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segunda-feira, março 07, 2016

Travestis e transexuais fazem ato silencioso em cinema de Curitiba
A ONG Transgrupo Marcela Prado reuniu na tarde desta quarta-feira (2) um grupo de 50 transexuais e travestis para uma sessão do filme A garota dinamarquesa, produção que conta a história da primeira mulher transgênero da história a realizar uma cirurgia de mudança de sexo, ainda nos anos 30. De acordo com a diretora da ONG, Rafaelly Wiest, muitas salas de cinema se recusaram a exibir o filme e algumas impediram as transexuais de comprar ingressos, alegando que estavam esgotados em diversas datas.
Brazilian NGO protests 70 trans murders at a screening of the Danish Girl

Travestis e Transexuais conquistam espaço no mercado de trabalho
Iniciativa de respeito a diferenças, em São Paulo a SP Escola de Teatro, mostra que a qualidade profissional não é uma questão de gênero.

Homem morre esfaqueado durante briga com travesti em Cascavel
Um homicídio foi registrado na noite desta sexta-feira (4) no canteiro da Avenida Tancredo Neves, na região do Bairro Pioneiros Catarinenses.

Trans woman Buse lost her life as a result of a hate crime in her home in Istanbul’s Bakırköy district. The district attorney’s examinations of Buse’s home are still underway. Camera footage will be inspected to verify the identity of the attacker.

Israel’s first Trans Beauty Contest a first in many ways
“Holding the contest in Israel is huge” organizer Israela Lev told PlaneTrans this morning “And as trans people our hope is to help bridge the gaps between cultures with love and hope.”
Israel’s first transgender beauty pageant slated for May

YouTube personality posts anti-transgender video
YouTube vlogger Hunter Avallone has released a new video called The Truth About Transgenders.

Legislation Introduced to Protect LGBT Federal Employees From Discrimination
Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) has introduced legislation to prevent Federal employees from being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

18 Times Trans Actors Were Cast in Trans Roles
Visibility for trans people is on the rise in media, but all representation isn’t created equal. While giving screen time to complex, accurate, and interesting trans stories is crucial, so is casting trans actors in trans roles (because there’s little that’s more crucial than the ability to stay employed).

This transgender activist had her location outed by a Lyft driver
Monica Jones, a well-known transgender activist in Phoenix, was hanging out at Cruisin’ 7th Friday night, a popular trans watering hole, when a friend alerted her to a major night spoiler.

Bakersfield Trans woman Jasmine Sierra murder unknown due to deadnaming
Transgender woman Jasmine Sierra murder on Jan 22 was previously unknown due to police and media deadnaming and misgendering. But thanks to a reader’s tip we are learning the truth. Piecing together her life like a crossword puzzle we are learning a little about her and hopefully as people read this we will learn more.

San Diego drag queen attacked in bar parking lot while patrons watch
Kickxy Vixen-Styles, a popular drag performer, works the door as a greeter at Rich’s nightclub in San Diego, but she didn’t make any friends when she was allegedly attacked while transgender patrons watched without helping.

Trans Woman Takes Her Own Life – More Media Misgendering
A young transgender woman named Lucia Anderson, 22 years old, died last month after taking her own life. It is only now that the news of her death has hit the media, after her mother spoke out about the incident.

Friends and Family Mourn Texas Trans Man Nino Acox Jackson
Members of the Living Faith Covenant Church, an LGBT-affirming congregation in Dallas, gathered on February 22 to celebrate the life of Nino Acox Jackson, a 26-year-old black transgender man.
The Rowlett Police Department found Jackson deceased on February 16 in Lake Ray Hubbard, according to the Dallas Voice. Jackson had been missing since January 19.

Incumbents fend off challenges across Houston
Riddle apparently among GOP incumbents unseated

Jenifer Rene Pool Wins Primary for Harris County Commissioner
With a heated Presidential Election in our midst, it is sometimes tough to keep up with important news surrounding other races. This is particularly the case in a state like Texas, which focuses so heavily on Republican/ Conservative media to start. But the March 1st Primary did prove to be an historic one for Progressives as well.

Senate kills hate-crimes bill; LGBT advocates blame Mormon church
The proposal, sponsored by a GOP senator, goes down after the LDS Church’s statement urging lawmakers not to upset a “delicate balance.”

BREAKING: KFC apologizes to transgender woman, offers her a job, fires manager
Georgia Carter, 27, had been out of work for about a year when she went into an interview with a local KFC on Williamsburg Rd. last week. Sure enough, with her experience in fast food services, she nailed the interview and was offered a job on the spot.

Initiative filed to repeal transgender bathroom rule
Passion about the issue surfaced in a rally on the Capitol steps last month.

Transgender activist feels time is right to run for state office
If she wins, Danni Askini would be the state's first transgender elected official.

Seattle U Still Stuck in Gender Binary
Seattle University has long struggled with making its campus inclusive for transgender, genderqueer or other non-binary students and community members. In 2010, students, faculty and staff developed a list of issues regarding inclusivity that needed to be addressed. This list included bathroom accessibility, training and awareness surrounding pronoun usage, and access to health care. For non-binary students, there are critical changes that still need to be made.

WV Senate kills 'religious freedom' bill
After weeks of contentious debate between LGBT rights supporters and social conservatives, the West Virginia Senate rejected the Religious Freedom Protection Act.
West Virginia Senate guts, then defeats proposed “religious freedom” law

Transgender woman killed in Brazil, the 24th since the new year
A 27 years old transgender woman was murdered, thrown into the ditch of highway RS-118 Saturday night the 27th, near the 20th Km in Gravataí Brazil.