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sábado, fevereiro 27, 2016

Travesti queimada viva morre após dois meses de internação em Curitiba
A Assessoria de Direitos Humanos e Igualdade Racial de Curitiba confirmou nesta quarta-feira (24) a morte da travesti atacada e queimada viva em dezembro do ano passado. O caso foi acompanhado pela Fundação de Ação Social (FAS) e pelo Transgrupo Marcela Prado.

"Abuse! There's no excuse": Bedford transgender hate crime victim speaks out
The victim of Bedfordshire's first transgender hate crime prosecution has spoken out to help raise awareness of hate crime during LGBT History Month.

Rebecca Root: ‘We might be approaching a breakthrough in the understanding of trans issues’
Trans actress says it’s an honor that she and BBC show Boy Meets Girl are nominated for British LGBT Awards

Proposed new law to remove barriers for Luxembourg transsexuals
Transsexuals would no longer be expected to show proof of a gender reassignment in order to have their name and civil status changed, under a proposed new law.

Gay and trans PN officials condemn conversion therapy, PN still mum
St Julian’s mayor Karl Gouder and Attard Councillor Alex Mangion have both condemned gay conversion therapy but stopped short of providing an opinion on what the stance of Nationalist party, which they form part of, should be.

Male Actors Not Allowed to Show Effeminate Behavior on Screen, Says Broadcasting Body
The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, or KPI, has forbidden local television stations from showing male actors behaving and dressing as women, according to a circular letter issued on Tuesday (23/02).

Transgenderism is a mental disorder, says Indonesian psychiatric body
Medical association’s claim follows spate of inflammatory statements by officials and rise in violence towards LGBT people

Malcolm Turnbull orders review of Safe School LGBTI program after right-wing pressure
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ordered a review into a controversial school education program aimed at promoting acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBTI) students.
Bernardi calls for end to funding of Safe Schools
Greens call for an inquiry into LGBT bullying following the PM's request for report into Safe Schools
Safe Schools Coalition welcomes federal investigation into its program

Newtown High School of the Performing Arts changes gender rules for uniforms
Students at a leading Sydney high school have won a battle to change their uniform policy to allow students to wear boys or girls uniforms regardless of their gender.

Transgender podcast offers education and connection around the world
Two Wollongong women are shining a spotlight on transgender issues with a new podcast, drawing on their own experiences, interviewing others and educating everyone.

[New Zealand]
Police advise protesters to make formal complaint
No Pride in Prisons have alleged that Police officers broke one of the protesters thumbs and two others were choked during the Auckland Pride Parade protest on Saturday night.

WRPS gender policy designed to respect everyone’s rights
Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools is going ahead with the Administration Policy it drafted in December in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity and will not revise it in relation to locker rooms, washrooms or athletics.

The fight over transgender rights in school restrooms intensifies
In clashes over which restrooms and locker rooms transgender students should use, the U.S. Department of Education has warned public schools that a 1970s sex discrimination law makes it illegal to deny them access to the facilities of their choice.

The Road Ahead: Fighting Anti-LGBT Legislation
HB 1008 is now headed to the desk of South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard. It proposes to restrict students’ access to restrooms and locker rooms according to chromosomes and birth certificates.

Watch: Pat Robertson Goes Nuclear Discussing Trans Rights
Televangelist Pat Robertson took some time in his "700 Club" broadcast Tuesday to inject some good old fashioned cold war style fear mongering to the debate over which public restrooms transgender Americans have the right to use, Right Wing Watch reports.

Bathrooms Become Battlegrounds in Anti-Discrimination Debate
As bathrooms become battlegrounds in the national debate over anti-discrimination laws, a city council's decision to protect the restroom choices of transgender people in Charlotte, North Carolina, was cheered Tuesday by rights advocates as a courageous move. But it may not stand for very long.

New HRC Report Reveals Unprecedented Onslaught of State Legislation Targeting Transgender Americans
Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, released a report detailing an alarming onslaught of legislation nationwide targeting transgender people, and particularly children.
Transgender rights targeted in twice as many bills this year as in 2015

Fearless and compassionate, Caitlyn Jenner opens up about the transformative power of beauty and her M·A·C partnership in support of transgender communities
Caitlyn Jenner e MAC: as primeiras imagens da parceria

The Federalist Uses Image Of High School Student To Attack "Transgender Mafia"
In the latest in a slew of articles attacking transgender people, the right-wing web magazine The Federalist used an image of a transgender high school boy to blast the "dangerous adult fantasies" of the "transgender mafia."

