trans woman Jasmine Sierra
Friends and family of murdered transgender woman Jasmine Sierra held a vigil in her memory yesterday. Jasmine was found dead in her Bakersfield apartment January 22 but her death was unknown due to police and media misgendering.

Army Reservist Refused Service At Rancho Cucamonga Barber Shop Claims Gender Discrimination
After reading rave reviews about a Rancho Cucamonga barbershop, Army reservist Kendall Oliver was excited to give the place a shot.

Bill to Ban Conversion Therapy on Minors Moves Forward in Hawaii Legislature
Hawaii's lawmakers took a step forward Tuesday to ban the practice of gay conversion therapy on minors. The bill, which passed the state Senate, is one of hundreds of bills being considered to move forward by Thursday in order to stay alive, The Associated Press reports.

BREAKING: Iowa Senate passes bill on crime against transgender people
The Iowa Senate has passed a bill that would make it a hate crime in Iowa to commit an offense against a person because that person identifies as transgender.

Transgender Student Accuses College Instructor Of Discrimination
A transgender student is accusing his professor of discrimination.

Kokomo City Council Votes 5-4 In Favor Of LGBT Protections
During a contentious meeting Monday the council ultimately voted in favor of an ordinance to expand LGBT protections.

WATCH: Indiana Trans Student Exposes Transphobic 'Predator' Lie
Why do people think transgender folks will be 'bathroom predators,' when simply using the bathroom is 'our worst nightmare,' asks Indiana trans teen Alexander Dean.

State ed board considers policy on LGBTQ students
Lesbian, gay and bisexual students are more than two times as likely as their peers to be threatened with a weapon at school or skip school because they feel unsafe, an education official told members of the State Board of Education today.

Missouri Religious Exemption Measure Advances
Missouri's GOP-led Senate on Wednesday advanced a proposal to add greater religious protections to the state Constitution for some business owners and individuals opposed to gay marriage after Democrats stalled a vote for more than 30 hours.

WRAL News poll: Voters back bonds, want action on Charlotte transgender ordinance
If lawmakers decide to hold a special session to overturn Charlotte's transgender nondiscrimination ordinance, they'll have the backing of voters like Brenda Taylor.
N.C. Senate group to consider how to block transgender restroom rule (VIDEO)
NC Senators set to tackle Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance
Curtis appointed to committee to overturn Charlotte LGBT ordinance

N.J. college lets students change names to reflect gender, cultural identity
Rowan University has launched a new policy to ensure students and faculty are addressed by their "preferred names," according to an announcement the school issued Tuesday.

NYC acts to ensure safe bathroom access for all
As state legislatures across the country consider harmful bills targeting transgender people and restricting our ability to use public bathrooms, New York City is showing how local governments can take action to support transgender community members.

LGBT Lobby Bullies Catholic School Into Accommodating Transgender Students
After LGBT protests targeted a private Catholic academy in Rhode Island for its policy against catering to crossdressing students, the school now says it is open to reversing its rules and making “reasonable accommodations” for children who want to be treated as members of the opposite sex.