The Power Struggle Over Transgender Students
Who should have the ultimate say over school policies pertaining to trans youth?

RNC officially encourages lawmakers to target transgender students with bathroom bills
Just in case you wondered where the RNC stands on all these bathroom bills that target transgender students by prohibiting them from using the bathroom that best aligns with their gender identity, the RNC has you covered with this official policy resolution on Title IX and gender identity.

GLAD changes its name
A New England-based LGBT legal advocacy group on Feb. 23 announced that it has changed its name.

Rude Employee Lands Subway Outlet in Court
A Subway restaurant employee harassed a transgender woman by calling her "sir" and falsely accusing her of shoplifting, the woman claims in court.

TLC Reaches Settlement in Case of Trailblazing Transgender Prisoner, Michelle Norsworthy
Michelle Norsworthy, a transgender woman who won a groundbreaking preliminary injunction from a federal district court in April 2015 ordering the state to provide her with gender-confirmation surgery, settled today with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Through today’s settlement, the state has dropped its request that the court vacate its April ruling and has agreed to provide almost half a million dollars to cover attorney’s fees and costs. As a result, the ruling will continue to stand as significant legal precedent that other courts across the country will look to when considering cases involving transgender people and health care.
Attorneys: Transgender inmate's surgery order will stand

High school opens 'all gender' restrooms
Roosevelt High School is now the first Des Moines public school to have gender-neutral restrooms.

Evansville officials vote to bolster LGBT protections
Evansville officials have voted to give a commission enforcement and investigatory powers into claims of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

1st transgender candidate on the ballot in Kent Co.
The voters in rural Sparta Township will be the first in Kent County to see an openly transgender person’s name on the ballot.

Charlotte non-discrimination ordinance passes 7-4
Charlotte's proposed non-discrimination ordinance, dubbed by some as the "bathroom bill," passed Monday night with a vote of 7-to-4.
Charlotte City Council approves LGBT protections in 7-4 vote
Charlotte OK's LGBT-Inclusive Ordinance
City Council votes 7-4 to add LGBT protections to Charlotte non-discrimination ordinance
Pat McCrory Promises Retaliation If Charlotte Approves LGBT Protections
McCrory: If Charlotte approves LGBT protections, ‘immediate’ state response likely
Charlotte Proposal Stokes Debate Over Transgender Rights
North Carolina Lawmakers Target Restroom Provision in Charlotte Ordinance
Conservatives push back on transgender bathroom rights in North Carolina
Controversy grows as NC vows to overturn Charlotte’s transgender ordinance
Charlotte's Gender-Identity Bathroom Decision: Should It Come to Asheville?

EXCLUSIVE: Transgender woman to sue city for $3M for failing to protect her from male inmates at Rikers Island
A transgender former Rikers Island inmate plans to sue the city for $3 million for allegedly failing to protect her from predatory male inmates last spring.

USG approves transgender bathroom use, candidacy announced
The Undergraduate Student Government passed legislation on transgender use of bathrooms in and around residence halls this past Monday, which could begin a process of implementation within the next semester.

Transgender community mourns another Philly slaying
Maya Young had a distinctive birthmark: One side of her face was light and the other dark, with a line down the middle separating the brown tones.
Transgender Woman Stabbed to Death in Frankford

On the Ground in South Dakota, with Hundreds Mobilizing Against HB 1008
The sense of urgency is palpable here in South Dakota. Over the next couple of days, I am in Sioux Falls and heading to the state capital Pierre tomorrow, fighting alongside local advocates for our last chance to stop HB 1008, a bill targeting trans students, from becoming law.
Transgender South Dakotans meet with Gov. Daugaard

Lawsuit challenging Fairfax nondiscrimination policy dismissed
Circuit Court rules the anonymous plaintiff has no standing because he is not injured by policy
Sorry, Liberty Counsel — LGBT Protections Can Stay at Virginia Schools

One brazilian transwoman in critical condition, another dies after suffering for 2 months
The ABCDS (Ação Brotar pela Cidadania e Diversidade Sexual), a São Bernardo do Campo based ONG is reporting that last Saturday, February 20th, a trans woman was shot in the stomach and thrown from a car.

Nació la Colectiva Lohana Berkins: en pie de lucha para el paro del 24F
El sábado pasado un centenar de personas de la comunidad LGTBI nos encontramos siguiendo la convocatoria de Susy Shock y Marlene Wayar, reconocidas artistas y activistas de la comunidad trans.